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  • six photo medicated (6) was very overpowering on first use but i have come accustomed to it and love it very much its medicated but unlike the 66 and 666 not like the typical german or english medicated. hard for me to point out what i smell but its…
  • six photo begum green - minty sweet
  • it might be that those white indians are more fore oral use i read
  • @conk jocks is great i count it to my favorites. slightly aphrodisiac
  • more six photo stuff my favorites in moderately bigger size and assorted packs as presents
  • wos bee cool (probably called different now) - its very similar to 6 photo chocalicious or jaxons club special - a bit like chocolate that was sweetened with honey but no pronounced bee things to smell there, way more cooling than those two listed b…
  • yes but the german snuffs almost all come in tapboxes so they are a bit more dry to begin with and those plastic boxes dont seem prone to have stuff stuck to them or the snuffs sold in those are concipated to not react and also not stick to the mate…
  • 6 photo kailash - awful 6 photo super kailash - super awful 6 photo anarkali - alright a bit too heavy flowery maybe 6 photo special snuff - amazing!
  • mix of gekachelter,bernards f,bruesseler,stargarder,uckermaerker its amazing how gekachelter (smoke) and f (pine) turns into a slightly alcohol smelling cherry without addition of any cherry aroma
  • 10g thunder abri cool fine grind first i ever used up except a poeschl andechs tapbox (you can literaly stuff your nose which i did when its in a tin the tapbox limits that) took me only a week that thunder stuff is crazy addicting because of the ex…
  • banana choco vanilla toffee schmalzler mix with poeschl doppelaroma,jaxons club special, english gold,rosinski carlsbader, ochsenkopf, samuel gawith elmo's reserve, black arabica :-bd @marc1000 yes just get the assorted with it i mean its very good …
  • i store schmalzlers except bernards (they come in tapboxes) in the fridge and rosinskis (bagged, when filled in glas i keep them outside) those are so oily and moist there wont be a problem with them and those are in bags anyways
  • no interest even hate :D
  • took a whiff of ozona weiss before heading into the bathroom then snooped out some mccrystals original to start the day
  • @peacock every nose is different even every nostril i have less problems with the right side of my nose when sniffing very dry snuffs on the left the airflow is too good :D
  • hedges - the one that emptied the most of the big tins i got so far @marc1000 i recently got the 15 variety assorted pack and love it very much! 11 of the tubs have no shock pictures i dont know why they have them on some of them and not all or non…
  • sorry i mean 2 decades
  • i have been on irc for 20 years and can tell its very dead the only thing it is still used for is dcc serving channels those still have users but not to chat there have no new features been added like zero in 20 years new users wont join irc its as …
  • 20x v2 thunder abri cool fine grind 1x v2 thunder frosted fine grind 1x v2 thunder mento fine grind 1x v2 thunder extra mento fine grind 10x empty acryl snuff bullets
  • irc is dead was clunky and not developed for 2 centuries you cant show or share media easy, no friend list either good riddance!
  • discord is a popular chat client that pretty much replaced IRC servers can be opened and people can join stay permanently and just read or write if they wish can be accessed with mobile too
  • @volunge thats seems to be some serious work taming that elephant :D i have not tried this one yet but the 6photo cheeta which could be similar extremely hard to sniff and to survive afterwards :D
  • boggles my mind why there is no snuff popular in russia while its more popular in czech and poland i dont know of any polnish or czech snuff either though also china india seems to be big on snuff and has its own producers
    in USSR snuff Comment by SunnyDay March 21
  • i dont know if it is because the v2 is pasteurized but i love it very much its nicotine delivery is outstanding im a bit sad snuffstore.de does not seem to restock them and no ebay sells to be found ordered a 20 pack that should last me a while but …
  • @tobaccobob i know i nearly got all the rosinsiks even in the nice jars and love them the driesener is just very dry i might just get some liquid paraffin from the drugstore and try to rehydrate you might be right with the alter fritz i think what c…
  • snuff choice is key a lot of menthol will over time dry up and clog your nose or back of throat for main snuffs i like those that cause a front drip or i take one that does (schmalzlers,thunder snuffs) this will clean out the leftover tobacco that …
  • i dont get a difference with the pinch/warming but it think can help to hold a pinch for a while with the real dry english snuffs then a bit of skin oils and moisture will make the sniff easier
  • it has become my very favorite technique also great to not spill the snuff compared with back off the hand/anatomical snuffbox. somewhat wind-proof. can be securely aimed to nostril less snuff mustaches :D looks somewhat civil in public. only drawb…