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About snuff in snuff boxes

edited March 2019 in General
Hello everyone
I generally use snuff boxes for my every day snuffs
I never fill the boxes with whole snuff tins but Every day I refill them in order to not waste the aromas because the boxes are never totally sealed
I noticed that mentholated snuffs deteriorate faster than others especially poschls ozonas, president, gletscher, lowen, apricot
I think they are the same snuff in the basis and take faster a wasted aroma which is always the same for all of them but I cant explain the wasted aroma clearly
Usually these snuffs waste lesser than a day in every type of snuff boxes I have
Now I have a McChrystals Alpen in a horn box and noticed that it takes longer to waste aroma and this box earlier I had SG black arabica and noticed lasted a long period of time without wasting
What can you tell me about this?


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