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  • The "big deal" is that if you like a really close shave (baby bottom smooth), a straight razor or shavette will give you the best results. Once I saw the difference between a straight razor and my safety razor, I never looked back! If one has a goat…
  • I made my shaving set complete with a set of honing stones for sharpening my straight razors, they will eventually need it. (I got my Gold Dollar sharp enough to give me a reasonably comfortable shave.) I got:1 Norton 200/1000 grit stone (different …
  • Many people confuse straight razors with shavettes. A shavette looks and works like a straight razor but it has replaceable blades.Thus, when your blade becomes dull, you simply replace it  rather than stropping it to keep it sharp. Modern barbersho…
  • I use straight razors I currently own 6: Dovo Best Quality (a Solingen blade)Henckles 10072 1/2 (a Solingen blade) KJKMA (a Japanese straight razor)H. Boker "Our Own" (a Solingen blade)Robert Klaas (a Solingen blade)Gold Dollar (a piece of crap!) My…
  • Traditional Japanese Music Great background music as I read an Akitada Mystery by I.J. Parker. Akitada works for the Ministry of Justice in 11th Century Feudal Japan.If you like historical novels, there is a whole series of Akitada mysteries that I …
  •  Hmmm... let me think... Snuff,Fountain Pens,I do my shaving with straight razors (the kind that you use a strop to sharpen,)Music from the 1920s and 1930s,Old Time Radio shows especially Gumshoes, Audio Noir, and Sci-Fi from before 1945,Railroad Gr…
  • 6 Photo Kailash
  • Usually only one, a Heartwood box full of 6 Photo Kailash. I don't like bullets either, the dose is way too small and there is a routine ritual that one gets into when partaking of a pinch. In comparison, I feel that using a bullet has a brutish app…
  • My last order was for: 3 x 6 Photo Kailash 200 gF&T Bordeaux 450 g. My policy is: If you store it correctly, it won't go bad; so buy in bulk and save yourself some money! Of course, this may not be a good idea for dabblers who are still finding …
  • Partaking of a long lost container of  De Kralingse Latakia 1860.Sad to say... it's no longer on the market.
  • Gangbusters (Old Time Radio)
  • RED Bruce Willis is a retired CIA operative who has been labeled as "RED" - Retired, Extremely Dangerous.
  • It looks good for a desktop snuffbox, but I wouldn't trust it in my pocket. It's pewter, so it will easily get dings and scratches in Since I keep my snuffbox in a pocket that may have coins or a jack knife in it, I prefer heartwood snuffboxes. Ano…
  • Seven Samurai (1954)directed by Akira Kurosawa A classic Japanese movie. The western: The Magnificent Seven was just a cheap knockoff. With: Toshiro Mifune, Takashi Shimura, Yoshio Inaba and Seiji Miyaguchi.
  • The Sting (1973)Angels & Demons (2009)Desk Set (1957)King Solomon's Mine (1950)Network (1976)Freaks (1932)
  • I quit cold turkey so, once I got over my withdrawal, I didn't have any problems. During my withdrawal, I went through a LOT of Tic-Tacs! Tic Tacs proved to be a very good aid. They gave me something to suck on.Something to do with my hands: check m…
  • I get all of my music online these days. Once in a blue moon, I'll listen to the radio; but most of my radio favorites went off the air before 1958.
  • 500 g 6 Photo Kailash500 g 6 Photo Special A kilo of snuff should keep me happy for a while!I get notifications from Mr. Snuff when the 500 g containers of my brands come in.
  • 6 Photo Kailash For a few months I switched from Kailash to 6 Photo Special, now I'm back to Kailash. Before I discovered 6 Photo, it was Ozona President.
  • The Catchby: Archer Mayor Book 19 in the Joe Gunther series. Recently finishedChat Book 18 in the Joe Gunther series and 3 Nero Wolfe stories in which Wolfe solves murders without getting paid for it.
  • Poschl Ozona President. About two years ago I switched to 6 Photo Kailash and Special.
  • Radio Dismuke Music from before 1940 (all the way back to Edison cylinders.)
  • 1. First snuff: W.E. Garrett Sweet2. Strongest snuff: Just about any Toast 3. Best snuff mix: Tom Buck and just about anything. 4. Best smelling snuff: 6 Photo Kailash 5. Moistest (wettest) snuff: NTSU 6. Your favorite snuff 6 Photo Kailash or Speci…
  • Three 2 lb. Klement's Original Summer Sausages.
  • Same problem here too. I got to the first page (this time anyway) by accessing a thread in "My Bookmarks" and then using the "Discussions" option in the black section on the top of the page.
  • Archie Meets Nero Wolfe -- A Prequel to Rex Stout's Nero Wolfe Mysteriesby Robert Goldsboroughpub. 2012 Robert Goldsborough picked up the torch and wrote Nero Wolfe stories after the death of Rex Stout..
  • If you are in a white collar job and wear a tie, I would suggest finding something that you can use as a bib to avoid dribbles on a shirt and tie. 
  • The Paradise of the Holy Fathers  - Volume Iby St. Athanasius of Alexandria A collection of biographies of some of the Early Desert Fathers.i.e.; Going back to about 270 AD and the beginning of monasticism in Egypt. I was told: "If you want to be an…