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    March 2
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  • MrSnuff
    I am truly sorry you had a bad experience with MrSnuff.

    Let me know what went wrong, and I will be sure to put it right, even if it was a long time ago. Emma leaves no email unanswered, but during various transitions we have had constant nagging issues with legacy email addresses.

    The only good one right now (and it goes straight to Emma) is

    Feel free to drop me a message though and whatever it was, we will put it right.

    All the best,


    February 22
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    February 19
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  • Whhooo boy!  Long time since I visited Snuffhouse.  I used to live here.  Sure has changed a lot.  Greetings to all happy snuff-takers!
    February 15
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    February 13
  • Roderick
    Yes, we should be able to in the same way as Toque.  We are in the process of moving to a new style of bulk packaging which we hope to launch next month.
    February 13
    • vmank1q
      Awesome, can't wait..let us know on the forum when it's ready.
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    February 12
  • MississippiReb
    I have access to every US snuff in production and get it at manufactures listed price, or less, depending on certain factors. Its been an all but impossible feat to manage btw. You'll be seeing them soon.Seems you particularly might be interested in this.
    February 10
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    February 9
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    January 21
  • Marc1000
    Hey, since I know your on here pretty frequently and have skill.....i have a question.
    I miss the old buzz bubblegum. I have been using toque rustica with my own flavorings I make using only essential oils so far. I am enjoying cypress lately.
    Can I use a food grade flavoring of bubblegum to make my own version of buzz bubblegum using the toque rustica of course?
    My only reason why asking , I am concerned it may not smell the way it would taste. Any thoughts would help tremendously. Thanks man. Kindly, marc
    January 13
  • snuffer99
    yes, Dohlakia herbal, bruton scotch, is what i like, i also like a sweet snuff
    January 11
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    January 11
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    January 8
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    January 6
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    January 5
  • Just had a nice snuff involving 2 snuffs. One, the first, an interesting snuff, dholakia herbal energy snuff. This stuff is nice, unique, pleasent, pleasing, and overall enjoyable. I'm not sure whats in it, some aryuvedic indian stuff, it's slightly medicated also, i'm sure some snuffers have seen it around. I"m from north america where snuff is not so popular, but you find some here and there. I ordered the dholakia off of amazon, bought three 9 gram snuff box things...the other, w.e. garrett and sons, scotch snuff. LOVE this stuff. I also love bruton, but i just bought this wegarrett at the tobacco shop and have been enjoying a new fresh ounce of snuff. Scotch snuff, what, can, i, say...strong, Very nice, i like to take some and go outside and just breathe, smells good. Snuff has a good way of clearing my nostrils too. OK , well that's whats up right now in my world of snuff, what's up in yours?
    January 1
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    January 1
  • I really like this Bernard's Postillion. Can anyone recommend other products that I should try?
    December 2020
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    December 2020
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    December 2020
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    December 2020
  • AlKindiSnuff
    Haven’t had the Segar Cafè Royal but I did get a couple tins of Cafè Regal by GH. Just a touch of coffee flavor with a great tobacco base medium grind and not too coarse for the Cafè Regal. So I am wondering if your Cafè Royal version is basically Cafè Regal with added coffee or cream and coffee snuff mixed in. I didn’t get any milky creamy coffee at all from Cafè Regal so I think the one you have the Cafè Royal may be better. I’ll have to score a tin or two from the Segar Parlor... don’t know how since they said no shipping hopefully I can get one from someone on here I will put the feelers out and see if I can get one then I’ll report back to you my thoughts. I do LOVE Cafè Regal version but I think the Cafè Royal variant has an added touch of maybe more coffee or milky chocolate cream kinda.
    December 2020
    • Huysmans
      Hello and sorry for my late response. Thank you for your message and it's great to hear your comments. Actually the Segar and Snuff Parlour sell the GH Cafe Regal and not their own version so you have the same as I have.
  • Humppa

    Habe gerade gelesen, dass du auch auch aus Deutschland kommst. Darf ich fragen, welches Bundesland?

    Ich bin schon mal gespannt, wegen diesem Brexit - was da jetzt wohl mit den Schnupf von der Insel passieren wird. Ich fürchte, dass bei einem No-Deal wohl auf Schnupftabak extreme Sonderkosten auf uns zukommen werden.

    Beste Grüsse
    December 2020
    • Hloridison
      Moin. Ah du bist auch aus Deutschland :) Ich bin halb Bayer und halb Schleswig Holsteiner. Ich wohne in der Nähe von Hamburg und bin hier groß geworden. Und aus welcher Ecke kommst du?
      Ja darüber mache ich mir auch schon länger Sorgen. Gerade weil meine Favoriten wie der hdt oder viele s-g snuffs wirklich meine Lieblinge sind. Ich mag schmalzler vom Aroma her sehr gerne.nur geht meine Nase immer zu, bei allem wo weißöl drin ist. Und mit dem ganzen mentholkrams kann ich nix anfangen. Also nurnoch deutsche Produkte wären echt mies. Zurzeit steh ich voll auf madras und habe gerade so 2,5kg in meinem Kühlschrank :)

      Beste Grüße
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    December 2020