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 Two new Fine Border snuffs.



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  • Yes, I loved that detail of Jews, prohibited from smoking on the Sabbath, visiting "Mohammedan neighbors for the sake of the tobacco smoke in their houses."  Glad to see that snuff could be used at any time ... :)
  • I agree with the comments about the WoS tins being overfilled, but other than that I like them.  I generally buy at least the 25g size, but I have used the same 10g container for my daily pocket snuff for about a year now.  It's dented now and has l…
  • Equal parts Samuel Gawith Toffee, WoS Coconut, and Wow American Caramel makes a nice substitute for Wow Coconut Toffee and is only half the cost.
  • I think the Wow Coconut Toffee has joined the ranks of another Dholakia "premium priced" snuff, Dholakia Swiss Chocolate, which is 9.99.  Premium pricing doesn't mean that the product is any more expensive to manufacture; in this case it seems more …
  • 3 x Wow Coconut Toffee 25g 1 x White Elephant 35g 1 x Wow American Caramel 25g 2 x Gawith Hoggarth Tia Maria 25g 3 x Wow Roasted Nuts 10g
  • Tried the infamous White Elephant today for the first time, nice nicotine kick but not as strong as I expected/feared.  I think it's going to be one of my favorites, both by itself and in mixtures. By itself, the challenge for me is not taking it s…
  • I still have the same pocket Case knife that I've had for many years. I also have a cheap Walmart pocket knife that I bought in the camping section for $1.00 ... it has held up surprisingly well, and the sharp tip comes in handy popping the vacuum …
  • I am in Georgia, and my orders usually take 11-14 days to arrive, which is about as good as Royal Mail International Standard gets. 
  • @SeanOCDPx  - I love Wow Coconut Toffee!  If I were on a deserted island and could only have one snuff with me, I think this might be it.
  • To add to an old thread, I put together a mix tonight using up what I had on hand, and Samuel Gawith's Banana snuff is so strongly flavored that even when I included only 2.5g Banana in a 35g mix with other flavored snuffs, it dominated all the othe…
  • Snuff-binging sneaks up on me sometimes, especially late at night when I am reading or on the Internet.   I realize I've overdone it when the room is spinning, I'm sweating profusely, and I feel a little nauseous.   Usually lasts about 30 minutes, t…
  • The SG Hazelnut and SG Toffee also have a fluffy consistency.
  • @kurtsnose et al. - Is it just me, or does Samuel Gawith Banana have a distinct undertone of cloves?  It's not bad at all, just different than I imagined.  Lately I have been using a blend of different snuffs that includes Toque Cherry, Toque Peach…
  • Received from Mr. Snuff today:  1 x Wow Coffee Bite 25g 1 x Wow American Caramel 25g 1 x Wow Coconut Toffee 25g 1 x Toque Spanish Gem 10g 2 x Samuel Gawith Toffee 25g 1 x Toque Cherry 25g 1 x Samuel Gawith Hazelnut 25g 1 x Samuel Gawith Banan…
  • Burning off brush, tree limbs, and old fence posts in a big bonfire. Snuff goes well with big bonfires, I think. So would a good beer, but I didn't have that with me. Darn.
  • I hadn't tried any of the American snuffs, too busy using up my stash of English snuffs, but I dreamed about Honey Bee this morning (!) so I went out and bought some.  I'm not used to such a fine grind, couldn't use a spoon because that sent it str…
  • I am big on SG Toffee, and I particularly like SG's Apple and Cherry among the fruit flavors. I use their Hazelnut often as a mixer - too cloying on its own but useful when diluted with less flavored snuffs.
  • @fredh - Have you tried the Wow American Caramel in any of your snuff-mixing experiments?  That's another one I have on the way that sounded like it might play nicely with some other snuffs in a blend.
  • @fredh - I have two of these snuffs in transit already and the other two in my shopping cart, so when I have them all in stock I will give your blend a try.  Sounds pretty good to me as I love the chocolate-toffee-coffee-coconut spectrum of flavors …
  • WoS Apricot just didn't work for me ... I found it nauseating and couldn't wait for the scent to dissipate from my moustache. It's really hit or miss with the fruit snuffs.
  • I know there have been some comments about SG Hazelnut being overly sweet, and I agree that this isn't a snuff that I would want much of by itself.  It is after all a very rich dessert snuff.  But I do want to point out SG Hazelnut is perfect to use…
  • Egads, I just dumped several grams of snuff onto my notebook keyboard ... reading about the accidents of others is making me feel better about it, though!
  • 2 parts SG Toffee1 part GH Tia Maria1 part Toque Cherry1 part WoS Irish High Toast #22
  • Not in my mailbox yet, but on the way from ... you'll see a preponderance of fruit snuffs, which I am eager to try.  I ordered the same flavors by different manufacturers and am going to do a side-by-side comparison of them.1 x Samuel Ga…
  •  I am partial to the half-pint, wide-mouth canning jars like this: are air-tight, easily available, and stack well.
  • I smoked cigarettes, cigars, and pipes when I was younger but quit for health reasons (oh yeah, my second marriage might have had something to do with it).  Snuff is the only tobacco I use.  I love that it is barely noticeable to those around me; al…