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  • Oh what a mess....
  • @bob It is a bit annoying Also I imagined the different materials of boxes could change aromas
  • Bought 2 tins in Switzerland a year ago and tryied for the first time today It is fantastic Powerfull mentholated snuff but it is different from original McChrystsls Spearmint, herbs and camphor in the shade and it open your nose Gotto take others i…
  • @SammyD13 Yeah the scent is very poor and it gives nothing I have Cafe Royal by Gawith & Hoggarth but I did not try it yet Must get some Cafe Noir
  • Tryied a whole tin in these months Now it is called Black Arabica I am totally disappointed from this snuff in which I can find an aroma of old wasted coffee and the base reminds me black rappee but not good as original BP The tobacco is moist and d…
  • @eyetried I think they could send you by international mail Where are you?
  • @volunge Boxcar is fantastic Now I use only boxcar to take snuff Neftobak is very disappointing for me What a pity
  • @volunge Ok I will try you planted a seed in my brain probably a tonka bean :D Are you talking about nicotine effects?
  • Dear @volunge With boxcar you opened me a new way to enjoy snuff Wow absolutely fantastic dont stick in my throat how it is possible The only thing it is I love rituality so I love to take pinches of my snuff and take it to my nose but boxcar is be…
  • @volunge Tryed boxcar method it is fantastic thank ypu But Neftobak did not changed even A bit disappointed from this snuff
  • It is a great way to take snuff Wow
  • @volunge Oh thank you now I understand I think it is not comfortable for me this way and with Neftobak it is risky
  • @volunge What is boxcar? If I take it too vigorously it will stick in my throat and is not a pleasure
  • Ok finally I have my Neftobak My friend bought me 4 horns more or less 13 euros each I tryed some of this and well it is good but I expected more It is extra coarse like wood powder dark and quite moist The smell it is earthy leathery and in the end…
  • I think it depends also from our nasal structure We are not all the same and this influences how you take snuff
  • @Hoffwell They told you bullshit As I said italian post are obscene but there is no CRIMINAL ELEMENT it is ridicoulous and racist They are very slow and postmen work very very bad I had a lot of parcels send from uk and other countries and always ar…
  • @barredbenny Yep beacuse it is beatiful and I want to use it with all my snuffs and dont want to ruin the always with bergamot scent
  • @n9inchnails I dont ruin the snuff box By time the scent will go away and if not I will use in it plain tobaccos or snuff I dont like normally
  • @volunge It is brand new I think there are not vintage Inside is bergamot scented and I am trying to remove thie scent
  • @ArtChoo You have been lucky dear friend I can assure you italian post is obscene Consider that for outgoing mail is simplier because they only have to pass overseas and then is in charge the receiving post service in your case Royal mail If I can …
  • @Roderick Is the only way You dont have to write tobacco on the package and in most of cases you are ok There is no custom between uk and italy for now If they get the package the problems are for your customer
  • @Roderick I am Italian In italy you cannot send tobacco so it is always riskful Customs often block packages like tihis and if you ship with mail it is a disaster Mail service in italy are incredibly obscene because are very slow and they are carel…
  • Not very fond of this snuff It is dry fine grinded with a not particular aroma No nicotine hit for me from this snuff, not as strong as they say
  • @volunge Probably depends also from the size of pinches but I felt nicotine hit only after a lot of consecutive pinches of golden roast and schmalzlers by bernard But I felt not too much anyway Probably it is different from person to person and dep…
  • @SammyD13 No never tried these snuffs but I want to I have to get some indian and american snuffs
  • I tried Thunder Abri Cool because SnuffstoreDE gave me 2 of this I dont like it very much It says fine grinded but It seems to almost medium grinded By the way it burns my nostrils and the scent is too chemical and so I prefer much Gawith Original N…
  • I never feel nicotine hit in snuffs Sometimes I feel nicotine when I take Golden Roast only because I take more pinches at the same times I smoke cigars or pipe every day and probably I am addicted to nicotine but when I use snus or dip I feel a gre…
  • @sammyD13 I think every nose has its taste The association to my nose is starbucks :P @volunge You are welcome
  • @chico @volunge I knew they were made by SG and then by others but did not know now by Mcchrystals Dukes brown is listed as sp but it is very similar to silver dollar scotch and a bit to Black Rappee It is a plain tobacco fine grinded no scented ve…