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  • @50ft_trad it works out at the same price as good premium rolling tobacco. I don't mind it though I enjoy snuffing a heck of alot more than smoking and I use far less snuff than rolling tobacco. Anyway there's always the one or two that get by custo…
  • In Australia the customs tax my snuff $763.2 per Kg, if they stop it which tends to be at least 3 out of 4 orders. I don't really mind, I enjoy snuffing a heck of alot more than smoking. Also the additional price almost makes it almost a luxury item…
  • ROFL IMO U R Tots correct, IOW I concur with ur POV. PS. SCNR
  • @Spekk I kind of enjoy the burn and the tear that it almost always brings to my eye when using it straight. Though I usually use my Rustica as Joseph stated as a mixer, I use it for snuff I love that im either running out of and need to amp up the n…
  • @50ft_trad which site did you buy these snuffs from, mrsnuff and direct is off the menu
  • I saw this one up for sale not too long ago, it looks like its a similar design wasnt sure if it was a snuff box.
  • @50ft_trad is GH discontinuing dry orange, mitchells special and western glory? 
  • How much did this snuffbox cost? Im looking for a desktop snuffbox
  • Thats intersting to know my spoons is a salt spoon, thats what I use it has nice engravings and fits perfectly into my snuff box.
  • All of the snuffs in the Fruit, Spice & Flower catagory does not have a description yet. Also Ice lemon (non tobacco) is listed in Fruit, Spice & Flower section not the Non Tobacco section. Just something that caught my eye 
  • It would be nice if the snuffs had a description and reviews. Other than that very user friendly
  • @JosephJames thanks man, I've been waiting months for SG to get back in stock.Order I just made1 xSamuel Gawith Black Rappee 25g$4.981 xSamuel Gawith Kendal Brown Original 25g$4.981 xSamuel Gawith Kendal Brown Plain 25g$4.981 xSamuel Gawith Kendal B…
  • I've been using this tiny spoon, no idea why the spoons so small. Its smaller than a grapefruit spoon without the serrations. Its handy, though I almost always pinch and use the spoon for decanting.
  • For some reason my snuff intake has decreased since I had stopped smoking for a couple of months. I was taking 3-4 pinches every 15 minutes when i quit (basically replacing the 15min ciggarettes). Though now im finding myself taking a pinch anywhere…
  • Maybe try the florals when she's in close proximity. Like the Jasmine's, Violet and Wallflower types.
  • I honestly have absolutely no idea, empties out the last remaining bits a pieces from over 20 snuff tins and a bit of rustica to amp up the Vitamin N. It kind of smells like everything and nothing at the same time, I cannot really explain it any bet…
  • The First World War from Above. Absolutely riveting docco, unfortunately its the only one on World War one on netflix
  • all my favourates Samuel Gawiths are all still out of stock from before xmas at MrSnuff i've been checking every other day. Hopefully it will be back in soon, I cant stand waiting.
  • Very interesting articles!The only issue with growing Australian tobacco on Mars is that the tax would be out of this world.
  • So looks like he left home at 13 years old and the family hadn't heard from him until he was 23.@ArtChoo does William Wilson Cecils father Edwin Cecil appear on there at all?Thats a little strange for that time period Edwin took his wife's last name.
  • If you get a chance to try the new custom variation of Spanish Gem it is magnificent. Hopefully down the line it makes its way into the classic Toque menu though it is only available in the group buys at the moment. It is a superb snuff with a few s…
  • It may be easier if we can possibly merge this thread with the other Custom Gem thread to avoid confusion or anybody getting left out. Possibly keep this as a review page and use…
  • This is how the payment and the order was organised for Joseph and I. Once we had established how many grams each of us wanted, we emailed Roderick confirming that we were able to make up at least 400g of snuff between the two of us, and let Roderic…
  • I hope he didnt fall into the mill, sounds suspicious. It does seem they are implying they believe the clergyman was hiding the boy. It would be great to find out more information on this.
  • I am Interested in trying some of these creations as soon as you get settled in, they do sound real nice.
  • My last two orders Viking Brown 25g x 3Viking Thor's Hammer 25g x 4Viking Dark 25g x 3Viking Blonde 25gBlack Magic 25g Schweizer Menthol 10gSamuel Gawith No1 High Mill 25gAbraxas Premium Batch Fin 15gSir Walter Scott's Aged Border Rapee 15gSir Walte…
  • Toque - Raspberry followed by Toque - Raspberry Menthol and lastly topped off by two small pinches of Toque - Ambrosia. Life Is Perfect right now
  • @Hawaiian_Ryan 35 pounds of snuff that's incredible. I really wonder where that number will go to as soon as more people get a chance to try it. At the moment this is my daily snuff, I hope by the time I run out it may be on the Toque menu, We'll se…
  • Toque Ambrosia (New Gem). First time I tipped a tin earlier today, I decided to take a pinch of Toque Raspberry in between the Custom blend and it went everywhere. I thanked the snuff gods right then and there, it was gonna either be the Raspberry o…
  • @ArtChoo is it possible that S.P. has always stood for Shefield Pungent. Or it may be another another acronym they created for S.P.