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  • It isn't the first time Bernard's Charivari hits the market. Although I doubt it was orginaly cherry flavored.
  • Well if I were from Wilsons, I would certainly rebrand my snuffs. It would be rather strange for them to make another menthol snuff (Aramis - S.M.?) or a floral one (Atos - Jockey Club?), while they already have a few of those. Portos is rather a tr…
  • Panie @volunge, if you'll find that recipe, you can post it here. I didn't now that Estonians are also into kvass so it will be a nice addition to the topic.
    in Kvass Comment by Filek May 13
  • The Three Musketeers and Butterfly snuffs are made by Wilsons of Sharrow. As I remember talking way back with CiT when those snuffs were introduced into the market, they ordered WoS to make new snuffs for them - not rebrand the ones they already had…
  • Now that is a picture that is making me thinking again on making my own kvass again (or at least to try to do so). About 4 years ago I wrote a small booklet for myself about this drink contains such "chapters" as: the history of kvass in XX-century …
    in Kvass Comment by Filek May 10
  • Right, I remember now. There used to be one or two newsagents franchises that had snuff in stock. But I haven't seen snuff there lately, at least in my hometown and the city a live in. They probably just stuck with the snuff renaissance phenomenon a…
    in USSR snuff Comment by Filek March 21
  • I do hope he's feeling good now. He was my favorite schmalzler maker. 
  • That's quite simple to answer and the answer is "tobacco monopoly". At least in case why there isn't any local produced snuff in those regions. Long story short. After Poland and Czechoslovakia gained independance in 1918 and for Russia after revolu…
    in USSR snuff Comment by Filek March 21
  • I wasn't in the mood for any snuff related topic for the past years, so I haven't done much in the terms of writing. But I did not gave up the idea of writing a book, since I already have around 100 pages of text and with a bit of systematic work, I…
  • Does anyone know this particular ilustration. I would like to know who is the original author.
  • That's kind of sad that they don't have any snuff manufacturers nowadays, considering the fact they had a really strong market before the communist era. 
    in USSR snuff Comment by Filek March 18
  • @volunge, our administrator hasn't been active in the snufftaking world for quite some time, so he's not focused anymore on running this website. Maybe it will come back someday, but I'm not sure it will ever happen.
  • That's not the first time when snuff was mixed with paint. Joshua Reynolds (1723-1792) took his snuff so causally that it often landed in his paint.
  • Isn't it just branded as snuff for it to be easier distributed in European countries? I don't know how it is in other EU countries, but in the Polish law it's way much easier to import tobacco products which are already well known (ciggarets, cigars…
  • How about the time when tobacco was introduced into Germany? Or when the first tobacco factory was founded? Any info on that?
  • I came across 22 jokes about snuff, while I was searching in old Polish magazines. This one comes from 23th of November 1938. "Do you know this joke about a Scot who liked to take snuff, and because recently snuff has risen by a penny per kilo, so h…
  • How funny, I bought this snuff a couple days ago from a guy from Ukraine. The snuff's name is actually... "Snuff" itself and was made in Morshansk.
  • @Roderick, does the new law not concern you in any way? I'm curious how it looks in UK. You are technically still in the EU. I hope that you'll dispell my doubts.
  • May I ask where can I find any information on the upoming ban of flavoring all tobacco products? I though it was only going to be cigarettes and the deadline for all UE countries on changing the law was this year. Poland has changed the law last mo…
  • @snuffmiller, I'll certainly send him my insights on that matter. That of course won't do much, but letting go forgotten such an important historical institution without a word, it is outrageous.
  • In the past, in our small Polish community of snufftakers, in such moments, rather than with sadness write "a great loss", we moved into battle (assuming our Hussar wings). We didn't have a certain snuff on our markets - petition; We did not like it…
  • Wow, it was four years ago, how quickly time passes.
  • @mrmanos, it's a Virginia tobacco snuff, but the Dutch experts from Rotterdam know how to imitate a good quality tobacco (see Latakia and Hermbstedt's Brasil).
  • The snuff nomenclature is really fascinating, since it can be distinguished in several ways. If we're on the subject of French snuffs, let's say for instance "Martinique", which was a product originated on that island. How about "St Omer"? The famou…
  • These names are a certain tribute to the history of tobacco in France. Many snuffs are named after the cities were the Royal Tobacco Factories were placed. The most known were those from Strasbourg, Paris and Etrennes that provided the rest of Europ…
  • The A+S snuff could be found in the last survey. Toque Kentucky Bourbon and many others were introduced in 2012, as I see through the search engine. Added Old Mill for being a notable snuff maker. Also on Polish guy who makes some eco snuffs.
  • Paraphrasing the words of Danusia from Sienkiewicz's novel "The Crusaders": mine is he! The Poles are cheering for mr Rosiński's work to be good and pleasant for all of snuff takers.
  • Columbo.
  • Thank you all for all your votes. The winner of this year's edition, from the votes of top25snuff and snuffhouse members, is... Hermbstedt's Brasil with Kashubian sauce made by the millers of Rotterdam. That's the second edition when the Dutches are…