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  • @Dyson_nose   Shame you lost the auction, and an even bigger shame that neither of us are in the money                                 bracket to buy it.  
  • @SmokeOnTheWater  I am not sure about  Flue-cured, but  Perique is definitetly fermented in barrels.  I have used a fair old bit of Perique for my snuff blending in the past. I will have to give it a bit more thought before I abandon it completely.
  • I have just looked up TSNA and it would seem @volunge is correct. I have been grinding down small amounts  pipe tobacco to flavour Viking Brown. It looks like Perique, to me a fermented tobacco, will be off my shopping list, and air dried Latakia wi…
  • It depends upon which part of his anatomy you scratch.
  • I think that the idea of postage stamp sized samples of snuff,  is not to be sniffed at. :))
  • The first lawnmower of spring.
  • @SunnyDay        Have I missed something?     Possibly you have posted this in the wrong place.                               I am   confused.                               Don't forget that this  site cuts off your text if you use unusual character…
  • Sorry about that.  The link that I put in the original article seems to have vanished. Try the above link.
  • Camphorated oil was rubbed on my chest scores of times when I was a youngster.  It was an old and well established medication for chest complaints and colds.   My grandmother lived until she was nearly 100 and she swore by the stuff.     I think the…
  • @frandelrio I think that the UK Post office require 28 days to elapse after posting a parcel before they will accept a lost item report.  It gives it a fair chance to turn up after any unforeseen delays. The P.O. only accept orders to chase up a mis…
  • An excellent piece of advice from an old time Yorkshire comedian named Sandy Powell.                      "Never blow down your sherbet dab."
  • A chap got in late from the pub one night. When he got home his wife kicked off, going on and on about his drunken habits and seedy friends. She would not stop and finally he flipped, grabbed the carving knife and stabbed her to death. Now he had a …
  • @volunge    I had a nice time myself on the site, going down memory lane. I should have stashed away a lot more before the changes came and snuffs started to vanish off the market. Look on the bright side,      we were there when the good times exis…
  • I recently found the site myself by accident, and had vague memories about your posts here.Is this a dead internet shop?      Does anyone know for sure? Even if it is dead, it is nice to look back at what …
  • @DrOctagon     Some tins that go HSSSST also go rusty inside, even if unopened.   Search this site for long term  storage etc..
  • @DrOctagon      I just looked up the exchange rate for GBP and Canadian Dollars.  The price you have to pay for snuff is atrocious.   You have my sympathies.  I thought tobacco laws were crazy in the UK, but Canada takes the biscuit.We hear of peopl…
  • I bought about a twenty small tins , roughly 3.5 cm diameter, straight from the factory.  Sale price of about seven English pence a tin. Underneath the date stamp read     MADE 02/15  .They were getting rid of old stock prior to the new regulations …
  • @DrOctagon     It looks like you joined today.    Welcome to Snuffhouse.   :-h I took the other route when I started on snuff.  The order I took was Samuel Gawith coarse grinds, followed by Fribourg and Treyer ,  then McChrystals and Hedges.  All t…
  • @willynelson     "Wither Sam Gawith?"      They are in a small town called Kendal in Cumbria, historically Westmorland, in the English Lake District.A lovely little town prone to flooding in winter, when it rivals the streets of Venice for beauty, a…
  • Could be time for any Preppers to start stock piling. May I suggest a lightly toasted snuff? :-\"
    in Politics. Comment by ArtChoo January 16
  • @Konrad_von_Marburg Use the link to look at the article     Sir Walter Scott snuff: background. The above should explain who Johnny is. I have a book by a certain Johnny Sco…
  • What happened there  @colubrid  ? You fell off the bar stool ?
  • We had a similar thing happen with our monkey.He used to love playing the piano.Of course he couldn't read music, so he made up his own little tunes.A local musician said it should be orchestrated.As soon as he heard that, the monkey howled with hor…
  • @bob There is a veterinary surgeon near here that will no longer attend to cats, due to their scratching attacks on him.     His name is Claud Ball.
  • @Konrad_von_Marburg   My dog likes any post.
  • @bobYou will find 50 pence in used pennies in the usual place, behind the toilet cistern,  Kings  Cross Station.  Sorted.
  • What is in your glass at present? ME DENTURES     :-* :P
  • @Rogue    Wait until your internet connection goes down, and you start going cold turkey.  That's when you know you have problems.    b-(
  • I have just been reading the television text news here in England.An interesting article that may be applicable to quite a few of you folks. Gaming addiction classified as disorder. Gaming addiction is to be listed as a mental health condition for …