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Odens and Siberia by the roll.



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  • @newbiesnuffer Sparrow isn't a toast but if you like toasts it's certainly a very close relative of the toast. The scent is more natural and not so toasted. It's a pretty incredible snuff either way.
  • I have never had it. What makes it so great? Even just is and I can't put my finger on why works.
  • I don't have one of those bottles but I do have one from when Paul Gotard had the limited edition snuffs. And tiny bottles store snuff well. They're like a tap box that keeps snuff in good condition. 
  • I thought the new owner wasn't going in for snuff no matter what the legal situation was. Oh damn it either way. Well we lost some great snuffs. 
  • @barredbenny not to get too political but the tobacco rules the E.U. set up are quite reasonable except for the fact they're the same rules for snuff and any tobacco compounded by it just not being an interest for most people that could do anything …
  • I sincerely hope Roderick that you're one of those people prone to exaggeration when using the word crisis and that your issue is more on the side of annoying but needing attention and less on the serious side. Either way we can wait however long it…
  • @JosephJames Molens got put out of business because of the new mill owners. If I remember correctly it happened before the whole EU thing. It's somewhere on here the full story. 
  • natural toast is a favorite. Though as far as what to try. Well what do you like otherwise? I'd say why not try other toasts too.
    in Back to it Comment by bob December 8
  • lots of things can effect scent senses. Lots of things. 
  • seems more likely with the 5 gram tins.
  • this seems to happen occasionally with Wilson's. 
  • I was having a similar issue with other snuffs too. Including the expectorations. I started airing out the snuff that was giving me both issues. That solvent smell is pretty terrible and it does hit more the next day. Well I found that airing out th…
    in JNF snuffs Comment by bob December 5
  • @Notalynn I agree. Or if they do know about it they don't realize how good it actually is. I actually never intended to even quit smoking cigarettes. It was more like the longer time went on the more I craved snuff and snus.
  • I've never liked Mccrystals. There is a weird scent I get from the base tobacco. That said if you like the o.g. menthol sp mix. Try mixing other companies menthol and sp together. It is a great mix.
  • it's an alright snuff but it's sad to think there are snuffers that don't know what options are out there.
  • that's not what I told him though.
  • Oh I know who he is. He's expanded his snuffing palate since then. I think in part because I made fun of him for using that snuff a few times (the internet is weird). 
  • Toqueinfo this has some info about toque including their use of natural ingredients. The evidence of the veracity of that statement are all the snuffs they haven't made because they'd have to break that stance. I am sure @Roderick could say it bette…
  • oh that's true. Normally they're pretty spot on with such things. But holidays always create extra work and split attention. Getting all the orders out and answering all the e-mails can be a very tall order for a smaller company. I know issues like …
  • Oh p.s. I normally get my orders from england in seven days or less. One time from another place it took three weeks. It sucks when that happens, but doesn't matter so much once you have your package in hand.
  • @glaumar if you look at the price by weight they're actually expensive. It seems cheap because of the efficiency of the delivery. One of the crappiest realities of snuff is that the price difference between different snuffs rarely reflects the tobac…
  • your body will get used to it. When I started snuffing I had the same thing. One part of it is just your body hasn't adapted fully. It passes also even if you don't try your technique will get better and you won't get as much snuff into your sinuses…
  • @SunnyDay that sucks. I've had irreplaceable things stolen before and it sucks. I hope it finds its way home safe and sound.
  • at some point you'll wonder why you ever bothered with the coffin nails.
    in A year! Comment by bob November 24
  • Gekachelter Virginie is one of the best if you ask me.
  • from what I've heard best on British products means lightest or mildest.
    in Favorite SP? Comment by bob November 20
  • thanks that's awesome what a strange device. 
  • grind dramatically effects scents. Now sandalwood is great with a fine grind
  • @JDU44 there are some amazing games that have come out recently. Some just as good as any of the older classics. The Witcher 3 is one often cited. Even though it's last gen Resonance of Fate did something interesting with the Role playing Genre and …
  • yeah most of the time when you play old games you realize the past is the past for a reason, but everyone once in a while you find a classic and all of the old school nonsense doesn't take away from it. Sure the design is overly complicated sure the…