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NTSU !!!

edited May 2009 in General
I got hold of some of this very "famous" snuff today from Wesleys. Now my brothers and sisters, I can asure you I've never seen anything like this before. Grind is not coarse, it's LUMPS of tobacco. Dark brown in colour. I used a small spade to get it to my nose. LOL And it's WET, and it smells like a cat's sandbox which has been in use for a year.

But, after I've left in direct sunlight for about 4 hours, it's a different storie. The cat has gone and what's left is very nice. This is GOOD snuff if you like STRONG tobacco up your nose. It is pure, uncured, rough neck stuff, not for faint-hearted people. One sniff will keep you going for hours. Nicotine hit must be the highest available. I'm pretty sure one can put this in a pipe and smoke it.

NTSU stands for: Naked Tobacco Snuff own wording.


  • tom502tom502 Member
    Give us a pic.
  • miamimarkmiamimark Moderator
    Am I missing something? What is the proper name?
  • ibildibild Member

    The word naked and tobacco all in the same sentence!!!! Careful Pieter you are treading that fine line of having this thread closed :)!!!
  • Wesley's snuff? Where does that come from, Pieter?
  • Very interesting....what are they calling it at the shop? Is it a South African product?
  • NTSU is the proper name for this South African made snuff. Although it says on the lid M.L.P. Distributors, Wesleys Tobacco is the only place where I could find this snuff. Wesleys is the only online tobacconist in SA. NTSU is listed on Filek's list and at SnuffTalk you will find one review which is not very flattering.

    On the lid it says M.L.P. Distributors, Johannesburg, no indication of who makes it. I have an idea that it is related to Taxi and will talk to my friend at our local shop about it.

    Debbie, you can google Wesleys. But they are terribly expensive as far as postage and shipping are concerned. Postage in SA for 3 tins of snuff was more than half of what I pay for a package from SnuffStore.

    Tom, I will try and post a picture as I would like all of you to see this "snuff". It's actually tobacco crumbs but what is funny about it is that it sits well in the nose. That's after I've dried it completely.
  • It sounded like school initials...Nine Times Snuff University!

    Sounds like a great snuff!
  • tom502tom502 Member
    I think the initial response is "bad", because these SA snuffs are just different, and wet. But after you chop it around with a knife a little, and let it sit open for a bit, they are very good, solid coarse straight snuffs. I did think the Magnet Peach, and Taxi Rock, and Wilson(SA) Menthol, and Singleton's Super Menthol are comparable to Euro snuffs though.
  • I like a moist snuff. I think these would be popular in dry climates.
  • Wesley's Pieter's creative etymology not withstanding; Ntsu means "eagle" and is also a popular man's name.
  • Ntsu is also the sound that you make when sneezing....say it out loud and you will hear what I mean. :
  • well per my knowledge is manufactured by an Indian based in has huge market in S.A..very strong snus...mainly used for chewing.
  • Filek, that's it!!! Where does Gawith comes into the picture? And yes Namrata, as I've said already, it's actually tobacco crumbs and not snuff. But it is easy to snuff once it's been dried out. I'm going to put some in my lip now, never tried it before but there is always a first time.
  • must be 2 in 1....!!!!!no idea about African users.. and that the reason said MAINLY USED FOR CHEWING....hope Pieter can do more research on this issue!
  • tom502tom502 Member
    What is Pan Masala?
  • combination of some spices with betelnut and tobacco.
  • tom502tom502 Member
    To be chewed? And spit?
  • Well, I've had the NTSU in my lower lip now for about 10 minutes. It stung a bit at first and then it changed to a soft, sweet taste. It has formed a nice "plug". It is not producing any coloured spittle, so I don't know if it's safe to swallow. Wish someone could advise me about this. It's quite nice and I can feel the nicotine kick. At the same time I have some Manjul up my nose, I'm really into some Indian world now. Very nice indeed!! This is a good combination, I love it!!

    Namrata, I will talk to my friend at the tobacco shop tomorrow. I'm sure he will be able to shed some light on this topic.
  • thanks Pieter! true Indian fan!!!
  • tom502tom502 Member
    Pieter- try an American scotch in the mouth.
  • I've rinsed my mouth now, the stuff came out in one piece, almost no crumbs left. This is something totally new to me, I've never had tobacco in my mouth before. I'm now going to try some American Peach, Tom. I hope I will live to tell you about it!! May I swallow the juice?
  • tom502tom502 Member
    No, spit the juice. And dump a small amount of the powder in the lower lip, and it will form there, spitting the excess out. It's not bad once you get used to the procedure. I used to dip Bruton and all of them.
  • XanderXander Member
    Great find, Pieter! I was sure you'd turn this one up eventually!
  • I tried some American Peach in my lip and although it was quite nice, I doubt whether I will do it again. I prefer the snuff IN my nose rather than BENEATH it!!

    Xander, I will talk to my friend today and see if I can get NTSU via his shop. Anybody who would like to try this can let me know and I will get you a tin. But, be warned, this is NOT your ordinary snuff.
  • XanderXander Member
    Pieter, dipping snuff (that's what its called when its in your lip) takes getting used to, especially when its dry snuff like the ones we sniff. Now, I would never recommend making a habit of it, as there are consequences, but it can be pleasant. I know I sound wishy washy on it, but I want to tell you not to judge by one time but I also want to tell you not to do it all the time. I think around here Honey Bee and Tops Sweet are the most popular for this purpose. I had been trying each of my Americans this way once or twice each (except Maccoboy) but I think I've had enough for now.

    Sure, I'd love to try that Ntsu, at least once and have a tin for the collection. Your warning is well heeded, I've learned to keep an open mind for differnt snuff styles. Keep it handy for our next trade. As we've discussed, I have a few things here for you now. I think Wesley's website lists a Ntsu menthol as well. Did you come across that one?
  • XanderXander Member
    Pieter, one more thing. Try the Dholakia Black Snuff. I really think its your style!
  • XanderXander Member
    ntsu is an anagram of nuts!
  • thank u pieter!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I can't wait to try the Dholakia Black.

    @Namrata: Is the Dholakia Black a new product? Or is it a product that is established in India but will be breaking into the US market?
  • I can see I'm going to have to try the Dholakia Black myself. Sounds very good.
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