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  • What's in your pipe? I'm waiting for the plumber.Enough said. :\">
  • @Rogue    I just found   Saving Grace  on the web.  Never heard it before. At my age the words are a bit difficult to memorise. I envisage ending up in an old folks home one day.  Lots of genteel old ladies and gentlemen, all with impeccable manners…
  • Does the next door neighbour trying to put his wife's head through the mangle count? :-t
  • I like to keep the "medicinals" like menthol and camphor in separate boxes to the florals and keep the natural tobacco toasts etc well away from them all.
  • Chancellor  reminded me of an interesting fact? British Summer Time, when the clocks move forward by one hour was named after The First Chancellor of the Federal Republic of West Germany.             Adenauer. :-\"
  • @bob  I have just re-read your post.    Thicko that I am, it has only just dawned on me what you meant.          A special insert to fit in a Zippo lighter, converting it into a pipe lighter.         Excellent idea. Cheers to you bob. 
  • I am a bit of a wet blanket when it comes to lighting tobacco. My Zippo runs out of fuel to fast through evaporation, not usage.  I put in twice as much fuel as I burn. Matches have been a bit suspect to me for a few years now.   I have a sneaking s…
  • @dan11 I have just read your post of the 20th Feb. I envisaged offering you a pinch of snuff.Showing off, I produce my silver snuffbox and silk handkerchief, then offer you a pinch.To my horror, you shove your finger into your mouth, then proceed to…
  • I am listening to that versatile artist called   PAMELA. Surely you have heard of Pamela Motown.
  • @Lou_Bliss       Ari D Norman      in London, UK make new silver snuff boxes. There have been  some pictures and comments here on Snuffhouse, a couple of years ago. If you take a look at ebay UK,   item  number      272296311539  you can see the sor…
  • A lovely poem from a nostalgic, rose tinted time. Today it would have been five lines of spurious abbreviated texting. Nice.
  • @barredbenny   Thank you for the pictures and dimensions. Your snuff box is in much better condition than most of the others that I have seen.I think that I shall keep my eye open and invest if the price is right.Cheers.
  • I have noticed quite a few Ebay sellers refuse to accept bids from Italy and Greece. They mention the cause as being mail going astray or taking an age to eventually turn up.I have only been on the receiving end of mail from Italy and Greece.  In al…
  • @barredbenny    Thank you for shedding some light on the topic.The original ebay picture has gone, but I shall keep my eye out for one again.I do not smoke, but I know a lot of antique/vintage cigarette cases are too small for todays cigarettes. I w…
  • You could always keep it for handing around snuff in the pub to people you do not like.
  • @vmank1q Your comment      "it would be a goner if it hit the water."     set my twisted word association going again , and I recalled a crude old joke from many years ago. Here Goes.... What did the VD germ say when it saw the penicillin? I'm a go…
  • @ Tobaccoman   After your last post I am curious now about nicotine evaporating. Is it just a thought of yours, or does it actually happen? I remember seeing a jar of nicotine weighing about one kilo on ebay .   It was being sold for gardening use.T…
  • Nobody appears to have mentioned wind in this topic.Wind is not just a problem suffered by old men, and the people in their immediate vicinity. Wind also determines the choice of method to administer your snuff.It's no use sitting in your bath chair…
  • Wilsons Sharrowmills not only have snuff on sale,    they also have pipes, and snuffboxes and lots of bits and pieces as well. Tuck in and enjoy.
  • Thank you for that   @n9inchnails
  • I have just found this, almost two years after the original post.I remember seeing Uncle Squinty sitting outside to enjoy his pipe, but I haven't heard of any law banning smoking in your own home yet.Without hijacking this away from Latakia, can any…
  • A sad loss to his family and friends, not forgetting the community here.I will most definitely miss his humour and knowledge.Sleep Peacefully.
  • All this nostalgia talk made me think of my old school days, many, many years ago. Teachers in those days knew how to set an example, and dressed accordingly.Brogue shoes with leather soles, complete with Blakeys or Segs hammered into them. Harris T…
  • @dan11 You could always go in for a  cut-n-tuck job.
  • @ar47Thank you for the appreciation I think that if a psychiatrist tried to analyse the way my brain thinks these things up, it wouldn't be too long before he needed suitable counselling himself  !   :))
  • @Bizzle@Lazarus It may come as a surprise to you Lazarus and Bizzle, baseball is an English invention.It is recorded in a 1749 newspaper of the  day as,      "Frederick Louis, son of George II ,heir to the throne, and Prince of Wales, played with hi…
  • @Captainblackboogers Subliminal Advertising  me thinks. Snuff gets you as high as a kite.  ?
  • That's very interesting. Imagine getting on a double decker bus, and the bus conductor says to you, "I wouldn't go upstairs if I was you. Some c*nt is sneezing all over the place." 
  • Wilsons ,  Sharrowmills,      have OLD PARIS,    SM GOLD    and  TOM BUCK  on sale at the moment. Cheers.
  • @CaudimordaxYour talk of two pairs of shears in twenty years saving you a fortune, reminded me about my haircut arrangement.My mate does mine with a pair of electric shears, not much to cut these days.One day I saw him trimming his dog with similar …