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Vini P.


  • Some good friend here could make a video review of this fine german piece of machinery. 
  • I use snuff, as other forms of tobacco (pipe and cigars) in non-regular cycles. I can't leave home without some snuff since two weeks ago, after like 5 months without any form of tobacco. I would be happy if snuff just gets to be a fixed part of my …
  • @SammyD13 With the amount I use during the day (a pinch, about 2 or 3 times a day), the most I feel is a heavy relaxation for about 30~50 seconds, as long with the usual effects of common snuff. I often use a little bigger blow for meditation purpos…
  • Amazonian Tsunu Rap
  • @agentshags Maybe something with clove.
  • @jbrentoniv Yes, it is true. I do plan do produce some snuff. I have a contact to get some natural tobacco or rope tobacco (which is easily found here in any traditional market). I have recently found a contact to get indigenous snuff made with tob…
  • Rape' Guarany, Cravo (clove), mixed with Guarany Cacitral (imburana, camphor and menthol).
  • My plan was to stop smoking with the help of vaping, but I found that I was not able to afford vaping at this moment, so I've just stop smoking, using no other form of support. Few weeks later, I found a little can of snuff I bough several years ago…
  • There's not such a thing as snuff boxes around here. I'm looking for anything to improve one. At this moment, I use some little glass vials, as the coin shaped tins that snuff comes here in brazil are not the most practical.
  • Thank you for the warm welcome. Sadly, we do not have many producers in here, or a big variety of 'flavors'. The most commonly found in here is "Rape' com Imburana". Imburana is a tree and their seeds are considered medicinal, and have a very nice …
  • Greetings! My name is Vini and I'm from Brazil, the cradle of snuff, or, how we call it in here, Rape' (not rape, please lol) I'm 25 years old and a psychology student, I recently stoped smoking and got a good help from snuff, as I discovered a new…