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  • Most of the dippers in Canada are hockey player types who like nicotine but don't want to compromise their lungs at all.  It's probably better for you than smoking cigarettes, though obviously it has its own risks.  (I say this as a cigarette smoker…
  • The post is strange, for sure.  What's even stranger is that after at least 30 mail orders over the years I was never once charged duty.  Some of the now-defunct sites used to label the packages as things other than snuff, but now the companies are …
  • Copenhagen is largely geranium flavoured/scented, as opposed to rose.
  • I'd say about 100. I had TAD a lot worse a few years ago--now I stick to four or five at a time.
  • Ha yeah I'm pretty sure the "Flav-R-Gard" batch I had was made about 10 years before I bought it, which would explain why it had almost no flav-r.
  • I use a pen cap at work
  • Oliver Twist is super weak in the nicotine dept. Flavour is fine. I'd go with snus or twist or plug instead.
  • I take it as a good sign that they went through the trouble of redesigning the logo. If you look close, the banner and such are different. If they had plans to discontinue it I doubt they would have bothered re-drawing it (though sadly it doesn't …
  • @Effy Starr and other American scotch snuffs aren't whisky flavored--the "scotch" just basically means powdered dry snuff. Scorched tobacco, so to speak. The flavour of most non-sweet American scotches is quite smokey. I believe the tobacco is hung …
  • Doing large amounts of Starr all day, and winding down at night with Checkerberry, sandalwood and O&G.
  • @nicmizer yeah that was an attempt at dry wit. I will say, though, that just because a snuff isn't "small batch" doesn't mean that a lot of craft and artisanry didn't go into making it. Whoever came up with the recipe for O&G knew their craft, …
  • Yeah SP snuffs (tobacco and bergamot) are very popular--give one a try. I like Wilson's Best Dark for an SP, personally, but I'm not huge on SPS (or Earl Grey tea, for that matter).
  • not sure why it cut me off
  • F&T High Dry Toast - nice classic plain dry snuff with slightly nutty scentSG London Brown:  moist and coarser grind, fermented tobacco scent, brineyToque lime toast:  high quality tobacco with good nic hit and wonderful citrus notesWilson's Tom…
  • Also opened a tin of that rare artisanal snuff called McChrystal's O&G. If you can ever find this snuff, my goodness do yourself a favour and stock up on it! Ok maybe I'm overstating its rarity but man that snuff is divine. I could never use it…
  • I think I have pretty abnormal snuff habits. I will do about 10 giant pinches in a row--literally as much as I can pile on the flat end of a snuff spoon--and then wait for the N train. Sometimes I do that twice in a row; I do that maybe 3 times duri…
  • Opened a brand new vacuum tin of GH sandalwood. It's good, but more perfumey than when I got it in the little plastic tub. It smells more like the tap box sandalwood I bought back in 2009 when I first started buying mail order snuff. Still love it, …
  • Yeah all the unfiltered cigarettes are excellent, except for Pyramids (a discount brand). English Ovals and Nat Sherman's Havana Ovals are probably the best, but Chesterfield (still made but hard to find sometimes), Pall Mall, Camel and Lucky Strike…
  • Dipped some checkerberry and am enjoying that burning feeling on my gums--strong stuff, that.
  • Out to walk the dog with some Cotton Boll twist in my cheek.  It's a bit dry but still packs a punch.
  • @Nulliverse:  you're going to need a time machine to get it--I don't think they've made it for a few years now.
  • I bought some O&G from a tobacco shop about 25 years ago because I wanted to try all kinds of tobacco. I knew about snuff from reading writers like Gogol. I had no idea what I was doing, so I took a pinch and snorted it with full force. Needless…
  • This snuff is so moist I might actually dry it out a bit. I got a new can around Jan 20, and it's been my night time snuff. I have to use the flat end of my snuff spoon and shovel heaps into my nose, as it's just too moist a snuff to pinch. Though w…
  • HDT is great, but for some reason I prefer the Tranter #21 I bought. It isn't buttery or nutty or smokey--it's just this wonderfully balanced plain tobacco snuff. The moisture when it was fresh was just right. I used to take about six pinches in a r…
  • Well the GH website still lists "Kendal" sandalwood snuff tobacco--you can buy it by the 500g drum!!! Ditto Irish D. No English Rose, though.
  • Yeah @dwhyte I also ordered a tub of GH sandalwood with my most recent Mr Snuff order--guess I will have to ration it. I'm just shocked. Wasn't GH's English Rose what they stock in the U.K. Parliamentary snuffbox?
  • Whaaaat? GH's English Rose and Sandalwood are both absolute staples. And I never got to try GH's Irish D toast. That just can't be right. Can't be right...*rocks self*
  • Is it still moist and fluffy (i.e. reasonably fresh)?
  • It's sad so many are going, but holy hell there are a lot that must sell very little. I can't imagine Sam Gawith ever sold a lot of Otterhound or X Blend or Yellow Crest Scented etc. I'm not putting those snuffs down--I never tried them. It's just h…
  • law talkin' guy, employed by a provincial government, constitutional law section.  in my secret life, I take snuff and record death country blues.