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  • SHIT! What do I do?!Edit: Aaah, WoS prime minister.Double-edit: Bohica again now that I've found a remedy. Gotta tame this damned snuff.
  • @Plantpartaker front of the nose will do the job. You can experiment though.Something I recommend trying is taking some snuff on the finger and putting it at the very front of the nose, just to get a feel for it.
  • @Plantpartaker yeah, they're very coarse, so they won't hit your throat or sinuses or...they'll hit the tip of your nose if you're lucky..
  • @Plantpartaker Try a different snuff. Not all snuffs are for all noses.If you're new to snuff, I'd suggest trying poschl-snuffs first, they're very easy to take.Welcome btw.
  • @bob spot on! It IS snus, it's just called chew bags due to snus being banned in so many countries, whereas chewing tobacco is not.
  • @SnuffNOR Yeah, I placed an order before which the customs figured was worth over 3k...I had em return it :(
  • Good day @SnuffNOR Fellow norwegian snuffer, is it as hard for you as it is for me with all the norwegian customs? How do you deal with em? I personally have a guy to order for me so snuff gets to his house (UK), then he splits it into several small…
  • Toque peanut butter!!! I'm hooked.
  • The toasts Ive tried so far dont really scratch my nose, but I enjoyed Madras Toast..not sure why..maybe it was the ease of snuffing, superdelicious drip or..I dunno..the only other toast I REALLY like is WoS IHT 22. Thats what a toast is about to m…
  • Anything indian..for some reason indian snuffs can actually kill my cig-cravings
  • Let's not ask ourselves why snuff is so cheap, let's just be happy that we can have a hobby that won't break our wallets.
  • Just tested this..I like putting snuff in my more open nostril, I get more of the scent, but best is to use both.
    in wrong side? Comment by Rogue November 25
  • Damn..missed this. Doesn't matter anyway, I got way too much WoS snuff lying around anyway..So I'm not the only one who loves SM Blue, @Hoffwell I have no idea why I fell so hard in love with that snuff..
  • General white portion
  • @dwhyte what if the wos-snuff has the smell of the air where you live, but your nose is so used to that smell you dont detect anything? Man, that would be weird, if a snuffmaker made the scent of a town..then again, I like to believe that Paris smel…
  • Cant believe no one has mentioned Jason Statham and Bruce Willis - anything they play in. Also, Christopher Walken, that guy can put up a show. Mike Tyson as Mike Tyson in any movie he plays in. Stellan Skarsg
  • I do mentholated snuffs before showering too. We may be weird.
  • @50ft_trad for real? Im having a hard time imagining something stronger
  • WoS extra menthol. It has an icy burn like no other! I did some red bull earlier, but extra menthol steals the show. Is this THE strongest menthol?
  • Yall are bad! Dont open all snuffs, mmkay? Opening all snuffs is bad, mmkay? If you open all snuffs, youre bad, cause opening all snuffs is bad, mmmkay?
  • @Hitsuzen I dunno..must be some next-level shit. I like capsaicin, but not in my nose. ever chopped up chili and taken snuff straight after? Man, thats some ancient chinese torture technique or something.
    in FUBAR Bohica Comment by Rogue October 15
  • I was wondering that too, @Hitsuzen Never met a screaming and shouting snufftaker...but one can be heard when I order some Bohica..
  • @Hitsuzen shit, man. You got some sinuses of steel, or that stuff aint too hot. I think ill add this to my xmas order...I really like spicy food after all...cant be much worse than eating it, right?
    in FUBAR Bohica Comment by Rogue October 10
  • @Hitsuzen ty! Will check it out
    in FUBAR Bohica Comment by Rogue October 10
  • @SteveXY Best of luck to your hobby aswell. May the lawmakers show us mercy one day.
  • @SteveXY Trust me, we got worse laws in Norway. I've had several packages stopped. I go around that by having a friend over, then send to me, cause customs are less likely to check "gifts"
  • My first order was 2-3 poschls quickly followed by an amount of WoS that should give an elephant a headrush.
  • Demon Hunter - Patience
  • Im very tempted to try this too...maybe ill add it to my next it worth it though? Is it worth the pain? Is it pain in a snuffbox, or does it contain SOME pleasure, other than the dark pleasure of fooling a friend..or perhaps an enemy?
    in FUBAR Bohica Comment by Rogue October 4