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  • I have not tried these, however if you ask me plain snuff is simply the best.
  • this
  • Deliverance Kingdom Come. Wow great game. Though if you get it don't bother playing without getting the latest updates. 
  • nah I think cocaine will get you in way more trouble. And technically if you tell them it's cocaine that can get you in trouble twice.
  • whatever you do. I think we'll all be glad to continue to have snuff. So basically just don't pack up shop.
  • I like the idea of a special snuff. Something more high end then usual or rich in a way that's not an all day snuff. 
  • @SammyD13 a good solution to that problem is to just get so fat nobody assumes you've ever touched anything with appetite suppressing qualities. Though they probably would really just assume you're picking your nose. 
  • let me help you design the perfect jasmine snuff. I think I cracked that code. ;)
  • @ArtChoo do you have any idea how many takes they might had to go through to get that series of shots.
  • that's it not gonna make an order now until I have the money to cover it.
  • the old wilsons and the G&H tins you could actually just rub the lettering off with a finger nail. I'd make them say the silliest things I could. For example one of my favorites was to make them say "this is not a safe".
  • @ar47 first that's not just a Chicago thing. Lots of parks are supposedly tobacco free. The health connection is mostly it's a place that children congregate and spend a lot of time, so it's allegedly about not setting a bad example for the children…
  • well technically that's a lot more places then Chicago. I am guessing people are making enough of a mess for them to call it out by name. Though it's pretty easy to use these things incognito. So just don't make a mess and it should be fine.
  • well now a days I work where ever I am. So no travel time. When I was employed at a location I typically spent 45 minutes each way, which is fine because it was either on foot or on bike and most of the time was part of the day I looked forward to.
  • I don't snuff right before bed to prevent this. Oddly a few minutes before bed is fine.
  • yeah it's just coco like as in chocolate powder. It's a minor trend supposedly. Might be worth a try but this one is expesnive as fud.
    in Coco Rush Snuff Comment by bob May 6
  • this specifically. 
  • Tom Waits.
  • oh and what's interesting is that's an old tyme way of saying a stroke. It also says that not getting your snot out of your system especially by not sneezing is the main cause of strokes.  
  • A mold note. Throw it out. If the outer part has visible mold the inner part is probably still infected and might not be a big issue but you are putting snuff into your respiratory system and mold that's in the process of blooming and which has foun…
  • My feeling on the Sp. thing starts with a fact. The fact is now it means whatever you want it to mean and has no set upon concrete meaning. For some snuff makers an S.P. means it's got bergamot or other similar citrus oil (for some makers that inclu…
    in firedance question Comment by bob May 2
  • for me it's between five days and almost a full month. And honestly as crazy as it sounds it seems to depend on how much snuff I have at the time I place the order. If I have extra money and am ordering before things run out it gets here quickly if …
  • this seems to be an issue that crops up frequently over time with Wilsons. Like it happens once every few years and a couple people get mislabeled tins then nothing for a year or two sometimes longer. 
  • do you have any alternative way of getting around. I am not a super knowledgeable car guy, but I  have known people who've been in a similar situation and the outcome ranged from yeah not a big deal to driving made it worse. I'd also say if it's wor…
  • @Roderick I still think there should be a warning or notification about this on the site or at least someway of saying hey the ammonia means fresh.
  • a few hours open should work or waiting a little bit with them in the tin should work too.
  • ammonia is the sign of fresh snuff you just need to air it out for a little bit. It's a good thing as it means you got fresh snuff that hasn't been sitting on the shelf and once aired out it will be at peak awesomeness.
  • I just was going to go to their webpage and match the color schemes with the right snuffs. That's how I did before
  • We're all slightly different aren't we. My speculation is everyone gets some pulse or change in the vascular action in the nose but for some of us it's noticeable because the nerve is a few millimeters closer in some noses then others. I mean that's…
    in nicotine pulse Comment by bob April 20
  • nope. It might be a factor but burn is mostly just your nose not being used to absorbing nicotine. So it is a factor but other things can lead to more burn.
    in nose burn Comment by bob April 16