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  • When I spoke to Roderick awhile back he mentioned he was pretty swamped at moment and was unable to do custom orders. I would love to do another, though maybe @Roderick could shed some light.
  • @matteob it is hard to say. My SG tins typically have a reddish background and the snuff name over a blue background highlighted strip in the upper 1/3rd of the label. These labels may have changed recently though use to the EU thing.  Are you sure …
    in Hello Comment by Aamon 4:59AM
  • @matteob I apologize if anything in my comment came across as crass, as this wasnt intended at all by any means.@ArtChoo I have been well thanks for asking. You make a solid point about this being one of the few places left to advertise tobacco, one…
  • @matteob I have a neti pot and do use it on occasion though only mainly as a last resort, Typically my nose clears itself quite well on its own, and I do clean my nose with some damp tissue paper plugs nightly. I'd have to say I maybe use it once a …
  • Yeah I pay around $15-20 for shipping to Australia, nothing in comparison to the tobacco tax they slug you with. As n9inchnails has already said MrSnuff is for us foreigners, if for you locals. Possibly if youre after Molens snuff whic…
  • SG Black Rappee
  • Shouldve posted a before and after inside your nose. Curious whether its actually your nose or a forgotten technique thats the issue. 
  • Only straight lemon i've tried would be McChrystals Mild Lemon (not very mild in my opinion) How about your favorite coarse grind natural tobacco snuff?
  • Bernard Klostermisehung followed by Zweifacher chased by Postillion and finishing it off with some Schmalzleriranzi
  • The only way I could see snuff doing any damage would be if you used tonnes upon tonnes of strong menthol snuffs like Hedges L260 as a daily. Though even then i'm no doctor you'll probably be fine
  • Scotch black
  • ^^^ SWS Creme de Figue.@MrSnuff please hurry alittle faster to restock this is you can, down to about 5 grams. ~X(
  • @JackGrave to clarify your comment, do you mean GH and SG base tobacco is bought and ground by Poschl, Or that GH used to be from Poschl though now they have merged they are now using SG tobacco?
  • Jumpstarting with your favourate Schmalzler or halb-Schmalzler. Mine is Bernard Zwiefacher
  • Elmo's Reserve all morning and switching up between KB Plain and Toque Ambrosia this evening
  • Yes!!!  ^:)^ Thank you @Johnny
    in Golden Horn. Comment by Aamon June 13
  • @Johnny could you elaborate further on all SWS products will now be regarded as limited edition? Does this mean ceasing production all together, or continuing production of these snuffs in very limited quantity?
    in Golden Horn. Comment by Aamon June 13
  • I remember reading this post from ArtChoo with some interesting history.
  • Welcome matteob, I wish my school teachers used to be as understanding of tobacco products. I was caught smoking once in primary school and had a mathematics book hurled at me head and the ruler twice over the knuckles.  =)) I love the SG Kendals I'…
    in Hello Comment by Aamon June 11
  • @basement_shaman how many grams of snuff would would you say one drop of Sweet Orange essential oil would do? Elmo's Reserve again (I think im addicted)  :)] :o3
  • Abraxas Premium Fin. I have had this in my stash from when I first started snuff a year and a half ago. Never been refrigerated and still good. The main reason I still have it is mainly due to me unable to take fine snuff when I first started, then …
  • I think I did way too much Elmos Reserve today. Now it just smells like Kendal Brown Plain
  • For me I use the slightly more congested nostril as my nose is going through its Nasal cycle then switch to the other nostril when they switch 2-3 hours later. I havent noticed a difference in ease of use of dry fine snuffs otherwise.
  • SG KB plain
  • I've got to say Dholakia Black. Never was a fan like quite a few people though this snuff has been growing on my lately.I will continue the call out for a "controversial" type of snuff you personally like?
  • Just put on my new (old) Led Zeppelin III Vinyl. Great record!