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Get a free 15g tin with every purchase of Sir Walter Scott 50g tin.



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  • boxcar/back of hand since I prefer poschls/coarser snuffs, with the occasional fine one I'll use something as a spoon or anatomical snuffbox.
  • Hmm, I'll add one or two vikings into my next order then, I remember being interested in them before and know a bit about them, I'll look into all the recommendations tho :) Is mrsnuff the best site to order from? I was thinking maybe people in the …
  • oh, I've wanted to try vikings before! Is there any site in the eu where I could order pochl and viking(perhaps some bernard?) without much in shipping costs?
  • Poschl red bull was the first one I tried and lowenprise was the first one I ordered, they ended up being my favorite from poschl, I still often buy this combo since they're both better for different situations.
  • Some poschl lowenprise helping me stay awake