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Sir Walter Scott back in stock


AlexAlex Member
edited November 2006 in Snuff House Library
Here is a list of Snuff producers I know:

* Arnold André (Germany; not producing snuff but sales partner of Swedish Match in Germany)
* Bespoke Tobacco (United Kingdom)
* Dallmayr (Germany)
* De Kralingse (satellite picture of the snuffmills) (the Netherlands)
* Dholakia (India)
* G. Smith & Sons (United Kingdom)
* Gawith Hoggarth (United Kingdom)
* Gebrüder Bernard (Germany)
* Hedges (United Kingdom)
* Imperial Tobacco (United Kingdom; producing Kensington, Rumneys, Westfahlenprise, Tucky and Edel Prise for Swedish Match)
* J&H Wilson (United Kingdom)
* Kaszuby (Poland)
* M/s. Ranchhoddas Zinabhai Dholakia (India)
* Mc Chrystal's (United Kingdom)
* Perumal Snuff Company (India; producing Umbrella Brand Madras Snuff)
* Pöschl (Germany)
* Samuel Gawith (United Kingdom)
* Sree Radha & Co (India)
* Sternecker (Germany)
* Swedish Match (Sweden; producing Singleton and Dingler, distributing those only to Germany, South Africa and Switzerland; let produce snuffs by Imperial Tobacco)
* Swisher (USA; producing Butter Cup, Honey Bee etc.)
* von Eicken (producing Lotzbeck and Chapman)
* Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow) (United Kingdom; also producing Fribourg & Treyer snuff)

I am sure that I forgot some. Just let me know which ones.


  • AlexAlex Member
    edited March 2007 PM
    You left out Fribourg & Treyer (UK) but I am not sure whether or not they have a website. They are also produced by Wilson's of Sharrow.

    They are only produced by Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow), aren't they?
  • And it also has this touch of history. I added a note to the Wilsons & Co. (Sharrow) link.
  • AlexAlex Member
    edited November 2006 PM
    Thanks Andy!

    I missed some of those, right. I will add them after checking them for websites. Lotzbeck does not exist anymore but its snuff is produced by another company, as far as I know.

    Thanks for mentioning Dallmayr, that was a new one to me!
    I am not sure if it is not produced by Poeschl. I requested more information by Dallmayr on this.
  • AlexAlex Member
    edited November 2006 PM
    I got an answer from Arnold André. Very quick by the way. This answer explained the constellation of Swedish Match, Imperial Tobacco and Arnold André. See update of first comment.
  • I will do my very best and it will develop over time. As long as the producers are willing to tell with whom they stick together, it is relatively easy. Some just do not use e-mail, even if they say so on their websites.
  • AlexAlex Member
    edited March 2007 PM
    Thanks, added.
  • This may be right. I am looking forward to an answer to your e-mail. Maybe Chapman is an own brand or just a regional version.
  • So they are producing snuff ;)

    You mean they are producing snuff industrial style?
  • Added to Indian producer links: Perumal Snuff Company and Sree Radha & Co.
  • How about listing G.smith & Sons as a separate producer?
    Sure, added it. Thanks!
  • AlexAlex Member
    Added 'M/s. Ranchhoddas Zinabhai Dholakia' from India.
  • AlexAlex Member
  • AlexAlex Member
    edited March 2007 PM
    Welcome Ketsok!

    Thank you for your pleasant offer. Thanks to Filek I got some of the Chapman snuffs. They are quite sweet in taste with an original scent, I feel.

    Have fun,
  • AlexAlex Member
    I am German, so I got easy supply here with Bernard snuffs, thanks a lot. Maybe some of the guys from the US are interested.
  • AlexAlex Member
    no! i mean there is no Bernard Tabak snuffs on list ;)
    I see. They are already listed as Gebrüder Bernard.

    Hey Alex, what J&H Wilson from England,...
    Added it. Thanks.
  • AlexAlex Member
    Hedges, right. Andy already mentioned it, but I forgot about it. Thanks for reminding me. I just added them.
    The URL you posted should not be confused with the McGahey Shop. Very similar.
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