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  • @MichaelLarey I heard that Geoff Duke started his racing career on a Welsh motorbike. It was a      Rhondda 500 :)) Cheers Michael.
  • @bob I think that most English people would immediately think of Johnny Laurie,  the well known Scottish  actor whenever they heard the name Lawrie. Fine Shakespearean actor, but most famous for his comedy role as the Scotsman Frazer in Dads Army. T…
  • @moemojo English Products, Names, and Locations. The Isle of Man is not in The United Kingdom, and the native Manx people are not English, and most probably very proud of their status. The Isle of Man is not in England. Roderick will have a Manx (…
  • is the link for the above post about shaving brushes.For some reason the address will not copy in edit.
  • @50ft _trad  I have a Vulfix shaving brush.  Simpsons and Vulfix are the same people. Looks like Simpsons have been naughty boys, and labelled Manx made brushes as Made in England.I found this whilst looking for Vulvux.
  • @snuffyjon  Nelson used to be a cigarette brand in the UK,  not sure if they are still made. Could be a copyright problem there.     Nice idea though.
  • When ever I hear of The Three Musketeers these days I always think of a line by Angelica in The Rug Rats.                                   "Non for all, and all for me." I think I am entering my second childhood.
  • I think of the American  Mrs.Simpson and The King when I hear the name Simpson. Not very English to me. Look no further than our own Charles Dickens.   He was himself a well known snuff taker. Charles Dickens gave us hundreds of memorable names. …
  • a link to Iceland and Snuff. We have very few tobacco shops like this left in the UK. Nice video, even if it is bad news.
    in Neftóbak Comment by ArtChoo August 12
  • @Roderick     I just typed your Manx post code into Google Earth.  The little location flag puts you just between some pleasant looking fields and the sea.    Very close to the airport.If you try it yourself you will see that your business is   "on …
  • Have you heard about the dyslexic pimp?He decided to open up a warehouse. :\">
  • @Roderick          Don't even think of     Manx Kipper Snuff  !
  • @RodrickWhere have you moved to ?
  • Taken from the last page of Hitlers diary. It's not the winning, its the taking part that counts.          :-\"
  • @peacock is spot on with his comment on not throwing snuff away.  Some of my now favourite snuffs smelt grotty first couple of times.
  • Wilsons of Sharrow have a special offer on at the moment. S.M.Blue their  equivalent of  Dr Rumneys Blue  is reduced to..... small           60pmedium       90plarge          1.25p also available in 1 lb tubs. All prices in English pounds and pence…
  • @volunge          I love these old articles. In a hundred years time people may be looking back at our present day encyclopedias to find out how to make electronic cigarettes and vaping fluids.  Keep up the good work.  
  • I remember long ago in the days of bra burning women's liberation times.  A woman on a chat show let her views be known that Benny Hill was just a dirty old man, chasing semi naked women around.  She went very quiet when one of the more enlightened …
  • @nicmizer    It's  strange the things people carry in their lugage.   What sort of aprons are you talking about?  Masonic, barbecue or French Maid? Cheers. :-/
  • @ar47      By 20th May 2020 menthol cigarettes will be banned in the UK.   More European rules, probably made by a majority of non smoking, political office wallahs, bored at competing with each other to see who can make the biggest chain of paper c…
  • @art47       mentioned  "the plastic half"    . Three times this week I have seen articles on the TV news about  Plastic Bergs, massive floating rafts of tons of  plastic in the oceans, and plastic in general killing wildlife and polluting the land,…
  • @nineinchnails     I read somewhere,  Australia had a huge tobacco growing industry at one time.  May have been around the 1920s .      Shame they killed it off,  as the revenues raised these days could have been put to loads of good causes.Unfortun…
  • The first of June is here.   I still cannot get a rotated picture to stay rotated when I post it. Enjoy National Snuff Fortnight everyone.
  • @volunge     I thought that Mrs Pipelet was Rowan Atkinsons sister. On a serious note,  it is no wonder Frenchmen drink so much wine if this is what the women look like in naughty French postcards. @tboyer   An excellent find.   Keep up the good …
  • @volunge a mate of mine needs an apron whilst dining out.   I don't think he owns a tie that hasn't got mustard, ketchup, gravy or egg stains on.  If you took one of his ties and placed it in a cup of boiling water, you would have an instant cup of …
  • @bob    Good thinking.  I never thought of that.   If I worked in a snuff shop, swapping pinches with customers, and sampling the stock all day, I think that my shirt front would look like an explosion in a cocoa factory.
  • I have my doubts as to whether or not the chap at the beginning of this film actually consumes snuff. When his fingers come out of the snuffbox there is no sign of snuff on them.  Then he goes through a very showy routine of shaking excess back into…
  • I would have thought that it would be much more healthier to ban spitting and using chewing gum in the parks.It costs a fortune to remove gum from the footpaths, and tobacco spit is just plain unsightly. What about all of the insecticides and weedk…
  • In many English parks there seems to be a big problem with cannabis users.   You often see neat little signs on the lawns reading,         "Please Keep Off The Grass."  To be legal,   shouldn't  that tin on the notice have a Government Health Wa…