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  • True. Swisher Three Thistle Strong 30g Swisher Three Thistle Sweet 30g
  • Here's a wishlist if anybody can help out: DRY SNUFF  (pocket cans 1.15oz) American Snuff Co: AS Dental Scotch Mild 30g AS Dental Scotch Sweet 30g AS Honest Scotch 30g AS Tube Rose Sweet 30g          AS WE Garrett's Peach 30g AS WE Garrett's Sco…
  • @Snuffleufogus I sent you a PM. Thanks Dave
  • @AgentSmith: this was a problem with automated update emails. The problem has (we believe) been rectified. It works for us at least. If anybody is still having issues please let me know. @tobaccobob we removed the currency option because it was caus…
  • 6 Photo Cheeta should be added to the powerful whites category.
  • I am very much saddened to read this post. I have been chit chatting for over a decade with Joseph/Shaman. He will be sorely missed. Even his avatar not being here will leave a gap that can't be filled. My sincere condolences Sarah, and thank you …
  • @Marc1000 I am very sorry to hear about your bad experience. I am sure @Amanda will be on soon and sort this out. I will ensure she knows of this. Regardless, rest assured you have now brought it to my attention and I will find out how the ball was …
  • ignore snuffboxesetc. long story
  • We have just "found" about 30 250g tubs of Sparrow since shifting warehouse. It is not even on the website yet, but if any of you are interested I'll get it up there ASAP. Sparrow used to be one of the most talked about snuffs on the forum because o…
  • McChrystal's Hopfenschnupf (or Keg I think it is now - can't get used to the crappy new names) was originally made for someone in Germany for OktoberFest. It lives on. It is brilliant with stronger tasting beers: a good high IBU IPA or solid Porter.…
  • @StillLearning please feel free.  I will get to work on the prices ex tax. @RS422 Condor Long Cut it is. I'll let you know. Dave
  • @ar47 thank you for your kind words. Always appreciated. @StillLearning I appreciate it. Watch this space, btw. We have a bonded warehouse. What does that mean? It means we can ship in pipe tobacco free of UK taxes. This translates to significantly …
  • @LordJ thanks for getting back to me. Can you tell me your order number so I can look up your order and arrange a re-ship? many thanks, Dave
  • @LordJ let Amanda know your order details and we'll ship you another one. Any issues like this, just ask me and I'll put it right. Customer service knows this but sometimes they forget. My apologies. Would you mind telling me how it was packed? …
  • @volunge thanks for the heads up.  JBR is now live Schmalzer A we don't have. I believe it has been discontinued, but if anybody knows differently, let me know. Bernard Charivari, is not available. Is it sold anywhere else? If so I'll hunt it down. …
  • FYI: full Bernards range and the new poschl jbr wintergreen are now on snuffstore. Can ship worldwide.
  • @Maxandtan: thank you for your messages too. Same principles apply. I can see that the first order shipped on 9th, the second on the 11th , and the last order shipped on the 23rd. It is possible that Canadian customs are having one of their occasion…
  • Hello all, first of all allow me to apologize for the hassles you have experienced. As some of you may know, I have not been properly at the helm for over 7 months unfortunately. This is due to the fact that most of my time has been spent setting up…
  • Try Odens and Siberia chew. Stick it in your top lip. You will not notice any difference. At least I can't and I have tried the chew versions and the snus versions side by side.
  • Still working on the Bernard's. Grand Cairo back on the website. Not sure why it was won't removed. Delivery soon.
  • Glad you worked it out. I was totally flummoxed after multiple tests.
  • @Afterglow Is your cart total >$45 before shipping?
  • @Afterglow  really? That shouldn't happen. Can you tell me which products so I can look into it?
  • Rest assured I am working on a solution for this ridiculous situation. I will let you know.
  • believe it or not we are fighting customs to have a EUR6000 released. They are threatening to destroy it because THEY wrongly classified it. More on teh way regardless.
  • We are working with the snuff manufacturers on a way to revive as many as possible of the brands that we all know and love but do not sell in large enough volumes to justify registration in the EU. This will likely mean that we will only be able to …