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  • Sorry to hear this.  I've only savoured the good stuff so far.
  • DanielO   I'd say yes, get the nicotine.  But getting it mixed with some pretty foul gasses into your lungs is unlikely to have a beneficial effect on your head. So I think you are on the right track. 
  • Viking Dark is finer. Stronger. Different 'flour'. Having said all this, the real trick is to find those snuffs you just like to come back to and snuff regularly, not necessarily the strongest.  A snuff you really can enjoy using all day long is th…
  • If you like it dry, fine and strong it has to be toast, or why not try an American snuff like Rooster, it doesn't come much dier and stronger. Or you could go Cheeta even drier and finer, if you like that sort of taste.
  • My wife is a bit amazed at the TAD.  But she is shrewed enough to know that it beats smoking five pound notes every day.  And there's little fallout from snuffing.   Still, on the whole it remains a perverse and eccentric habit in the UK.  Good! If …
  • Another suggestion is to use the posh pinch method. This involves taking the pinch and holding it say half an inch or slightly less from ther nose and sniffing gently at it from there.  This gentle method releases the flavour, but you might need to …
  • I'd have to go to the blending room.  Try SG Scotch Black, Princes Special (F&T) (for the exotic, leather) and Molen's AP Snuiff for the woodwork effect.
  • Awaiting some sort of glorious resurrection hopefully.
  • My latest is Toque Natural, with a hint of tonquin and nutmeg. 
  • It's been dying on its feet for years.  perhaps there IS some chance that it will be snapped up and turned into a great purveyor of baccy things again.
  • There's another bit on my own personal history vanished from sight then.  
  • I think N is probably more than 200.
  • I'd have a crack at the Cotton Boll too. Perhaps the Red Man also.
  • Princes Special in a local tobacconist.  Almost 5 quid the the tin!  The simple logic of snuff and baccy forshadows the future collapse of the high street. Many postpersons will be needed; few shop assistants  
  • I'm sure a mentalist shop will have it in spades.  Only you will know its true virtue and magic though. Put it in a box for the full flavour, but much better try it to gently revitalise some dead dust. Snuff's true and virtuous condiment... 
  • Talljim,  I got mine from McGahey.  I asked for four, he sent me two- owing two more.  I told him not to bother, two are plenty.  Otherwise it is available online, though a jar and postage are a bit steep when all you want is a couple.  It's also av…
  • Abraxas packs both punch and big flavour.  SG Chriustmas 2011.  The flour is Viking Dark.  The flavour is REALLY friuty, and there's brandy it's said. 
  • I read a site by someone from the Southern States of the USA. The thesis was that, in revenge for having lost the civil war, the South were producing large quantities of tobacco, to poison everyone in the North, especially with the help of the deadl…
  • Hie the merry merry month.  Beware, the peacefully growing woodruff.  I look forward to collecting some of this.  I am using a single bean on top of 50 grams.  Somehow its effect on snuff, at low levels is excellent.  Quite different to the effect …
  • I see that Gallaghers are now owned by Japan tobacco.  An unilkely source of pigtail twist.  Most of these takeovers have led to the alteration of the old product.  I doubt very much whether Japan tobacco would have its heart set on the production o…
  • Excellent plan Juxtaposer - waste not want not.
  • A bit of pigatil was precious to a sailor.  A small bit of hard pigtail (should be hard and shiny inside when cut with a sharp knife) will go in the mouth and stay there all day just gently releasing. No need for your clay in the wind and weather.  …
  • Xander.  I know exactly what you mean.  I see it was at the beginning of September that I opened the first jar.  I've had a pinch or two vitually everyday since.  Still some left in the jar, and it's still good and kept very well.  But when I opened…
  • relax.  It's GOOD. Abraxas already has its place in the long and illustrious history of snuff. In a couple of thousand years they'll be trawling through these records trying to recreate it.
  • The TAD is strong in this one...
  • Of my two packages that went astray, one seems to have turned up.  I'll go with my little red chitty to pick something up tomorrow.  Could be the tonka and pipe baccy or could be a large dollop of McChrystal's SP
  • I'm just crackin open my second jar... oh yes!  Best trade I've ever made Snufster. This stuff for Cope? Lovely. I've been very frugal with the first jar. Two months? Fresh from the contest!
  • Snuffster...well you know Abraxas? LOL.  Those guys at SG know how to put a good one together, goes without saying.  I'd say Abraxas is a finer quality snuff.  A nicer, finer flour, deeper richer and more subtle.  But the 2011 is flattery indeed t…
  • I think SG's 2011 Christmas Snuff is flattery indeed by imitation of the remarkable Abraxas. Good on the Honcho for starting a race to the top rather than the other place where so much baccy seems to go to.   
  • I like it plain.  A small piece in the side of the mouth.  Don't set to work to chew on it!  I also smoke it.  Good luck with this fine form of baccy.  The 'N' effect is fine, and I often use Oden's extreme.  I think as 'pigtail' sailors would chew …