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  • I've checked the published statutes of a few regulatory agencies, like Health Canada and The US Tax and Trade Bureau, none of which specified tobacco by species. I'm going to search further, and maybe look into some independent agencies like the WHO…
  • To my understanding, the term tobacco extends to a number of species in the nicotiana genus, and is not exclusive to n. tobaccum. There are species, properly called tobacco, which are used as decorative plants and industrial pesticides, rather than …
  • I double-diaper.
  • I used to like straight, and my dislike for it occurred over the course of a couple cans. Copenhagen long cut was my only choice for the last few years I dipped. Never liked any Skoal flavors.
  • Viking Blonde
  • @Michibacy Thanks for the great explanation! It answered a lot of questions I had. :D I'm going to buy some of each leaf type. Do you by chance know of any way to prepare tobacco to be made into chew absent heavy chemical treating? I imagine there…
    in Hello Comment by Kpod April 2014
  • That's really cool! I would like some whole leaf tobacco to experiment with. How do I arrange a purchase? Do you sell the tobacco natural, or is it available as already fermented and whatnot? I do not have the facilities to treat it myself, but woul…
    in Hello Comment by Kpod April 2014
  • John Rolfe. He may have had the single most tremendous impact in the existence of the United States and the British Empire, and even the shape of the modern world. How he acquired the Spanish tobacco seeds is a secret that he took to the grave, but …
  • @viertel OK, I was not aware :) I like your idea to compile photographs of snuffs, I will do my best to cover some ground.
  • Gewie does a great job of portraying snuff appearance and consistency in his youtube vids.
  • Priceless XD SP scented toots! When you need extra confidence for that nervous gut!
  • Great videos!
    in Snuff YouTube Comment by Kpod April 2014
  • Hobnob's!
  • Any charred or burned organic matter is carcinogenic. Even barbeque chicken or grilled ribs are cancer causing due to both burnt native proteins and the fuel used to cook them. Tobacco smoke has the further addition of TSNA present and the carbonmon…
  • Offroad Frosted
  • I think they left the grains out in the rain and it became beer. Beer is a bit more enticing a reason to cultivate grains than bread, and is more likely to have been stumbled upon to begin with.
  • Aecht Altbayerischer Schmalzler to celebrate a 98% on my German midterm.
  • @bryanikon The can says the distributer is Kretek, same as ToqueUSA and Silver Dollar, if you have a nearby vendor who sells these you could ask to perhaps have it ordered in, or request they stock it. I've done this a few times for ToqueUSA stuff. …
  • Found some Oden's Extreme and Thunder snus at a local shop Today! Anyone else In the US been blessed to such a wonderful sight?
  • Fresher stock? Lol I thought all scotches around today were made during the Antebellum. I think I bought the last can of W.E. Garret's to be found in my town about 9 months ago. ToqueUSA has been showing up in some shops though, along with Thunder S…
  • Just got my first tins of Kailash and Cheeta today! I've enjoyed Motia for about a year and a half. Nice nose burn :D
  • @number_seven Couldn't agree more! I don't know why people get all wrapped up in "commercialism". Commerce is one of the most powerful and glorious features of human society. I am grateful that there are at least a few folks who are willing to acc…
  • A Toque masterpiece! The bergamot and citrus balance perfectly. For what it's worth, I find that after going a few hours without snuff, SP Extra smells like Froot Loops cereal.
  • I recently flew to NYC from Colorado without so much as a strange look from security. I even had an unlabeled wooden snuff box. On the plane back, though, one of the flight attendants caught me as I was bringing a pinch to my nose. She said that "di…
  • In basic training, we had the great pleasure of experiencing the "Gas House", where you enter a small shack being fumigated with obscene concentrations of CS gas, then you remove your gas mask and take a deep breath. So please, while you fuss over …
    in joke snuff Comment by Kpod July 2013
  • @Xander Interesting, mine had no such label.
  • Yesterday I handed my mom my new tin of Toque Almond Toast, for her to smell. She handed it back to me after making a gag-face, and it turned out that she didn't twist the lid back on it. A bit later I reached for it, unaware that the lid by which I…
  • Places I have personally seen and purchased snuff in the US: [State] -- [Town/City] -- [Address/Rough Location] -- [Name of Store] -- [Snuff Brand(s) Found: Scents] +Colorado -- Fort Collins -- 177 N College Ave. -- Al's Newsstand -- Silver Dollar…
  • @Xander Much obliged!
  • @mrmanos That sounds like my own small Colorado town. There's a head shop here called Smokey Monkey that sells W.E. Garrett Sweet. There is, however, a news stand in our downtown area that sells Silver Dollar snuffs. It's hard to find snuff here in …