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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.



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  • Actually I did find some quite fresh Navy Sweet in a Winn Dixie maybe 10 miles or so outside Boca Raton,but in another Winn Dixie in the area I found some ancient dust covered snuff on the shelf. So it is found in some South Fla. Winn Dixie's: you j…
  • I did have some success by putting a days portion into my snuffbox (which is a very small plastic container with a screw top--I think it's sold as a 5ml container). I put in about 1ml of snuff with one drop of oil from a dropper on top. I shook it v…
  • Apparently they need a license from each individual state to sell tobacco in that state. They haven't gotten one from my state. Oh well, there's always the occasional trip South where the stuff is sold, but it's a little crazy all this governmental …
  • I've tried adding a "tiny " bit of mineral oil to Navy Sweet without much success. A little oil just makes a little clump which can then be chopped up into smaller clumps and so on, but that doesn't equal a regular moist snuff. Can you tell me exact…
  • I've tried this with F&T HDT with similar results. Turning snuff into a syrup consistency by adding a few drops of mineral oil intensifies the flavor and keeps the flavor going longer than regular snuffing. I guess flavor usually diminishes th…
  • There might be a difference between normal snuffing where the snuff is scattered throughout the nose and actually smearing snuff goo directly on the surface of the nostril which is a more concentrated application. I don't know if it's a problem, ju…
  • Ok, nearly impossible. Or, if you prefer, it quite commonly leads to coughing.
  • Thanks pufnsnuff for letting me know about the drop-jaw method. I'd never heard about it. It does work quite well and is certainly simpler than using Q-tips. The Q-tip method does have an advantage that you can take a larger portion, say a snuffspoo…
  • Before using Q-tips I tried the traditional methods over a period of many months. Off the back of the hand was better than the pinch in terms of snuff hitting the throat, but I don't believe it can be completely eliminated no matter how many years y…