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  • Toque Quit mixed with Ntsu Black. 40/60 mix.Its like a more sniffable Ntsu, i can sniff it from the back of the hand with ease and it still has the strong slow released nicotine kick. 
  • @mrmanos Ntsu green has menthol?
  • @mrmanos we talk about Viking Dark, not Brown. 
  • @mrmanos I order from snuffstore. So you suggest me to put the tubs insides a zip lock bag and put it in the fridge! Thank you for the info!
  • @MrSnuff Front side of the chest lofo style. 
  • A white snuff mix (Dholakia White + 6 Photo Cheeta + JNF White Horse White).
  • @Roderick Thank you for the pro tips and all that info! I really like your Rustica I have a 100g jar and I'm gonna order some more for sure!Always happy with your Toque products!
    in Rustica Comment by ALLex February 15
  • @ar47 @Captainblackboogers You are right! Thanks you!!
  • @Chapman   this is not a poem this is rhymes thats why i found it pretty more poetry and maybe you'll come to the conclusion that not all rhymes with pretty words are poems. Peace
    in A poem... Comment by ALLex February 14
  • @Johano I havent ordered the mapacho yet. Those are pics i found from google.I'm gonna grind it in a coffee grinder first and then maybe with pestle and mortar for a finer grind. I want to make an extra fine grind and a coarse one.
    in Rustica Comment by ALLex February 14
  • @Nikolaos After 30 December 2020 countries outside of UK won't be able to order snuff from uk websites? Snuff wont be exported outside the uk? Or is it only for Greece? These are sad news eitherway :-(  If that's true I have to buy kilograms before …
  • in Rustica Comment by ALLex February 14
  • @miamimark I didnt know that he didnt write it. So this is an only friendly and good comments forum? I thought forums are for people with different opinions to write and have healthy dialogues. This 'keep your negative reviews to yourself' is so unf…
    in A poem... Comment by ALLex February 14
  • @Jammer Thank you for the info! Really awesome snuffbox!!
  • @CaptainblackboogersI know. I buy from Toquesnuff 100 bags too.I have bought 100g Quit, 100G Whiskey Honey USA , 100g Rustica and 100g Cheese&Bacon and they all came so great and fresh as you mentioned !I stored them all in mason jars in a drawe…
  • @Chapman Okay.. It's just a negative review. I reviewed your "poem" but you critisize me as a person for that. lolAnd about the ' at least word it with a little more taste and class '  this shows to me what a shallow beginer writer you are.
    in A poem... Comment by ALLex February 14
  • @Chapman Not my primary languageOther than that, it was just my honest negative review of this poem from my point of view and nothing personal.
    in A poem... Comment by ALLex February 13
  • What's the poem's title? Honestly I found it not to be poetry. Very basic meanings and the structure very basic too. Good lyrics for a song maybe. Anyway for sure this is a good try, though I find it childish I recognize your effort and just for try…
    in A poem... Comment by ALLex February 13
  • @Jammer What's the differnces between Viking Dark and Viking Dark Rappee?
  • @volunge Of course I added alkalizers! I didnt post the recipe cause I wanted to focus on the Backwoods Cigars snuff and your opinions about it.From where I am we love Backwoods for their wrapper leaf! We roll weed with it of course!I thought it wou…
  • @volunge thanks for the info, really appreciate it! @Mr_O Enjoy your snuff mate! Fuck technology! lol Anyway thanks for the resposes!
  • @Mr_O  It's okay and thanks for trying! 
  • I really like dark moist snuffs. I like to start with some good pinches of Ntsu Black. Then followed by sniffing Dholakia White from the back of the hand !Sometimes I would even put some water drops into Ntsu black and I make it even more moist, jus…
  • Like @Captainblackboogers , Today it's another Toque Quit day! My tin is starting to empty but I have a 100g mason jar waiting in a drawer!@Captainblackboogers do u keep all your snuff jars in the fridge? I'm relatively new to snuff, do you think fr…
  • @Mr_O can you post a photo of the open tin here?
  • I'm in a dilemma right now and i dont know what to choose for this order. a) Buying 500g Viking Dark or b) Buying Toque Bespoke 400g (Cheese&Bacon extra strong aroma and nicotine, half rustica half quit based, very fine grind, moisture like Whis…
  • Hennessy very special right now.Also, I like the Jack Daniels Honey. Corona, Heineken & Carlsberg are some beers i like the most!
  • I was hoping Green Dragon was a green color snuff. From what i see in this picture it is just another brown snuff :-(
  • @ar47 since i've never tried a SG why would i want to make my own from viking dark ? Though because you spent time on writing and mentioning it i'll give it a try! From my experience every method of taking snuff can be applied in every type of snuff…
  • Just ordered it ! I'm really excited to try it! My first Madras and from what I've read it's strong in Nicotine?