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  • I'd bet they're referring to oral snuff, like Copenhagen. I doubt the people responsible for that sign even have a clue that there is such a thing as nasal snuff. People are probably spitting chew all over....
  • My (dog walking) business is hard to explain! I start about 7am and usually finish about 830pm with many breaks during the day. I generally do between 10 and 20 appointments a day. I live in about a one mile radius to all my clients. About 90% of th…
  • I've been meaning to post this for a while, great advice from @Zanaspus, thanks! I got this on Ebay (from China) for $1! It's really great and there are many slightly different models that could also work. Originally I was planning to make a handle …
  • @ar47 No, I've never seen one of those. They probably started with a gas engine model. The electric motor in my car is between the rear wheels, it's tiny! My car's leased... it's gonna stay "stock!" :-)
  • Awesome trucks! I live a block from the ocean and parking (when I'm working) is a huge problem. I bought this about 3 months ago... all electric... LOL... it gets a lot of looks and my biz name is lettered on the back window. I gotta say, I LOVE dr…
  • It would be pretty cool to have a travel blog, specifically tied to tobacco. There are so many different types of tobacco, rituals by different cultures and such.
  • I have a feeling Mr. Snuff probably assigns a random number like 99 to special order products. He probably must assign a number for his system, even if there's an infinite amount of stock available from the manufacturer. Just a guess! 
  • Hi @Chad! What part of SoFla? I live in Surfside. There's another member here that lives in Hollywood.
  • I did a few trades with ERMTONY many years ago. His site seems to still be active but I don't know if he's still "around" I recall he was having health issues.
  • Nicotine replacement therapy
  • Parts of that movie ^ were filmed at Haulover Park, a couple hundred feet from where I was living at time, in Bal Harbour.
  • I've never been an online vendor but I do order just about everything I own from the internet. I've also found shipping costs to be very confusing on many different items. My "theory" is that some online vendor add additional fees to their shipping …
  • I'm just a mod on this forum, I don't work for Mr Snuff so I would have no business explaining anything to anyone about his shipping prices. My "who cares" comment was mine alone. If I had a question about shipping prices I would email him directly,…
  • So, don't order, who cares? Why start a new thread about it?
  • Here's the link to the listing. I'm not personally interested in buying this stuff, I just thought it was interesting...