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  • this Mulatu Astatke album.
  • colorant could be anything and I wouldn't in general trust and silicium in something I sniff. Some of those are things that could get into the lungs. Probably not a problem but there are sources for the same ingredients that including nothing remote…
  • questionable. Not because of Guarana or Ginseng but because you don't know what kind of filler or antibinding agent is used or how they were handled before hand but mainly because there could be things in there that probably won't wreck you or anyth…
  • could be allergies. Some scents and pollen make my eyes go crazy. Very similar to an eye infection except that antihistamines fix it up and also it only last for a day or so instead of longer like an actual eye infection. One of the Freyburg & T…
  • @Snufferdemedicis nope. Similar strain but not the same. Effectively probably no noticeable difference.
  • Wasteland 2 until I got a really annoying game ending bug. Right at the damn end of the game. Though dug the first one
  • I store my toast in a dark closet in jars. The one still has to be aired out before using because of the ammonia.
  • downloaded the Patch for Pillars and if you get the complete edition on PS4 and it's much better once it's fixed. Now the one issue is that they have little nods to the backers and one can't help but wonder if they'll be able to figure out if they c…
  • I say put them in a jar. Something about that much snuff in one place does something to the scent of the snuff. It seems to make it richer and more snuff like. It also keeps it super fresh. It's kind of crazy to open a jar that's been sitting around…
  • I said it before but when it goes bad it's obvious. It either will look moldy or smell bad. It's like the same way certain foods are, if it doesn't gross you out it's almost certainly fine. and also if it has gone bad it won't kill you just gross yo…
  • if it smells bad or looks bad it's probably bad. If it doesn't it's probably good. They'll probably have changed character somewhat depending on the storage conditions. Like has been said could be bad or good.
  • I tried playing Pillars of Eternity but I have to download a patch and that's a pain in the ass with one phone line in the apartment. I liked the game so far but I hate broken games that need a patch to play. Oh ps4 version cause I don't play games …
  • @volunge that is a good one. I had forgotten about that one. It's a winner. It's one of the few mixes if you bring to a party people will act like they've been snuffing their whole life. Normally when you share snuff you still get to bring what you …
  • well certain tobaccos just smell like that and like Jack said there is amonia that is released from fermentation breaking down the plant. (there is similar breaking down of matter in digestion that causes us to expel amonia in our urine.
    in Barnyard Smell Comment by bob January 30
  • the easiest way would probably be to marry into the Wilson's family.
  • o.k. now that this is straight now we can act like raving maniacs impatient to try the new snuffs. I am going to hold my breath until the next announcement. 
  • What are the popular local liquors? Try to find something that matches those, that pairs well with those. That's the most obvious way to do it.
  • PA does have no tax on smokeless. For two reasons. Reason one it's safer. Reason two which is the bigger reason we grow tobacco in Amish country, tobacco that ends up as loose leaf chew. One interesting fact is the State Cancer registrar website has…
  • I think a big part of that effect is technique. I think there is more going on then that. When I finally figured out how to snuff properly my nose got less clogged and my buzz went way up. In fact when I smoke a cig I don't feel anything but unhealt…
  • nice that makes sense. Sounds yumbulls (Bill Bailey fans will get that)
  • yes there is.
  • you can but should you? More importantly because you can what?
  • Bioshock the game that proved beyond any doubt that you can make a shooter more interesting with a story and weird mechanics.
  • persona 5 right now and it's pretty awesome if you like that type of thing. It's a hybrid of visual novel and rpg with a little more strategy then usual in jrpgs. When you go into a dungeon if you leave you have to go the next day and it's super lin…
  • citrus oils. 
  • sounds bad actually.
    in Musty smell Comment by bob January 23
  • no clue. Though that sounds gross even if not bad for you.
    in Musty smell Comment by bob January 23
  • and the rate nicotine absorbs into the bloodstream effects what type of nicotine buzz you get. Faster is more stimulating and uplifting where as slower is calmer and more centering. Nicotine is a complex drug. Also the faster it goes in the faster i…
  • and maybe just getting whole leaf Perique might be an even better plan, since whole leaf is the cheapest way to go with any tobacco. Once someone makes it into a consumable form the price has to go up.