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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

anybody enjoy video pinball while relaxing with some snuff?¿

I found no info here about this subject. I do not play video games, but am addicted to the role of a ball!
Snuff and Some 50 +or- tables of free or pay tables keeps me interested when I like to relax without being bothered.

The Apps I have found an like:

Zen pinball HD
Marvel pinball
Pinball arcade (my favorite) video versions of the old school classics!
Pinball deluxe premium
Pinball 3 Star wars
Pinball HD collection
Pinball Rocks
War pinball HD

8 ball pool
Brunswick pro bowling

These are all free though Amazon for me, but may have variation for others.
Think some members may find my selection of "video games" fun to try. My son says I am old-school and these are not really "a true video game".


  • Banjo777Banjo777 Member
    edited April 2015 PM
    @nicmizer I play the computerized silver ball myself. Well not silver I change it to a yellow smiley face. I do Zen on Xbox and Arcade on the IPad. I was looking to buy a table to restore but Uncle Sam thought he needed my money more so he asked me to cut a check on April 15.

    I enjoy pinball arcade the best because I have played most of those tables in person and the memories are wonderful. My wife of 32 years this year used to sit for hours a watch me play the machines using her tip money to play. I swear I am going to build a monument to her one day right smack in the middle of the front pasture!

    Almost forgot...Thanks for the heads up on the other apps!
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