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  • Dholakia Green works well for me in that sense, but still sometimes i feel like nose is in need of shower, after Schmaltzler in particular :) Saline spray is quite different to lavage (neti pot or anything similar). Though i'm far from advocating fr…
  • Haven't tried bohica, but i tried raw chile powder. It's painful, helps to clean nose to some extent, but that's not really close to saline solution lavage :) Regarding solutions - to be 100% safe one can use solutions made for infusions. Not as ch…
  • This is what i've got today from some Chinese online nail art store. Surprisingly, those tins come with spoons :) Toque 10g and Med.99 5g tins for scale.
  • Maybe you can tell that by amounts people order (i wonder if there are many bulk orders of it). It definitely catches your eye when you browse thru all the varietes. I was oblidged to buy one as i saw one :) Can't say i use it much, that cheesy flav…
  • I asked myself why i returm to snuff and i have no good answer. I think i just use it to enjoy wasting my time. There's nothing really attactive in nicotine for me.. I never really smoked (just for a while being a teenager), i overdosed several time…
  • Can there be any good reason to tell if someone should not try any particular snuff? :) Though i'm a newbie myself (barely tried 20 varietes so far) i can't think of any sich reason. And also getting into toast lately.. Could you rather tell how do …
  • Small containers from 2-3g (and up to 20-25) are very common in beauty/nail art shops. Can be plastic, metal and glass. They're very cheap and often come in sets.
  • Just to avoid confusion, this is the Green i've got. It's pure tobacco for sure.
  • I've seen it earlier on some review that Green is alike Medicated. But that was probably some special batch :) The Green i've got (and i've got 2 x 10g bags) is actually pure tobacco, it smells like hay indeed. That's why i assume that it's just an …