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  • @ar47 that sounds wonderful
    in Toque Coke! Comment by jholen 1:00AM
  • Toque Spanish Gem. Almost out.
  • @ar47 I love good n plenty. Even more excited I got a tin coming
  • @SammyD13 , got a tin in my order that's on its way! Excited based on your comments
  • @zanaspus they're really that sweet? Think I'll pass then...
  • Tried white elephant. Took a pinch, slid my finger back off my thumb and brought my thumb up to my nose. Closed off the nostril and breathed normally. Even then when I took it away it still hit my throat. Bit of coughing and watery eyes. Sheesh.
  • @Zanaspus , think honey bee, navy sweet and buttercup are worth picking up? Got an opportunity to trade some cigars for them.
  • @Mibrewster definitely! Been reading the archives and learning a ton.
  • @nicmizer , yeah, saw those on amazon. Def will keep an eye out for those -- going to try my mason jars with a foodsaver air vacuum device. Saw someone mention it earlier on here (not on this thread) and jumped for it as I've got a plethora of mason…
    in Rosinski snuff Comment by jholen June 13
  • And sold off a few things to place a Toque order. Cashed in on the 10 for 9 tins deals -- got Absinthe, Ambrosia, Apricot, Berwick Brown, Camphor & Clove, Cheese & Bacon, Christmas Pudding, Coltsfoot, Grapefruit, Lavender, St Clements, Lime …
  • Toque Spanish Gem @volunge how does absinthe/coltsfoot compare to SD licorice?
  • Toque Spanish Gem.
  • @ar47 just placed my rosinski order. SG Firedance after work.
  • @tobaccobob awesome! So maybe just for the schmalzlers?
    in Rosinski snuff Comment by jholen June 11
  • Just placed a rosinski order -- Alter Fritz, Brusseler, Carlsbader, Frankfurter, Nordwind, Oschenkopf, Oderlander, Sans Souci, Tabacum, Uckermarker. Also picked up a horn snuff spoon.
  • @volunge , thinking I might just keep them in the bags stored in an airtight jar. See how that works. Got some boveda packs from cigars to prevent drying out too if necessary.
    in Rosinski snuff Comment by jholen June 10
  • Sam Gawith Cola. Used a bit more than normal and it lasted fairly well. Ended up layering a few pinches. Still wish it held better...
  • Lot of Toque love in here!
  • @ar47 thanks! I'll likely look to store them in mason jars then to help keep. Any idea what form of payment Rene accepts. Just sent him an email as it wasn't entirely clear at the checkout screen.
    in Rosinski snuff Comment by jholen June 10
  • Sam Gawith Cola.
  • I've got to ask about the whole topic of "handling artisan snuffs" -- honestly, do I really have to worry about the handling and or use/care of rosinski snuffs any differently than say toque? I mean, coming from being a cigar guy to pipes and now to…
    in Rosinski snuff Comment by jholen June 10
  • Toque Spanish Gem -- really enjoying this. If Ambrosia is simply a better version I'm ecstatic to try it.
  • @SammyD13 thanks! Found a lot of great info here.
  • Misplaced my toque almond toast - sad day. Had some Spanish Gem and coffee upon waking up.
  • Just getting into snuff -- was introduced by a fellow piper/tea guy and am loving it. Nice to be able to enjoy a vice while at work, as my cigars/pipes are unavailable. I've got the following thus far: SG Cola, Firedance, Pine & Menthol, and Toq…
  • Just joined up here -- been having Toque Almond Toast, Spanish Gem and some SG Firedance. Still working on technique but slowly getting the hang of it.