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  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Yo Frank I'm wanna ask u if u can score some Swisher dry or sweet snuffs?I've been looking forever for some.I hope u can get some.I'll pay or trade.lmk.Also I hope your doing good on your test.
    Please get back to me ASAP.I'm looking high and low for these snuffs I hope u can come through.

    Ryan O.
    December 2015
  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Yo man was wondering if u have any access to any Swisher dry nasal snuffs?like Buttercup,Dixie sweet,Railroad mills sweet,Navy sweet,society sweet,Strawberry sweet,Square dry,superior dry,also Tuberose,peach sweet snuff.I've been searching for these snuffs for a while.I hope u can help me out.If u can get it lmk how much is it + shipping.I hope u can score some for me.

    Also did you try the kava yet?

    I appreciate your time,

    Ryan Orta
    December 2015
  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Yo I was wondering when You send the other package can I have a sample of Taxi Red also.if u can.
    Also lmk when u get your goodies.u should get dem soon.I hope u Like:)

    Alohas man,

    December 2015
  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Mahalos man i'll send your goodies tomorrow when I'm on break at work.I'll send u the tracking as it ships out.
    Mahalos man&Aloha\m/"
    December 2015
  • Hawaiian_Ryan
    Yo man I just picked up the Kava.I will ship your goodies tomorrow or Tuesday when I'm off work.


    November 2015
  • SnuffingInSeattle
    SWS Lundy foot is 1 of my must take to work snuffs. Feeling a little nutty here tonight with some OM Ecrous Brulee'
    October 2015