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  • How long have you guys been together? If its been a long time you might want to consider which is more valuable to you. Your relationship or tobacco? If you have only been together a short time and you don't have serious feelings about her tell h…
  • @ Iggy I know what you mean! My collection got so big I had to throw some of it away!
  • I find I usually get a very satisfying nicotine hit if I take 3-4 large pinches in relatively quick sucession otherwise I don't notice a great deal of difference
  • I used to think I was immune to addictive substances but I now know that to be completely wrong! I am addicted to caffeine, I'm just plain ornery if I don't get a regular intake! Not so sure about nicotine. I can go through periods of months with…
  • It depends very much where I am. If I am at work usually a pinch every hour or two depending on how busy I am If I am at home I average 2-3 pinches per hour If I am in the pub it could be twice that! lol
  • I find bullets really useful for work, I'll be ordering one of these later today!
  • I just emptied half a box of SG Black Coffee....into the bottom of my snuff storage box! I didn't secure the smash box properly....*sob*
  • Digitalsedition; I can't imagine that technique is very practical, you'd end up passing out after taking a few pinches! LOL
  • I once had a deep fried Mars bar in Scotland. It was one of the most disgusting things I have ever put in my mouth. It was vile. I couldn't finish eating it. I assume the Scots only eat them when they are drunk.
  • Personally I don't use a neti pot, I just regularly blow my nose and, as bipolarbear1968 said earlier, I spend time in the shower clearing my nose out
  • At the moment I would say Toque Cherry but that will probably change in a day or two
  • Something else to think about; who invented the kilt?
  • ...or just sniff it from the back of you hand or between your fingers like the rest of us ;o)
    in Snuff spoon Comment by Lazarus May 2010
  • Great poem! I'm not a fan of poetry in general but I'll make an exception for that! lol
    in Snuff Poem Comment by Lazarus May 2010
  • Mr Snuff I'm so pleased you provided a translation. I am a great fan of Scotland in general but I could never get on with Burn's poetry LOL!
  • Does Marmite get you high? Nooo it just tastes nice As for Haggis I have never tried it so it could get you high I suppose ;o)
  • Wow, that will be a good start for your collection! I only tried coke for the first time a few days ago and I must say its a very nice snuff indeed, it really does smell like coke
    in New to snuff Comment by Lazarus May 2010
  • Which technique is that? I might try it myself! As I said in your previous post try some moist(er) snuff first if you go straight for dry snuff you will suffer needlessly! lol I love Zoolander, thats a very funny film!
  • I can't believe that, banned since 1989, well I never...
  • Which ones did you order from Toque?
    in New to snuff Comment by Lazarus May 2010
  • Marmite on toast, you can't beat it! Its a great way to treat a hangover
  • @ tc2642 Issues like nuclear disarmament are always going to be hot potatoes and discussions surrounding them can easily get heated so its probably best not to get into it. Having said that I have always been a sucker for political debate. I w…
  • Perhaps I wouldn't miss the UK as much as I thought I would, all I need is Marmite, tea and biscuits! lol
  • I've never really noticed any lemon scent in Morlaix before. Perhaps its my nose but the only strong fruit scent I've detected in F&T efforts seems to be 'Seville' I find them floral rather than fruity
  • Hi Dave, You are in good company here my friend, I hope you get as much out of the forum as we all do!
  • Xander you don't know what you are missing!
  • I'd have Marmite shipped in especially if I moved there! I couldn't do without it! I've suggested Marmite flavoured snuff to Roderick several times but hes not convinced! lol
  • @rdunion The best time to blow the snuff out of your nose is when your body tells you its time, if you are feeling congested up there give it a blow, usually I will take 3-4 pinches before I blow my nose but it varies from person to person
    in New to snuff Comment by Lazarus May 2010
  • Probably dodgy territory to be getting into on a snuff forum, once you get Brits started on chavs its hard to get them to stop.
  • Hi Rdunnion, welcome to Snuffhouse! I'm a British snuffer so I was very interested to read that in the US snuff is considered poor mans tobacco (do you mind if I ask which state you live in?) you'll find most snuff won't give you a huge nicotine …
    in New to snuff Comment by Lazarus May 2010