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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Book review: Tabakgenuss ohne Reue

AlexAlex Member
edited April 2012 in Snuff House Library
Titel: Tabakgenuss ohne Reue
Author: G. J. Härtel, M. Rapp
Language: German
First published: 1982
ISBN: 3923291000
I paid: €15.00

The book starts with a short introduction about the history of snuff. Besides the topics how to use snuff, snuff production and snuff rituals, it contains a chapter about snuff clubs and a list of German clubs at the very end. The title of the book 'Tabakgenuss ohne Reue' (something like: The Pleasure of Tobacco without Regret) already implies the author's opinion on snuff and health. In one short chapter they try to document the harmless attributes of snuff with the help of some historic stories and anecdotes, which looks quite ignorant to me. The hardcover contains a lot of drawings which make up about the half of the pages. Thus, this book can be read quite fast.
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