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  • I see this is an older thread however after lurking hehe for some time reading all these wonderful threads I would like to say hello. My name is Mark and I'm from Edinburgh and have recently kicked the cigs using snuff having been combining the 2 fo…
  • Cheers dude. Just noticed only 2 letters are different in our names hehe. Mine is Mark Stirton. It seems with each day my enthusiasm for snuff is escalating at a frightening pace. Especially Toques. Getting high on Toque Ginger as I write this. Than…
  • Being a big fan of Ginger and lemon tea and chocolate gingers I felt compelled to try this as part of my 10 collection and I was not disappointed. Scent is exactly like fresh ginger while allowing the tobacco to still be present. Leaves a wonderful …
  • Cheers Willc. Been just over a week and no cigs, just a shed-load of Toques up my nose, good times I know. Can't believe I didn't do this earlier. It's been such an easy and fun transition. Watching films and series at home getting snuffed out my mi…
  • Jean Nicot, French ambassador in Portugal. Many say the founding father of Nasal Snuff in Europe. He used to take it in the belief it could cure headaches so much so that he introduced Queen Medici of France to this magical powder. With this began m…
  • Ordered my first ever shipment from Toque and expecting it in the mail this afternoon. Excitement is not the word. Having read in depth many of these threads I think I'm in for a treat. I have been an on and off snuffer for 3 years but planning to k…