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I really cant get enough of this  bordeaux.... amazing stuff..its OUTSTANDING.


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  • I love dark coarse favorite is NTSU, I also like gawith hoggarth sp, which is not dark but the best sp by favorite snuff is kendal brown , taxi red is pretty good..and wos best dark is wonderful stuff.. ntsu and kendal brown …
  • MY favorite 10 snuffs are kind of in order NTSUgawith hoggarth spkendal brownbordeaux i could live the rest of my life with the 4 above..but i dont have to so my next 6 so far are. best darktaxi redf&T princestom buckwhite elephantblack rapee
  • F&t Princes, followed by 'taxi dead'....great term coined by volunge for stale taxi red.
  • i have about 15 proper screw lid glass jars..when my snuff comes i immediately pour the lot into the screw lid small jars..and they are sealed and fresh. I then have about  10 photo cartridge holders from ebay for 1.80i transfer about 3 or 4  grams …
    in Snuff Tins Comment by eblip July 14
  • ntsu, i actually complained to snuffstore about the dry ntsu and cant believe it they sent me another tub free of charge...lets put it this way i transferred it to a tight jar, i dropped some on the floorboards, and it was so fresh and moist it…
  • i have both white elephant and dholakia white...if you did a blind test, i would actually give anyone 1 million dollars cash if they could determine a difference...there is no just get the cheapest fact the white elephant ma…
  • fresh f &t quality product.....yum.
  • changed my mindgawith hoggarth sp is the best sp in the solar system.....i love it... 2nd is tom buck for me .
  • WoS best dark...quite a plain but decent strength snuff.....hmmm could make a good all dayer.similar to kendal brown but not as much ammonia (which i like)..i dont think it is a rappee.
  • Wow what an article @rostanf, Off the top of my head, i believe syrup of the red poppy is OPIUM...and the aromatic sulphuric acid ....WHAT ?those guys were getting a proper hit from their rappee... i think you said its pronounced like toupee
  • Princes, and WoS best dark...not sure if that is a black rappee....the princes is real nice..
  • SG Black Rappee
  • I have tried a lot of snuff now for a decent period, and i think the most underrated snuff is KENDAL BROWN.This stuff is actually the best snuff i have, it's strong, its easy to take, its got a great nic hit, its persistent, it really hits the spot …
  • Ah yes, I have some black rappee, which i liked at first but then went off, now i seem to be liking it again as its very persistent.. Its a little heavy, and tends to drop out more and gives a bit more back drip than my other rapees...but im coming …
  • Yes, I noticed the coarser grinds seem longer lasting, i dont actually like it as much as kendal brown, but sg black rappee seems to be the longest lasting i have.
  • NTSU, not the freshest batch, but it's ok, must admit the scent made me giggle a bit.
  • Yes, I have tried a lot of different snuffs over the past month or so, and my tastes changed quite a bit initially, but my goto snuff is definitely Kendal Brown...This snuff is made quite locally, in the UK, and although the indian whites beat it fo…
  • I think a lot of snuffs are overated...but definitely taxi red...this snuff is nothing spectacular in many depertments
  • Ive thrown my stale snuffs in the car...if ever i leave home without a nice fresh beautiful snuff, ill settle for stale taxi red and stale ntsu..from the glove compmartment.
  • dholakia white....hmmm this could be the one...a deffo nick hit, no frills.
  • YES i got my taxi red and ntsu from snuffstore, total anti climax ...a bit dry and not a very potent nicotine hit...thank god i didnt buy several tubs.If i didnt enjoy the fresh gawith original, white elephant and dholakia white, i would be kicking …
  • @volunge ...yes it doesnt really smell of anything. Not shopping htere again...i recon they have a warehouse full of stale snuff, and its having no effect on my...the south african snuffs i got from them....the other snuffs , the inidan and the gawi…
  • Taxi red....most definitely overrated as a hard hitting nic snuff...kendal brown wipes the floor with it .
  • I got NTSU and Taxi red today , they seem in no way any more potent than Kendal Brown...if anything i think the taxi red is less potent...I got caught up in the hype, but my nose senses differently..don't get me wrong they are good snuffs, but if yo…
    in NTSU Comment by eblip July 4
  • Gawith Hoggarth sp....this is a fantastic high quality snuff, may become my best SP, even take over tom buck.
  • white elephant got a bit of a kick to it , but nothing really  wild, enough though.
  • NTSU Black taxi red white elephant dholakia white gawith hogarth sp polschi apricot i'm really really looking forward to this next order, I think my dream snuffs are in it. I can't bloody wait. currently my main goto snuff is kendal brown...i hated…
  • Thanks everyone and in particular Wulfensteinsson, I now know what they mean when they speak of rustica.
  • think ill stay away from the schmazlers   ..dont trust indian food agencies south african too....Im sure they make a potent product which i will love, but not prepared to bleed my lungs out or burn them..a tiny bit of snuff goes in my lungs even whe…