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How many snuffs do you keep in a rotation?



  • Lessee..
    I currently have:

     1 bullet of toque quit
     1 little tin of irish no 22
      Wow, it's a strange day for me, usually i have at least 3-4 different tins/bullets on me.
  • I'm down to seven snuffs at the moment.
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    Well into double digits. So far, and I am new at this, there is a secure place in my regulars for 6 photo Anarkali and Motia as well as coffee kick, chocolicious, and Cheeta although those are usually used in a mix. Begum green and their 3 medicated snuffs never sit still for long either. I have 5 toque snuffs that havent rested more than a day since arriving: lime toast, quit, sp extra, Spanish gem and ambrosia. I use lots of Viking blonde to make my favorite 6p snuffs more pinchable. I regularly inhale mountains of Tom Buck, and have a sniff of O&G a few times a week.
  • also forgot about the Lowen-Prise and Gawith Original tapboxes I keep by the bed.  gf made off with the latter to take on a flight.  (Think I found the one)  That's a grand total of 19. I will be way less annoyed with the practicality of this once my snuffboxes and empty screw tins arrive.  The small 6 photo tins are especially a hassle to dip into once you get used to a using snuffbox for easy access. 
  •  At work I tend to carry a bullet of toque quit, as well as a box of toque quit and recently a little barrel of Cheeta.
  • I carry four small aluminum capsule in a pouch most of the time with a Brebia pipe nail

    Blast Natural
    Afghan White
    Dholakia White
    SG Pinewood Ice

  • Today i have Toque Quit, Cheeta, and toque peanut butter with me. I usually have at least 2 or 3 with me.
  • I've just returned to snuff after a long absence, and in the past few weeks I've had between one and five different snuffs with me at any given time. Right now I have two -- I don't have the pocket space for more. :)
  • Currently HDT, a Indian white snuff (unsure what it is, possibly Cheeta) and Bernard's Brazil Double fermented. May change the HDT to Irish No. 22.
  • I usually keep four in rotation- a menthol, an American scotch, a floral, and one other one. 
  • Every snuff I have is in rotation as the mood hits me. It's like pipe tobacco, I'd go nuts if I only had a few choices.
  • I keep my snuffs in order of most recently received in the box they were shipped in. In my thinking, they are the freshest and newest and I enjoy them the most. I also keep tubs in the freezer of Dutch windmill snuffs I used to order from Jaap in holland. And bulk tubs of Viking, F and T and Gawith.
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    I try to use not so much at one time, but sometimes I just can
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    Looks like apostrophe this time. Or some kind of autocorrect issue.
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