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  • SD Scotch. Huge pile applied to the back of the hand. One swift sharp sniff and my afternoon is now far better.
  • Best SP
  • Jock's Choice - ahhhhhh....and relax.
  • McChrystal's O&G
  • Grand Cairo - it has similar qulaities to Gold Label, but I can safely say, I prefer this!
  • Wilson's Grove and Grand Cairo - alternating between the two. @volunge - you were right! I love these. I ended up taking a bag into work with me because I was carrying so many tins. My desk looks like a snuff display unit at the moment.
  • @volunge you've made the wait more unbearable, but I appreciate your comments! I can't wait. 
  • @ar47 thanks, reassuring to know that it shouldn't be like wet soil! And you're right, it sits very comfortably in the nose - a little too comfortably I might add.  SWS Fields of Juniper. This is also brilliant. I prefer Moro Moro, but it's not goin…
  • SWS Moro Moro - I was expecting more moisture and I was expecting, sharp, citrus sweetness. How wrong was I? It's a bold, rich, mature, tobacco-heavy scent that's nowhere near the synthetic picture I had painted in my head. It has whiskey like quali…
  • WoS 25gGrove (never tried)Grand Cairo (never tried)Best SP (will slaughter this tin in a couple of days) Straight from Sharrow Mills!
  • SWS Latakia - I've just been informed my Moro Moro and Fields of Juniper are at home. Might be time to pull a midday 'sicky'. 
  • HDT - you just can't go wrong here.
  • Sir Walter Scott's Moro Moro and Field of Junipers from the lovely people at The Pipe Shop in Edinburgh, Scotland! Can't wait!
  • McChrystal's O&G - it's a menthol snuff that retains tobacco traits, doesn't cause a stuffy reaction in my nose and is very more-ish!
  • Tom Buck - was trying to be discreet but just got a death stare from someone who saw me having a pinch in public (I wanted to point out cocaine doesn't come in labelled tins, and it's not brown - but never mind... ) No wonder no one knows what snuff…
  • USA W&H - Fresh tin. Very welcome bit of moisture, too. Slamming it in my face at work.
  • Jock's Choice - a subtly sweet combination of citrus and floral essences. Makes breathing an absolute pleasure.
  • SP Extra
  • Silver Dollar Scotch
  • SD Natural
  • Toque USA W&H - I didn't go out in a blaze of glory like @volunge. I finished my tin at work, but have another one waiting for me at home. 
  • Old Paris. 
  • F&T High Dry Toast. I know there are loads of brilliant artisan toasts I'm yet to try, but I have to say this is superb. Maybe it's the humidity this time of year (in England it doesn't get hot, it gets sweaty), but the moisture in this snuff ma…
  • Best SP. Emptied a tin of this remarkably fast given that I chop and change between snuffs so often. Definitely one I'm adding to the permanent stock rotation. 
  • Tom Buck. I now have 9 tins of snuff I keep at work, so I'm spoilt for choice
  • I still haven't tried Indian Madras snuffs. Why, I don't know. 
  • @Roderick - Looking forward to this! I know your product is probably too far down the line, but @50ft_trad has a great idea that could be the start of another cult classic like USA Whiskey and Honey. Strong, rich, toasted, with sweet undertones.  I'…
  • @ar47 I'm with you on the Toque Quit. I've been destroying a tin all afternoon. 
  • An unintentional combination of SWS Latakia and Toque Rose in my nose.  From hereon it'll no longer be unintentional. The smell is reminiscent of al fresco dining in a balmy European country, just as the sun goes down; sat in a quaint, lustrous, rus…
  • @Blackbeardny - looks like a very tasty order!  Be mindful of the 5g Wilson's tins, though. Invariably, not a great representation of the snuff. The small tins are often older batches, prone to being a little dry, and can often lack flavour because …