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  • Humppa
    Hi Aidas,

    how are you doing? As we traded the last time, I told you to owe you something. Well, I think the time come somehow. I just wanted to let you know I that I want to order some stuff from the german snuffstore. As you can see on their site there is the Pfalzer Landsnuff available. I dont know if it can be bought anywhere else. If you are interessted in some of their stuff I can order it for you.

    Kind regards
    May 24
  • Humppa
    Hello mate.

    how are you?

    I just wanted to let you know that I really like the Sandalwood you sent me. It really got a quick constant in my rotation. The tin is nearly empty. So I ordered two others from the Store. The Green Dragon ist almost gone. The samples I havent tried yet. But I also ordered the 6P Assorted box. They are really great I think.

    The Neftobak is really unique. Has great taste. I really like this one. The nic hit is fine. But also the taste is somehow great. First tobacco, then there is a little ammonia then comes the tobacco back. Thanks for this experience. :)

    I fought a mans flu and I still recover. So my use was a little low. I mostly used Gawith Original. Didnt want to waste any of my great tobaccos during that. Kinda odd... LOL.

    Just wanted to let you know.

    Kind regards!
    March 2
  • schmalzlerfranzl
    Hello dear friend
    Everything ok?
    February 1
  • Humppa
    Hi Aidas,

    I just wanted to know if the package almost arrived on your side?

    Kind regards
    January 29
  • Humppa
    Hello Aidas,

    first I habe to apologise, but the site didnt work for a few days. Well, whatsoever... I got a padded envelope to send you the snuff. Please send me your address so that I can put that one very tin the mail. I
    January 15
  • snuffmiller
    Thank you. Glad to hear such positive message.
    September 2018
  • volunge, Monk and Yeshua joined.
    Welcome Aboard!
    December 2017