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Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!Toque Snuffs

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 Be prepared for an excursion where you do not know when you will be back!



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  • ChocoliscoiusPackards ClubPoschl Gawith ApricotBernard KlostermischungBernard Gekachelter VirginieRosinski Roter KashubeGotard Irish Cream 
  • Elmo's Reserve Wilsons ApriBarton BlueKailashMedicated 666Begum GreenDolokia Chocolate Rose
  • Sad to hear this snuff is no longer in production. Have not had the pleasure of trying it but it sounds great!  The only 2 coffee Snuffs I have tried are:  6 Photo Coffee Kick- not bad, has a touch of Mint that helps open nasal passages up a bit. ty…
  • agreed the 6 Photo Medicated 666 is awesome and one of my favorite menthol Snuffs. Super Chetak is right on my tolerance when it comes to grind, it is fine and you have to be careful compaired to many of the other 6 Photo offerings. SC is pretty hig…
  • I need to practice with these finer snuffs as KS shoots straight to the back of my throat with just the smallest inhale possible. This is a huge bag for the price and really want to like this one but need to get technique down first. Decanting is a …
  • CULT BLOOD RED MOON- Not a huge fan of Cherry but this one is awesome! nice and smooth with no tongue bite at all. 
  • Poschl Schmaltzer SF and McCrystals Vintage Velvet
  • WoS Rows OF Sharrow/ McCrystals O&G, 6 Photo Chocolicious- Really like Mentholated Rose and the mix with the Chocolate is devine IMO. Will perhaps mix some up in a small tin as this is REALLY good.
  • 6 Photo Super Kailash & a pinch of Crazy George (Bruton, WE. SWEET, Mccrystals, Dean Swift Cherry & Sportsmans Vanilla) very nice mix and have found it to enhance dreams BIG time.
  • Janta Punjabi & 6 Photo Coffee Kick- Have found this Punjabi really works well when mixed with other snuffs to enhance the flavors of both. 
  • I have really been enjoying the Punjabi Snuff latley. Large 20g tin for a reasonable price. Scent is difficult to describe but it does have a bit of a "Indian" vibe but without being too heavy on the incense if that makes scents... would recommend t…
  • At the moment its Janta Punjabi. Very nice snuff with good scent longevity, plan to sleep with this one and see how it goes. Earlier was a plethora of snuffs: WoS Rows Of Sharrow, 6photo Curry, Gold Rush, Super Kailash, Green Begum, Dolakia Indian …
  • There are several smoke shops here in the Detroit area that sell American Scotches (W.E. Garretts Scotch, Sweet, and Bruton). So might be able to help you out but not positive on the price, shoot me a PM if you would like me to see how much they wou…
  • Forgot to mention the grind on the Punjabi is fairly fine but no issues with it shooting down the back of throat (like with Sparrow Cool) making this a good choice for beginners and could see this being a "gateway" into the more fnie grind snuffs.
    in JNF snuffs Comment by MRBROWNNOSE May 8
  • Janta Red Label Black was the 1st snuff i tried from my recent Mr. SNUFF order. It is (of course) black in color and fairly moist, similar consistancy to most 6 Photo snuffs. It has a incense vibe but will havw to use it more to be able to better ev…
    in JNF snuffs Comment by MRBROWNNOSE May 8
  • Recieved 2 orders from Mr. SNUFF this afternoon and have been snuffing my brains out all day sampling all these wonderful snuffs. Am still very new at this and am loving the wide variety.Please forgive spelling of names as they are not in front of m…
  • Made a mix the other day that turned out great: McCrystals Original, Dean Swift Cherry & Sportsman Vanilla, and a few scoops of Bruton to add a little kick. The menthol and fruit flavors really helped to tone down the Bruton's which by itself ca…
  • Thanks for the review! Have a tin of this Indian snuff on order and am looking forward to checking it out (along with the 6Photo sampler)
  • This morning/afternoon: Dean Swift Cherry and McCrystals Original  At the moment a mix of: Bruton, DS Cherry, Dean Swift Workmans Vanilla, WOS Strawberry, W.E> Garretts Sweet & Scotch. Pretty much mixed a little bit of everything I have at th…