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  • @Roderick officially there where just too many cigars to put the resources towards. Unofficially it might have something to do with how many senators and others who should know better but have money and power where among the people getting the cigar…
  • sounds like it's for oral use but could be snuffed. Pro tip you can snuff los snus. It certainly works but isn't really recomended. 
  • I agree. Poschl schmalzlers are good but.... Bernard has it down for that style. Though the best schmalzlers by far come from Sternecker. Who I hope is still producing. Their stuff was just divine. Only schmalzler I could do daily.
  • @willynelson you maybe a hero. I am not sure yet but Bernards are the one German snuff company that I love. And desperately miss some of their snuffs.
  • snuff isn't cheap it's efficient. You get more of the nicotine out of it then you do when smoked or chewed. Imagine paying as much for ten grams of chewing tobacco as you pay for a ten gram tin of snuff.  Not only would you feel ripped off but you'd…
  • it's not if they'll open but when. And nothing sucks as much as realizing you don't have any snuff because the damn tin came open. Proper snuff storage is a good idea.
  • Might be legit. Bernard does bespoke for websites and such. Also the Chinesse market isn't sure how to actually handle luxury goods yet. As in there are lots more rich people then there where a few decades ago, so not much of a tradition of this is …
  • hey I've heard enough stories to always wash my hands if I come in contact with a human person.
  • well if you really want to split hairs you could make love to almost anything.
  • I see by the LoL you know who to send the "wrong" snuff too!
  • alright I got a plan. When I get money we're gonna make a bespoke. See and it's gonna be great. You'll accidentally send half of it ;) to the wrong snuffer. And well we'll get to step two when I figure it out.
  • me in another year or so. I just have to get the famous part as I am already a sexy snuffer.
  • bulk is just better then tins. I'd frankly rather have a snuff I think is o.k. from bulk then a favorite from a tin.
  • I have one snuff box eventually plan on getting a second. So nope don't have that problem at all.
  • probably won't get charged anything. Seriously even with the label stating the customs and that you should get charged it does not ever seem to happen.
  • Florals if anything. They're a calming scent which helps me sleep a little easier. But I have to be careful not to do too much snuff before bed. If I do too much during the day nothing much happens but right before bed and my nose ends up dry and se…
  • Dishonored 2 what a game.
  • no idea but it was with MarsCigars who have a great selection of pipe stuff by the way and who I still get my pipe stuff from. And I knew I'd dig it cause I had used snuff for years before but the one place that sold it went out of business. (local …
  • well I've said it before I prefer things that are timeless. There absolutely are reasons I wouldn't want to go to the past and deal with something as they where, that said there are also lots of things that are mostly lost and wish would be more wid…
  • vaping just doesn't scratch the itch for me. I still feel like it misses some of the needed elements. The experience feels flat. 
  • bulk is king. And mason jars will keep it better then any tin ever would
    in Bulk snuff. Comment by bob September 24
  • the scent fades so quickly. Which was something I noticed when i scented natural snuffs with whiskey too. That in a short time the scent would go from blast of whiskey to slightly oaky to just a faint hint of something else. 
  • well for one thing there was a point where there was almost zero info about snuff online. Any basic question required knowing someone who snuffed. Hell even what scent is this queens snuff. What is different from one snuff maker to the next. It was …
  • @Roderick I assure I hear that all the time and it's never something I'd let get in the way
  • yeah i typically keep my prilla in and yeah it does something to dreams and dream recall.
    in WakingHerbs Comment by bob September 21
  • I may try that. When I need to dream more.
    in WakingHerbs Comment by bob September 21
  • So what's it take to become a director of Toque? How many of these qualifications do I already have?
  • @basement_shaman when people say they've never had a psychedelic experience, I think what you've never slept?
    in WakingHerbs Comment by bob September 20