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  • For peace of mind, use food grade mineral oil, "baby oil" is just fine as well.
  • @tom502 You can add some finely powdered egg shells (99% Calcium carbonate) or silica gel as moisture absorbent agent to your snuff. If you decide to use egg shells, wash them with water and let them boil for 20 minutes before grinding to kill any…
  • @pin130 As we all know very well, coarse snuff burns the nostrils but doesn't fly into your throat, while fine snuff is gentle on the nostrils but can cause coughing. You can have the best of both worlds like this: Get a chemistry lab mortar &…
  • I must experiment to find if mineral oil will prevent snuff from becoming moldy in open air.
  • Why don't you fridge/freeze your stash? My entire snuff arsenal is always organized in two sections: 1. Several 1000mL cans inside freezer at -24 Celsius. (each being a different experiment, I rarely repeat a recipe twice) 2. Seven glass Penicil…
  • Ain't nothing right or wrong in our realm of existence. Experiment and explore, for that's the only [insert your favorite word here] in life.
  • Does Tobacco fermenting involve yeast like wine? What's the process and for how long? Also I tend to always add Sodium carbonate in a 1/10 ratio. But I noticed the OP says only 1/100 is enough. Is it true? should I lower my preference then? And d…
  • BTW, what's the least nose irritating anti-caking agent for snuff? Another question: How long does freebase nicotine last in room temperature? I always feel it is susceptible to degradation, is it true?
  • That's good news for cancerphobes like me who are able to deal fine with the harshness of green leaves dried rapidly in shade.
  • Thanks for the info and good post of yours. Do you know anything about the TSNA content in N. rustica versus N. tabacum? I take snuff for ADHD, I have never had the chance to try any commercial snuff, so I'm curious about this scent and flavor dif…
  • Why all the trouble fermenting/curing? Why not just use green shade-dried leaves? Much lower in TSNAs as well.