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Odens and Siberia by the roll.



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  • Remjob
    Oh and I'm very good at making my own snuff if you would like to try some tell me I'm very clean and professional on my making of it and so far everyone I've treated it with here in snuff house bizarre has given me mostly all thumbs up just throwing that in there I got snuff that'll blow your fucking sucks off and you love every minute of it anyways get back to me thank you.
    April 12
  • Remjob
    Hi my name is Adam and I do some trading with you they have a lot of not really my favorite pile that's pretty high so how do you how do you want to do this do I need to send you an inventory list that I have or do you want me to just we send random samples each other tell me how this works in what state do you live in you mind me asking I live in Missouri so I can get a good idea of shipping time I know the US tobacco shipping laws pretty fucking good oh and just in case if you happen to have or run across any cigars half decent or premium I'll trade for that 2 with snuff well get back to me thank you.
    April 12