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Nixa MO
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  • The pinch is effective, and the backhand snuffing is ok as long as There's no wind.But if you really want a way to truly injoy the beauty of your favorite snuff then go Balls to the wall and cut you n half a straw make yourself a decent rail don't b…
  • Lol icepick I do believe your
  • I would think their wouldn't be a problem for nasal snuffer's trolling through one of these park's. First off to take a pinch or two an have the tin put away is but what a minute to a minute an a half leaving no evendince I find it hard to believe t…
  • Well thank you AR 47 and Sammy D13 I love to hear my beloved snuffs that I put so much love and craftsmanship into being mentioned in snuffhouse that's much appreciated I feel all bubbly inside. And Sammy D13 as soon as I get a hold of some quality …
  • My morning regiment usually starts with 1 cold American Commercial beer either coolers banquet Pat's Blue Ribbon or what have you then I move on to a couple cups of coffee with a shot to a shot and a half of Cheap rum or Canadian blended whiskey thr…
  • What I think would be awesome would be some deep discounts on torque snuff's.
  • Here to say SammyD13 is Awesome! And that Rogue is the Shizznatt!Straight up.Rogue is a true hardcore snuffer and connoisseur.Hail Norway for making such fine Gentleman but a Rogue nevertheless that I merely stand within his shadow when it comes to …
  • I had a feeling you'd like that S.P. SammyD13 Glad you like it.
  • I have found only one place in the area that I live.( Tobacco World)Springfield MO.they have a small selection but a selection nevertheless of WW Garrett, Silverdollar Raspberry,Natural, and licorice.
  • I tried some of that Forest Hill I think thats some of the best fucking snuff ever made whoever made it had to be exceptionally handsome and very intelligent that all the ladies would fall on there knees to worship and beg for some of his extremitie…
  • Hey pollstillon is good and for morning's frecko I still have half filled tap boxes of both and one of the best mentholated snuff ever made to bad they don't make any of it anymore it was called I hope I spell it write Ziewfiesher I got one seal wit…
  • A Badass mentholated Snuff made by polish Is Radford Snuff I got a bit of it statched away for when I want to breath icecubes with a touch of leather n high bred horses in a good way.
  • So how do I order some of the stuff if you're still making it I feel stupid for asking but I would like to try some of it thank you
  • SammyD13 great Guy Great trader as well hooked me up Good.and Honest.
  • I just have to throw in my that their Opinion of mine You know how us Misryiourin's R,And i would like to point out to all you non-pussy 's and true Connisssuire of the Snuff that be it as hard as it may be me speaking through my bourbon drench haze…
  • Right now SM 500 buy Wilson's of sharrow excellent hit of Menthol backed up by a strong flavored tobacco good nic hit to as well. That in my favorite mix two decent pinch's of some Hedges L 260 Then taking two huge pinches of Fubar toasted snuff wha…
  • Hi I'm Remjob I started on my Snuff journey about a year ago and I f$%king love it!I've quite smoking.I even make it now and have gotten really good at it.Grew my own rustica tobacco last year I let it cure by hanging the plants and leave's upsided…