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    Thank You Rogue.
    March 7
  • Remjob
    Wow, Thank You, My address is 901 N Haworth ct Nixa MO 65714 USA my Name is Adan M And you making a package of Snuff's for me is very generous of you.Know that if you send me something of good will and your not just a pissed off employee that works at the snuff store Snuff making Plant that's mad about my little rant about employee's circle jerkin it.I will be bound to send you something as well didn't mean for that to sound so Creppy.Lol I have made and make a Snuff that nobody has done yet that I'll send you I grew most of the Rustica thats in the tobacco blend.and yes everything in it is legal.And as been extensity experimented on myself and willing test subject's.So what part of the UK u live in?(I 'm dead center in the middle of the USA)And what are u'r main Favorites of the many genres of Snuff?Oh and if you want to know what my taste are go to youtube and look up my first Snuff review it's(Nasal Snuff that'll will blow your top off!)It's not the best but Rome wasn't builtinaday
    March 7
  • Remjob
    Hey I really appreciate it but if it's going to be a problem for you it ok cuz unfortunately I do not live in Europe or the UK I live in the U of S A but here's my address I'll send you some of my homemade snuff it's good I'm pretty good at what I do anyways here's my address 901 North Haworth ct Nixa Missouri 65 714 my name is Adam Mobley if you have any exotic snuff I may not have tried I will either send cash or snuff that I make the tobacco of which I grow is with Rustica tobacco or I can look through my 110 collection of snuff's and I'll send you a couple of tins of what ever thank you and if you prove me wrong on buck fizz I will do a snuff house recant if it really does smell like champagne in flavor is of a champagne and some orange that would be awesome but whatever I got it's like Rusty leather yeah kind of like that in a bad way thank you.
    March 4