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Tin Corrosion

saucy_jacksaucy_jack Member
edited February 2010 in General
I received in the mail a 10g Tin of WoS Princes. At first glance there were like rust patches on the tin. Upon removing the tape the area where the 2 halves meet was so corroded and there was a white acid-like residue rendering the can unopenable in the normal way. So I took a screw driver and hammer and opened it up like a sardine can. The lid finally popped off and I emptied the can as I usually do into a smash box and around the wall and along the inner edge of the tin, snuff had concreted itself there along with a the said whitish discoloration?
It's to my thinking this snuff is contaminated. Any ideas, guys?


  • Wouldnt trust it saucy jack, did you receive it from a snuff store?
  • No, I received it from Tom at Nicotinerush. An aberration, I know, as I purchase all of my snuffs through Tom and have yet to receive a bad one.
  • Tom is probally going to take care of that, he has a good rep. I just wonder what could have caused that, any strange odor to the snuff?
  • Oh yes, Tom and I have already made arrangements, of course. Yes, to my nose it does smell off. But it's the particles of I know not what I see in the snuff that tells me no way. lol
  • XanderXander Member
    edited February 2010 PM
    This happens with the moist Wilsons snuffs. I opened a tin of Brunswick from my reserves a few days ago. Clean as a whistle on the outside, but the snuff had begun to rust the tin from the inside. It also had dried itself out. I emptied it into an empty snus container and am currently rehydrating it.
    Best thing to do is just let whatever is stuck to the tin stay there. What ever did not stick is probably free from rust and safe to use. I run a magnet through it just to be safer.

    Watch out also Best Dark and Burgundy. Henceforth I'm only getting these in the smallest tins and transferring them right away to plastic containers.
  • @Xander: But have you ever seen that battery acid like corroded white stuff on/in the tin?
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator

    I ordered a tin of Brunswick from Tom, it was corroded. Nothing Tom can really do about it, it's just those stupid tins. The Wilson's tins are terrible for this.
  • Oh! no, i in no way blame tom. i realize the tins, while a nifty idea are in need of updating. I have been buying my snuffs through Tom only, since I've been snuffing.
    It's just amazing to me as I've never seen anything like it before. Rust, battery acid-like matieral. I'm just!
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Didn't mean to say you were blaming Tom.

    I blame the damn tins. I hate every fiber of their being.
  • I dont understand why they just dont update their tins, seems to me if this problem has happened to others they would do something about it, In my opinion.
  • WoS are my favorite snuffs, but their tins truly are the worst. They do seem to rust very easily. The WoS plastic bulk containers, though, are the best, as are the Fribourg & Treyer metal tubes (and F&T is made by WoS, go figure). As far as the WoS tins are concerned, as long as one is up to date on his/her tetanus shot, I'm sure that there isn't anything to worry about. It does seem extremely unlikely that one could contract tetanus in this manner, but I suppose anything is possible.

    I have the feeling that these tins are rusted before the snuff even goes into them. I imagine that WoS has a giant room crammed floor to ceiling with these. Perhaps they have a leaky roof as well.

    Now, the J&H Wilson vacuum packed tins, those are very nice. I wish WoS would use those.
  • I don't want to complain about their tins too much. I fear that they will take heed and "update" them to Samuel Gawith tap boxes. If that happens, I might just jump off a bridge.
    The WoS tins are fine except for the moist snuffs.
  • I like Toques tins the best, I havent had any problem with them, except they seem to dent really easy. I havent tried wilsons yet being fairly new to snuff, but I hear their snuff is very good.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I used to love the tap boxes... until the snuff inside turned into a solid dry biscuit.
  • @cstokes4, I can see how that would be a disaster. I havent had a problem with my poschl taps yet, knock on wood.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    Poschl taps are not an issue since Poschl uses oil not water.
  • Thats true! I think my cold has gone to my head, lol.
  • I ought to mention that the worst WoS tin is one thousand times better than any tap box. The tap box is evil. I hate it hate it HATE IT!

    I despise tap boxes so much that I will not buy any snuff that comes in them. Well, I make an exception for De Kralingse (and the first thing I do is dump them into a proper glass container or reused F&T canister, then happily toss that tap box into the recycle bin). I'd prefer that De Kralingse packaged their snuff in a rusty WoS tin, *anything* but those evil tap boxes.
  • Xander is correct. It's only the moist snuffs. Wish Wilsons would address this problem.
    All snuff at NicotineRush is stored in a humidity/temp controlled environment and turnover is rather quick.
  • cstokes4cstokes4 Member, Moderator
    I am about to embark upon a big undertaking of putting all of my snuffs into new containers. Ugh....
  • Toque tins crush like aluminum cans. tap boxes i put into smash boxes, unless i don't take them very much and then i'm fine with keeping them there.
  • Saw similar with the WoS Brunswick. Not as advanced as what you describe Jack but bad enough.

    I see a brisk future in smash box sales! (-;
  • I have four 10 g tins of Wilson's Brunswick that I have yet to open. I can just transfer the contents to baby food jars, so it's no big deal, but I would have left them in the tins had I not known about this problem, and then the stuff might have been ruined. Aside from Best Dark and Burgundy mentioned above, are there any specific snuffs that anyone is aware of with significant corossion potential problems?

    Tom said "the moist ones" above, but not having tried everything yet, there are certain snuffs that I'm not sure are moist or not.
  • Princes is the one that gave Jack trouble. Prime Minister might be a little moist. I don't know much about their menthols.
  • "WoS are my favorite snuffs, but their tins truly are the worst. They do seem to rust very easily."

    The tins by Wilsons of Sharrow are made by the same company (Metal Closures, Huddersfield) that also provide the vacuum sealed tins used by J&H Wilsons, Hedges, Tranters and other snuff manufacturers. They also provide the containers for the Fribourg & Treyer range. No snuff manufacturer in the UK manufacture their own tins as well. Unfortunately tins may be years old which, in the case of moist snuff , corrodes the tin quite badly.
  • I love the Brunswick snuff and have ordered it three times already. I empty it out the day I receive it and put it in a glass jar. The tins are always a little corroded on the bottom.
  • @PhilipS:
    I never assumed that WoS or any other snuffmill manufactured their own tins. That would be silly.

    My point was that the J&H Wilsons and F&T containers are of a higher quality than the ones WoS uses for their namesake brand.
  • It happens, especially with the WoS type cans. Don't use it and ask for a refund, there is usually no problem. We had the same thing lasy year with some FandT can,
  • WoS still have 531,678,908 of those silly tins in stock. You will just have to live with it.
  • I opened up my cans of Wilson's Brunswick yesterday to empty them into another container, and while they were slightly difficult to open, I saw no evidence of corrosion in my case.
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