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Odens and Siberia by the roll.


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  • It's sad so many are going, but holy hell there are a lot that must sell very little. I can't imagine Sam Gawith ever sold a lot of Otterhound or X Blend or Yellow Crest Scented etc. I'm not putting those snuffs down--I never tried them. It's just h…
  • law talkin' guy, employed by a provincial government, constitutional law section.  in my secret life, I take snuff and record death country blues.
  • Non-tobacco snuffs for sure. I was going to say florals, but realized I love Maccoboy and GH English Rose, plus I love F&T Patchouli. Also like McC's violet. So clearly I like florals, even though I have no desire to buy "carnation" or "western …
  • Zwiefacher. Nice and sweet, with some mild menthol to clear me up before sleep (but not so much that I get rebound).
  • Well going by other reviews I clearly just had a very, very stale batch before--it's a smoky scotch, but not as smoky as others.  I certainly don't regret buying it--it's a lovely scotch snuff.
  • So happy we're getting close to having Maccoboy available to the snuffhouse world!  If anyone hasn't tried it, it is absolutely unique and wonderful.  It's dark and moist, with a grind similar to Checkerberry.  It's a relic of a bygone day, when nas…
  • I live in Canada (Manitoba) and have never had to pay customs, despite receiving at least 70 packages of snuff since starting in 2008 or so.  Granted, one former retailer used to list the packages as "motorcycle parts" or "family photos", but both M…
  • Tranter toast #21  RIP
  • I understand that there are many toxic chemicals in cigarette smoke, but I don't know which ones, if any, are added and which might occur naturally. I have a hard time believing in evil corporations adding cyanide to cigarettes. I mean, maybe they d…
  • This is amazing news!  Great work, @JosephJamesI sent Mr Snuff a message alerting him to the news, so hopefully wider distribution will be possible at some point.
  • Hedges is really nice--it's a darker tobacco, with a clean and strong menthol kick.  For a lighter tobacco (but strong menthol kick) I would try McChrystal's JIP or the wonderful Medicated 99 from J & H Wilson.
  • Starr (two cans) Checkerberry McChrystal's O&G GH Sandalwood
  • I found two cartons of Phillip Morris English Ovals last summer in Portland, OR (Rich's Cigar Store).  They are $11 per pack, but they are by far the best quality cigarette I've ever had.  I gave one to someone who used to work in a cigar factory in…
  • Some people love it, but I can't stand GH Sea Breezes.  Smells exactly like Comet bathroom cleanser to me. 
  • Yeah @markmcsnuffin I just ordered two cans of Starr from Mr. Snuff.  It's not cheap--$10 a can--but a can lasts a long time.  It's my base snuff--nice and high in nicotine, and absolutely plain so doesn't cause rebound.  People who can get it at th…
  • So they still have some? That's fantastic news!  I would gladly buy at least 2 bottles.  I suspect supply is very, very finite.Thanks for making the call, @JosephJames
  • Could someone in the area call Blue Ridge Tobacco to see if they still carry Maccoboy? The only phone I have is from work, and they wouldn't appreciate a long-distance charge to a GA tobacco wholesaler. Maybe we could pool resources on a case of 12 …
  • My wife-ish is VERY sensitive to smells.  Cigarettes were a problem for her, and if I go without for a time it is very hard to get her to get used to it again.She hates any strong scents, so if I'm to be near her, I have to avoid florals or Indian s…
  • Gawith Hoggarth Sandalwood.  Not the tap box, of course.
  • I haven't heard back from them.  As the photo was from 2014, it may be that they no longer stock it. 
  • This place in Georgia appears to sell it.  I sent them a message to confirm and ask the price.
  • All of the American scotches and sweets are good for dipping.  You pour them into the front of your mouth and use the tip of your tongue to shovel it into a little ball.  Don't let it get too wet, but if it stays dry then you're not getting the nico…
  • Rooster's pretty good, but for a smoky scotch I'd take Three Thistle, Superior or Square over Rooster.  Gotta love the Rooster label though--so awesomely old-timey [though not as old-timey as Starr]
  • SWS Lundy FootTranter/Wilson Toast #21StarrF&T HDTThree Thistle Strong Scotch
  • I think I'd be content to have unlimited access of the following 5 snuffs:Gawith Hoggarth SandalwoodRR Mills MaccoboyStarr Scotch SnuffToque Lime ToastTranter/Wilson Toast #21It'd be tough not to have a menthol, though it's best for my nose if I kee…
  • Kudos to @MrSnuff for locating so many of the scotches and sweets, including really rare ones like Standard, Starr, Rooster and Checkerberry.  Now...if only they could find some reasonably fresh Railroad Mills Maccoboy!   I think Georgia is (or was)…
  • I play clawhammer and old-time two-finger on a cheap Deering Goodtime.  My main influences are Dock Boggs, Fred Cockerham and Dan Gellert.Wonder if Starr scotch snuff would sponsor my next album...
  • Player's Navy Cut is Canadian--with the sailor and such. In Manitoba you can still buy Player's Plain and Export Plain. I like the Export better, but it's much harder to find.
  • Tranter Irish High Toast #20, though I think that also goes by another name.  Also Starr is a good high-test snuff that is exceedingly plain and gentle on the nose.