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  • first thanks to the people here who aroused my interest in snuff boxes. I used to carry silver boxes; especially a large intricately pricked Georgian. I always pass a box around at dinners or at home. I frequently got them back with hinges out of l…
  • PS almost no time or effort (took about an hour over the course of 2 days) and maybe 10% of the cost of whole alkaloid eliquids. Plus if you trust the suppliers of tobacco you know exactly what you will get. Works on pipe tobacco too. More than a 3 …
  • Over the past weeks I've successfully turned snus, dip and snuff into whole alkaloid eliquid which I am now vaping and have been for weeks. Waiting for another piece of apparatus which I believe will leave no waste at all (add $10 to total cost). To…
  • horus92 - somewhere like Proctor and Gamble or Johnson & J there are highly paid scientists developing better urinal cakes. When the China market opens up someone will become rich with pork scented urinal cakes.
  • Xander could you find something that makes basement_shaman's monitor sing?
    in Ads Comment by asieg33 June 2013
  • the only time I might think twice about doing some snuff is while a doctor is checking my prostate. Or when he's checking for a hernia and tells me to cough.
  • thank you pr luk. just joined your forum and posted if anyone knows an ecig that will take a glycerine moistened snus pack
  • I like everything about 6 photos and since learning the origin of the name and labeling I like it even more. I will probably cut from the 50 plus snuffs I have to about 15 of which at least 6 will be 6 photos.
  • I had added some wintergreen "dip" to vegetable glycerine about 8 days ago. too lazy to filter but drew some off and added 50/50 to nicotine ejuice. It's great. As good as a cigarette. Have some snuss packs soaking now and will try it with snuff soo…
  • Viertel - I hold your memory in high regard. clearly you're doing a lot of snuff.
  • I've done a number of links on the subject but the most interesting thing I have extrapolated is the lessening of alzheimers risk. According to the NIH the number of, in america, alzheimer cases in america will triple by 2040 (of course if you're no…
  • Xander is 100% right as usual. got an email from deKral = no tobacco. Best spice I've ever had. No electric grinders so no flavor loss. were worth $2+ per 100 but not 18 .
  • just found the english button on their website. no mention of tobacco in spice line thanks all
  • I just got an email from customer service at MrSnuff that tells me the spice line does contain tobacco also the new price for cinnamon 100 seems to reflect the price of snuff and not tobacco oddly enough I can't read dutch. Help please
  • I had actually done both in my nose. they were better mixed with some hedges. really not bad. but won't do it again. but, as an experiment, I tried it with oregano and immediately leaped to my feet and ran out for a pizza. seriously and not really…
  • many thanks xander.
  • I like snuffboxes. then I took 2 edwardian sterling boxes to a dinner party. I passed them around. The bigger and better of the two, when I got home, was "sprung" wouldn't close correctly. Took 3 hours to figure out how to fix it (good as new). Next…
  • One more I cannot resist (note; if anyone wishes to insult me please do it via PM. By keeping it private we will not overburden the mods) Abraxas Cerise - Cherry but no longer virginal.
  • For burn and nicotine hit try white elephant. Menthol you might like 6 photos #66 I really like 6 photos kailash and for a strong floral Dholokia kamal is my favorite. fubar makes a good coffee. medium grind and moisture. samuel gawith elmo reserve…
  • thank you. I love it. Was in hawaii and flew to the big island (whose name is Hawaii) for a full (totality of 4 minutes 20 seconds solar eclipse) Island was socked in with rain and heavy cloud layer. We were going to try and fly above it (my friend'…
  • I love Gucci shoes, but the woman's sizes do not fit.
  • I had about 8 bandana style handkerchief (and some nice white for suits). Found a company in USA and ordered 24. They made a mistake and sent 48. I've been collecting silk pocket squares for years and have hundreds. someday I will post (as soon as I…
  • Thanks, made up my mind. WE for me. Will not and cannot argue with horus or Aanycaards and Shaman's reference to WP (hottest snuff made) provoked much thought.
  • I'm new here (not compared to the life span of a mayfly in which comparison I've been here for generations) but welcome back. And may your nose know joy for many years.
  • These snuffs have tracers or are the pure wp? If the latter than great burn and only adrenal rush
  • Sorry, pre russian revolution. repousse with soldiers and artillery.
  • Correct with one exception. I like my yeast in bread.
  • The leading, by far, cause of death in the western world is birth. In the east it is rebirth. Have high blood pressure and am glad it is the silent killer. Would hate to hear an internal voice, at the moment of death scream, "your dead, Mother******)
  • I hate toasts. Have them in the fridge. Lime toast, F& T high dry. Tried them and am starting to like them. Did my sponge pinch a few days ago and I loved it. Had to reconstruct what was in my rotation. good memory so I got it and now have a new…
  • noworry good link. I often had umami in sushi bars. The friends with me watched me swallow, With gusto I might add, and immediately lost their appetites. The Japanese chef smiled and gave me a few on the house and added raw quail egg. Sorry for the…