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  • lunecat

    Hi JakartaBoy, please accept my appologies if I have come across as confrontational in my posts. All my impressions of you are good you are a fair & friendly fellow. So it was unfair of me to "vent spleen" in your direction about other people that are not yourself.

    Once again please accept my appology for my out bursts.

    All the very best to you


    January 25
  • MrBrooke
    Apa kabar?

    I've been meaning to message you since I joined. Do you happen to be Muslim? I myself am, and so-far have basically no found intersection between Islam and snuff. Unsurprisingly, the only information I've found on tobacco and Islam (beyond the opinions of jurists floating around online) are all focused on shisha. And while I've heard of interesting sufi treatises on the alchemical symbolism of the hookah and the interplay of earth, air, fire, and water, I really would like to know if snuff is every touched upon.

    Abdal Hadi
    January 14
    • JakartaBoy
      Hi Abdal, I'm only barely a Muslim, I'm afraid. A very poor convert who pays little attention to matters of the spirit, I haven't even attended jumatan for a few years now. Still, I have a well developed anthropological curiosity, so if you come across any interesting sources, please share them. I'm always interested in non-Wahabi perspectives. The Wahabis, of course, are well known for their anti tobacco stance.