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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Old snuff taste test. Anybody care?

About out of my freshest snuffs and considering getting some new ones. I have many old ones to try but somewhat apprehensive. Comment on this subject may Intice other to try some forgotten snuff in the drawer like I do. Any kind or type as I have quite an array also and will comment as I start trying my old snuff collection.


  • I know how it is to let some older snuffs in the collection get buried and forgotten. I try to keep things varied, but I do have some things that have been sitting over a year that I should revisit. I expect a few things might mellow or improve with age, just as with cigar or pipe tobacco.

    I did find that FUBAR Toasted mellowed a lot after a year, with the ammonia and "barnyard" aroma going away and now it's got a nice toasty character.

    There might even be some possibilities for experimentation. A too-intense menthol or perfumed snuff could be blended with a natural snuff that's too bland or nondescript, to potentially create a new favorite. Or something too coarse can be mixed with something finer for a happy medium.

  • It is easy to get caught up with new favorites and a pleasure to revisit old ones. Thankfully I had invested early with air tight glass jars and preserved the freshness of my collection. I do have snuffs that had arrived in not so flavorful or fresh condition .I use these with added scents . No snuff gets wasted.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • Well first test of some Blast cola and champagne, maybe 5 years ish? Dry as new but without cola flavor. Has some bubbles and never detected the champagne. Nice nic hit. Stored this snuff under 50 dry and dark sealed in original container with tape on lid.

    99% full.
  • Hour later and digging deeper and found some cola. Nic hit is still in there.


  • 30 year old Dean Swift Jasmine. Dry as dust but smells as bad as I remember from Jr. High
  • Just found some Replay by Poschl. Great solid metal tube with snap lid! Got these about five years ago and never tried. Well opening it gave a profound scent. So I gave it a sniff and seams to not go away! Smells like I just got it from Poschl.(I guess) It is a woman thing but not bad. I will probably decant or discard to put someother kind of more my liking in it as it seems to be a great container for freshness.
  • I have 3 tins of probably thirty-odd year old Dean Swift Bezoar. Its lost some of the original complexity, but still is very good. Thats not my oldest snuff. My oldest is 1936, pre WWII, Italian " Regno de Italia", it doesn't have much flavor, but its really light, pale yellow, and super fine grind, a chance eBay find for 5 bucks... but newer ones I've forgotten about...I add a slice of carrot, or a piece of lemon or lime rind, let it sit a day or 2, stir and enjoy. It seems to work pretty well and not impart too much a scent. A little, yes, but not enough to wreck it.
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