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  • Humppa
    Hi Aidas,

    how are you doing? As we traded the last time, I told you to owe you something. Well, I think the time come somehow. I just wanted to let you know I that I want to order some stuff from the german snuffstore. As you can see on their site there is the Pfalzer Landsnuff available. I dont know if it can be bought anywhere else. If you are interessted in some of their stuff I can order it for you.

    Kind regards
    May 24
  • Lonefrog615 joined.
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    May 19
  • I guess the Brazil or any of the SG... I nearly forget what I liked so it is all a crap shoot! Thanks mate! What tobacco are you smoking? Have some Bobs chocolate flake in my pipe right now.
    May 18
  • Its not we all order from mrsnuff if you decide its not too much of a pain Im happy to send the $ friends and family if you worry about some idiot who tries to get their money back if it doesn
    May 17
  • It
    May 17
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    May 10
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    May 9
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    May 8
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    May 2
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    May 1
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    April 29
  • Roderick
    Had to laugh at your always having bad luck. I am just the same.

    I have another story for you.  If you google Roderick Lawrie Patent you will find I was the inventor and patent holder of online price comparison.  I think I hold the record for the richest man ever to go bankrupt.  The UK patent office were indecisive over software patents and withdrew my patent just long enough for all the investors to withdraw all funding only for the Patent Office to then tell me my patent was in fact correct.  It was too late and I couldn't raise the money to enforce against the patent infringers.  I hate to estimate but if all licence fees were paid every year from 1997 what would it have been worth.  

    Keep going and keep smiling, our luck will change. 
    April 28
  • Shavasana
    If you're still looking for people to throw in on your WE Garret Scotch case, you can count me in for 1 can. Let me know
    April 27
  • 1ofspades and seanvb joined.
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    April 26
  • Roderick
    Wow! Read your post and thought are you okay. Not going to post this for others to see but you're part of this crazy community and .... well you know the rest. Anytime my friend.
    April 23
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    April 22
  • memofame
    Who should I contact for booking ads on your website?

    April 19
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    April 18
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    April 16
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    April 11
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    April 8
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    April 6
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    April 5
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    April 4
  • snuffandsympathy
    Hello, if you want to sell any of your snuffs please let me know!
    April 3
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    April 1
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    March 30