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  • yes your nose should adjust. I often forget how harsh snuff seems at first. I never had much pain but I used to sneeze so easily from snuff and get blocked up now that only happens if I really over do it and then it corrects its self shortly. Oh and…
  • @holonmax I have to ask how is that game? It's one that got me cautiously optimistic. Like does it actually for one look as amazing as I have been lead to believe? And just wish I could afford it at the moment.
  • can't wait to play that one. Currently in replaying old games mode myself.
  • we've all been there. From my experience if you order when you have a good supply left and don't have anything you're dying to try out the package will arrive early. If you're almost out or waiting for a particular snuff you're dying to try, then it…
  • I see. Though it certainly sounds interesting.
  • oh so you make one I am interested in like super much (at that point in my snuff career where I have my regulars and don't stretch out much) and then say you're probably not selling it. 
  • I'd check with snuffstore. And see what their policy is for how long before a package is considered missing (which I think is basically up to the post office). Also is there perchance anything going on in Andalusia or there abouts that might delay m…
  • you gotta let it go. Either that or you'll be having salt related health problems.
  • you can never be sure.
  •  I know what that's like. Sleepless nights sweeting Himalayan salts from your pores. I suggest tapering off the stuff it makes it easier.
  • he might have more then 2 nostrils. You never know.
  • don't snort rock salts. I mean unless that's something you really want to do. But that's not gonna help with the nose. I will probably do the opposite. Lots of snuff will help though has for me.
  • for a bigger pinch go wide. Start with the thumb and finger farther from each other and hold the snuff just tight enough to not mush it but still hold it with little spillage. That is how I get bigger pinches. Or why my toasts and other finer snuffs…
  • nope big pinches are easier. Small punches are more likely to irritate the nose.
    in pinch size Comment by bob February 1
  • I had that happen once and it was because it was an international order. They get a ding that says the card was used here and then a large distance away. They can't tell that it's an internet order for some reason. So it looks like a possibly stolen…
  • @Roderick am I wrong that you could probably do a bespoke that would scratch the yellow crest itch? Cause I frankly think you'd be able too.
  • I'd read that or watch it.
  • well in that case then it shouldn't even be that hard for a bespoke from toque. Like just natural with a less fine grind.
  • not gonna say yes or no. But I'll speak about advertising. Yeah they seem to be plying the fear of nuclear annihilation to imply buy the snuffs now! That said maybe a subconscious thing or just accidental but yeah it does bring the topic to mind. 
    in Politics. Comment by bob January 15
  • smoke contains carbon monoxide. That shit bonds to red blood cells more efficiently then oxygen. Inhaling large quantities of smoke gives you large amount of carbon monoxide. Your heart has to work harder to get the oxygen around the body. Hence the…
  • time and persistence. Honestly I never intended to quite cigs myself. It just happened. At some point I stopped craving the bastards. Snus helps too. 
  • my first cat was a psychopath. He was awesome but he was a little high strung at first (probably getting abandoned and almost starving to death can do that.). And the vets comment on getting scratched was a little cat clawing is nothing compared to …
  • your dog should be careful my cat will scratch any post. Just saying tell the canine to watch for splinters.
  • I only like posts I am paid to like. Just kidding. It depends on the post. Sometimes it means I like what you said, sometimes it means I agree, and sometimes it means that's funny. In general it means I read the post though and liked something about…
  • Just noticed the umlauts on the o. I guess that technically makes it not coke. I actually saw an ad for this on a list of 70's coke based ads. And it seems like there was some market for fake coke. Not sure if it was fake like fake weed and gave a b…
  • one of the snuff ironies is it's easier for me to handle fine snuffs but coarse ones I tend to snuff too far in.
  • I don't like taxi much. I for one have never gotten any more sense of strength with it. I have gotten that you can put a pinch up your nose that normally would half fall out with any drier snuff. IF you want to try taxi just buy a can of cope and sn…
  • @willynelson it is not that it's bad. It's just that cologne smell does not agree with me. Which is sad cause the fruity citrusy part of the scent is great. Though not sure what it is but most of the snuffs of that brand disagree with me and do horr…
  • probably not the nic then. Some snuffs mess with my head and give me a headache and it seems to come down to the scent in those cases. The grind could also cause that effect. I have found that coarser snuffs both my sinuses much if I snuff them too …
  • I still think the worst one I've tried was packards club from poschl. It had a fake citrus scent over a scent I can only describe as generic bad cologne.Only worst thing I ever snuffed with a tin that opened in my pocket and absorbed all the none lo…