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  • There is a bunch. My favorite that I've tried is the Toque ambrosia. Toque USA whisky and honey is good. The toque quit is also pretty good.
  • Toque ambrosia.
  • Try some of the Toque blends that have rustica as a base or straight up rustica for a good kick.
  • Yeah, I didn't like any of the scotches when I first started. I ended up liking them.
  • @ryleighivey, you should be able too. You Just can't use more than one code at a time.
  • @remi1au, yes it does remind me a bit of laundry detergent. But for me in s good way. Try airing it out a bit, or put it away and try later. Our noses are always changing and sometimes we like something that we absolutely despised at some time.
  • @GreenNose, welcome to the forum. Soon to be 6 kids? Damn. Must be a slow learner if you are just figuring out how to not have anymore kids, better late than never though. J/k. Congrats on the new one. My sister has 4 kids and that household is alwa…
  • It's been a warm day, I've been trading 6 photo kailish and toque brunswick, and some f&t morlaix
  • I've never seen or heard that happening with snuff. I would also guess it would have to do with the production of snuff. I could be wrong though. As far as the hornworms go, bearded dragons enjoy eating the hornworms.
  • I'm having my first cigar in months. I'm having a Rodriguez maduro small cigar. Can't remember the name but it's about the size of a padron delicias. About 4.5 inches long and about a 44 ring gauge or so. Perfect short smoke. If you are ever…
    in cigars Comment by Psicko May 30
  • It's getting cold there as it is warming up in the northern hemisphere.
    in cigars Comment by Psicko May 30
  • Awesome. Let's hope that snuff will fly under the radar.
  • I'll take the toque whisky and honey. I'll call out F&T Morlaix.
  • @aamon. Welcome. No problem.
    in cigars Comment by Psicko May 29
  • @aamon, I can't remember which size I have, but I'm pretty sure I have the xikar 30-50 one, or the slightly smaller one. Without the foam, I would say that it doubles the amount cigars you can hold as a guess.
    in cigars Comment by Psicko May 29
  • Yeah, that could be good. The more people we have, the chance of a larger inventory to choose from. The postage stamp snuff trade thread was kind of similar.
  • @aamon. I use the travel pelican style case for my cigars at home. I also have a small one for actual travel. A lot less fuss than a wooden desktop humidor, not as classy, but very utilitarian. I just throw a new boveda pack in when I need to. For t…
    in cigars Comment by Psicko May 29
  • @fredh I guess you are the one to be thanked for bringing this idea to Chef Daniel. @hitsuzen ah, gotcha. Painkillers made me misunderstand the tone.
  • @basement_shaman my favorite otc that is still made is Carter Hall. I really liked edgeworth ready rubbed when they made it. Huh, just found out that Lane tobaccos just re-released the edgeworth as Lane ready rubbed.
  • 6 photo 666.
  • I'll take the 6 photo 666. I will call out your favorite old mill snuff.
  • Waking up with some Starr scotch.
  • Welcome to the group @mini_42 and @762ron.
  • @Llo I got some Old Mill kind of blue in my nose, sitting on my patio and drinking a proper Tom Collins. Now that you pointed out the spearmint, I picked up on that as well. That was one of the scents I couldn't pinpoint before.
  • I got some Old Mill kind of blue in my nose, sitting on my patio and drinking a proper Tom Collins.
  • I do like cars and have helped fix them up, but as of now I live in an apartment and can't afford any projects. When I was little my dad had a dodge dart swinger, but when we moved to California in 1990 it wouldn't pass emissions and he sold it. …
  • The only chocolate I've tried is cobguy's chocolate eclair. that's some good stuff. It lasts quite awhile too. Then if if you haven't had any other snuff after you can occasionally get the scent of chocolate in your nose for quite awhile in a good …
  • @mrmanos, I read somewhere in the last few days air about this. He said the credit card vendor he uses doesn't allow it from what I recall. They need to switch to one where we can order direct.
    in Scotch Snuff Comment by Psicko May 24
  • Yep, that one.
  • Yeah I posted this, then I messaged you. I figured there wasn't. Just was hoping there might be.