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  • Blue Crest with tonka.
  • @RCastle, this one is interesting: "Purgatory" herbal snuff, made by monks of St. Severin abbey …
  • @Epitango, next time (if ever again) try sending a PM here to @ManxSnuff, the guy who works in MS warehouse. He did reply to me after some time and eventually removed the nonavailable GH Irish D snuff from the listing. A bunch of folks ordered that …
  • @ar47 I ran a small 10 g test-batch and will polish the tub in next few hours. Will definitely make some more! I need to make sure it stores well at least for a month, though. If all goes well, I'll gladly treat you with a fresh sample. @newbiesnuff…
  • Thanks, @Sammy! Nicotine-wise a solid medium, approximating Taxi Blue. And yes, a tad of ammonia is still there; the peak was yesterday, now most of it has dissipated, letting the tobacco bouquet unfold. I'll share more in snuff making thread later.…
  • My first true homemade: I'm surprised by the simplicity of the process and how good it turned out to be! It meets all my needs in every department, very similar to my favourite Neftobak. Haven't had any other snuff since last Saturday night! :)
  • @biff_lo_man, great selection! If you still have some Rose of Sharrow, try a good pinch of it, preceded by a moderate pinch of Hedges. This results in ultimate aromatic experience, which is close to that of scented Indian black snuffs in its intensi…
  • Irish No.22 10 g, 6P MG Madras 100 g. MGM was my main staple snuff for good two months. Amazing thing!
  • I would advice wrapping each tin with the food film really tightly. It should stay fresh at least for one year, stored in ambient (room) temperature. Better than that, discard original plastic seals and tape the tins carefully just like WoS used t…
  • Bubblegum-scented snuff is available in Israel. It's mentioned in this thread: You can try contacting @yisraeldov at his "A Shmek Tabik" youtube channel, maybe he could help y…
  • MG Madras/Irish No.22
  • 6P Krishan Sudama. Blends well with 6P black snuffs, boosting them (tried with Motia, 1:1).
  • Thanks for sharing, very interesting and unique! Is it an old (vintage) item, or a brand new one? Looks quite fresh. P. S. Sent you a PM regarding picture posting.
  • @ar47, actually, according to confectioner's post, that particular one was meant for a 'young lady who turned 105'. :)…
    in NTSU Comment by volunge February 6
  • Tonka scented SG Blue Crest - true repro of the coarse Red Crest. I wonder what the genuine SG Blue Crest Scented was like aroma-wise.
  • @tobaccobob, nope. I am really tempted, but can't afford them at that cost for the meantime. I hope at least I'll be able to order their tobacco powder (or a whole snus blending kit) this summer and practise the DIY snus making with my brother. I wi…
  • Tonka-scented Irish No.22. Nice one this, thanks for inspiration, @barredbenny!
  • Irish No.22.
  • WoS: Extra M, followed by Rose and French Carotte.
  • Anyone fancy a pinch of... cake? :)
    in NTSU Comment by volunge February 3
  • @phil22, checked my order history. Back in 2017 (spring) De Kralingse Latakia AO 1860 30 g (i. e. the brown plastic box) was sold for GBP 3.20, FCV 250 17.5 g - GBP 2.01. That's USD 4.20 and 2.65 respectively.
  • Haven't seen Dholakia's tap box. Some Poschl's boxes are refillable and are very easy to open nicely with nails. You have to separate the bottom and the upper parts. It might be easier to do this with a box cap open:
  • Irish No.22/MG Madras. @Epitango, front drip. As any dark, moist and coarse.
  • Just to still doubts, I got an official confirmation from V2 about the discontinuation of Thunder snuff. P. S. Anyone who regret of not having tried them or missing the stuff can simply open a portion of any strong white snus and take it nasally. …
  • Irish No. 22 @Epitango, @SammyD13, the only effective way making Poschl schmalzlers significantly less clogging that works for me is tweaking them with menthol snuff. I used WoS Singleton's Super Cool. I found its mix with Perlesreuter (1:1) utmost …
  • Now I get it. Some snuffs do release ammonia in the nose after they get wet on the mucous membrane. I noticed it with some Indian snuffs - dried out FUBAR Toasted (fresh it does reek of ammonia, though it's not that moist even in its freshest state;…
  • MG Madras
  • @Tobaccoman, haven't tried Dholakia Honey, but I think it's on the fine and dry side (the only moist and coarse Dholakia's snuff used to be African, which I haven't tried either; however, not too sure about it - late reviews mention this snuff has b…
  • F&T French Carotte with WoS Rose of Sharrow (1:1). Thanks for the recipe, @bob! I found it on the very first page of ''Invent your own - mixing snuffs'' thread. Now I will manage to go through the rest of my FC this way.
  • WoS Extra M.