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  • SG/Stanislaw Winter Time Flake in a '40s Pete 714. Wrong time of year according to the tin, right time of year according to me! Terrific English style flake, possibly the best I've ever smoked. Clean, crisp taste and great quality tobaccos. The Lat …
  • I'd definitely agree with Grand Cairo and Gold Label having the best whack of nic out of the WoS I've tried. Totally stand by my former statement about L260 being in another league though, love the stuff (ps this thread is ancient!! Good points bein…
  • Nightcap in my '49 Pete 314. This pipe is so good for heavy Lat blends. Nightcap and Commonwealth just sing in it...
  • Player's Whiskey in my Italian Spigot Billiard which I keep for VAs. I really love this stuff. Such a light, tasty and refreshing smoke. A real quality all-dayer...i can't believe this stuff is an OTC.
  • Fox Bankers in my '49 Pete 314
  • @pieterclaassen our thoughts are with you, Pieter. Loneliness is a tough cross to bear in any circumstances, and it must be incredibly difficult when that feeling is due to the loss of the person who has shared your journey through life this far, on…
  • Player's Whiskey in my Italian Spigot Billiard. I'm on a camping holiday with my wife and daughter, and picked this stuff up on a whim whilst in a newsagent buying lighter fluid. I've gotta say, it's delicious-burns brilliantly and is full of butter…
  • GH American Delite in my Comoy's Made Champion Old Root. My favourite aro by a mile.
  • Fox Bankers in my Thorburn Clark Bent Bulldog. This is an excellent blend, better in a Briar than a Meer.
  • This afternoon it was Grasmere Flake in my '70s Dr. Plumb Extra, tonight it's Commonwealth in my '49 Pete 314.
  • Dunhill Nightcap (Orlik iteration) in my '49 Pete System Standard 314.
  • Robert McConnell Scottish Cake in my Italian Spigot Billiard. Stellar VaPer.
  • I'm currently smoking SG Westmorland Mixture in my Plumb Meer. I'm amazed this blend isn't more popular. As far as light Englishes go this is right up there-better than EMP in my opinion.
  • @Mr.O I clean out the well of my 314 after every smoke. I like to keep it fresh.
  • SG Sam's Flake in my Dr. Plumb Meer-Lined Billiard. After a rocky start, this tobacco has become one of my absolute favourites. Such a tasty flake-reminds me of a strong coffee with a Hazlenut syrup shot in it. Beautiful stuff! As for the pipe, I …
  • SG Commonwealth in my '49 Peterson System Standard 314...absolutely loving this tobacco-it needs to sit in the pipe for an hour before lighting though, that seems to really help it sing.
  • SG Commonwealth in my '49 Peterson System Standard 314
  • This morning's smoke was Fox's The Bankers in a rusticated basket billiard, now I'm onto FVF in my Italian Spigot Billiard.
  • Spent the afternoon in the sunshine smoking Sam's Flake in my Meer followed by an early evening soujourn to the beach with a big bowl of De Luxe Navy Rolls in my Italian Spigot Billiard. A good day's smoking, I say!
  • Currently smoking the delicious Navy Flake by SG. I've come to the realisation today that 1792 Flake is the only tobacco I've met that I've found physically impossible to smoke. There is something in it (possibly the Tonquin) that irritates my mout…
  • @perique how is that Perfection? I keep meaning to pick some up but I fear the name doth protest too much! Would love to know your thoughts on it.
  • Nightcap in my '49 Pete System Standard 314. The perfect tobacco/pipe combo...heaven!
  • 1-3 most days, although I don't smoke on days when I'm working (usually fri-sat-sun) as I work as a singer and don't want to chance any sinus irritation.
  • SG Navy Flake Dunhill Nightcap GH Rum Flake Peterson 3Ps SG FVF honourable mentions to: SG Chocolate Flake GH Balkan Mixture SG Westmorland Mixture Dunhill De Luxe Navy Rolls SG Sam's Flake (hated it at first, then realised I was smoking it in a s…
  • Currently smoking Sam's Flake in my Meer-lined Dr. Plumb Billiard. @juxtaposer you were right, it was the pipe-SF is totally different in my Meer, delicious stuff! Thanks for encouraging me to give it a second chance.
  • Last night's smoke was Mellow Virginia in my W.E. Bryant Dublin. This has got to be one of the best OTC smokes in the UK. Not complicated or boutiquey, but a fine smoke.
  • Dunhill DLNR with some freshly ground aged Columbian Java...good smoke and good coffee!
  • @juxtaposer good plan, I will try a different pipe, maybe my Meer-lined Billiard, that always gives a super-neutral smoke and just lets the tobacco be what it is. I smoked it in a straight Bulldog which I haven't picked up for a while, so you could …
  • Last smoke of the day, Nightcap in a Baby Bent basket pipe. @juxtaposer please tell me what I'm missing with Sam's Flake. I really want to get into it and figure it out. How do you prep it? I rubbed it out thoroughly and dried it for 30mins. It lit…
  • GH Rum Flake in my Thorburn Clark Bent Bulldog...yum!