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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Gadsden Snuff (sherlock holmes snuff and more

Note:With all the forum swapping, I've been carrying this across to each new forum. If you've requested snuff, I have it saved so no need to resubmit it, anything requested on the Proboards forum is saved.

Below is the original description.

I'm making some small batches of snuff, from tobacco grown here in Michigan, flavored (scented, cased what ever you would like to refer to it
as) with natural tinctures/extracts/essential oils from locally as well. I'm by no means a professional, just a hobbyist with some good,
naturally grown tobacco, so please remember to hold it to that standard. I don't make this snuff as a "1 fits all" recipe, I have fine tuned it to my
nose, to what I find pleasant and enjoyable.All donations received, will be partially donated to the administrators of
the snuffhouse website(s) to help keep this website up and running, as is true, running a website is not free, and is almost a full time job in of it's

I will give you some teasers of the few different kinds I plan on making, they will be part of my Sherlock Holmes Genre and are artisan made in
small batches, so quantities are limited. They will be available in 5 gram amounts (pouch) and 10 gram amounts (tins) and will come with what I
call a "sensory note", a small slip of paper that I would like the users to read, to get in the mind set of what I was aiming towards when I created
these blends. A small self-authored article and a small thumbnail photo of one of the best Sherlock Holmes illustrators (Sydney Paget). Prices
are yet to be established, but I foresee the 5 gram amounts being $4 and the 10 gram amounts being $9.

The Teasers:

Holmes' Office
The scent and vision one experiences upon entering the office and home
of Mr.Sherlock Holmes. Though not overpowering, a strong hint of liquor
for Mr.Holmes recent indulgence in said beverage, the empty glass
sitting upon the beech mantle, with the smoldering coals of the fire
place. Mr.Holmes is sitting in his leather chair, with his unlit pipe in
hand, while he obsesses over his latest case. The case of the...

The Cursed Mire

The scent of the cursed mire. Sherlock Holmes notices a distinct aura
coming from the Mire. Not unpleasant, but a definitive smell of the
surrounding lowlands immediately awakens Holmes' senses as to what
this case, the case of Sir Henry Baskerville, will entail. Upon walking
into a rather lowland upon the mire, Sherlock's boots sink into the peat
and release a slight ooze of water from beneath him, this announced his
presence. A gentle step to the thicker grass ceased the sound, yet a
distance behind him the sounds continued. Sherlock crouched and turned
around to discover someone...or something following him...

The Queen's Botanical
Alas, a case that seems almost dismal for the extreme talents of the
esteemed detective. While there are murders, conspirators and extremists
amongst the citizens of London, the queen has requested, rather, insisted
upon the efforts of Mr.Holmes in harnessing facts on what has happened
to the beloved electric blue orchids recovered from the tropics of Africa.
Mr.Holmes wanders upon the gardens which cover acres and acres. The
Queens Guard has eradicated all the workers from the garden and have
been posted upon the border to restrict onlookers.
Holmes discovers a small pile of ash, perhaps a cigarette butt. Upon
reading the remains "Murmons of New York" is apparent. A sound in the
distance, digging, perhaps a pick axe, a shovel? Holmes slowly walks
towards the trellis in the distance, upon the trail a fresh blood pool, not
yet dried, and still slightly red, rich with oxygen. A loud click, one of a
handgun being chambered most likely, erupts in the near distance,
Sherlock reaches for his pistol, but remembers it to be held by the guards
at the gates...

Hopefully these teasers have enticed you folks and will make you want
to sample the snuff. If you folks have questions, comments etc feel free
to comment.
I look for these to be released within a month or so

For Quantity 5 - 5 gram pouches or less, to the lower 48 states, shipping
shall be $1.50
for more, please request free quote

For Quantity 4 - 10 gram tins or less, to the lower 48 states, shipping
shall be $5.00 (requires padded package)

This shall be added to the price of the donation, and is non refundable or


  • Got a sample 5 gm packet of Holmes' Office this morning. First pinch reveals a subtle cherry infusing the medium-brown fine-ground leaf. Too early to give a more solid review but all in all quite decent and recommended.
  • Thanks mouse, I appreciate the review!

    We made a small website with further descriptions if anyone is interested.
  • Can a moderator move this to the members only section by any chance?


    The Cursed Mire and The Queens Botanical are on hold until I can get some stuff figured out. If you're interested in ordering some other varieties feel free to. I apologize for the inconvinience
  • Nice to see another artisan snuff maker. Definitely an art that should not be lost.
  • I've got a few batches ready to go of our classic; Wild Oak Butterscotch available. $7.00 donation for a $10 gr tin.


  • I can attest to the very easy arrangements made by Michibacy in the donation process. =D>
  • Congratulations!!  Very nice website and true artisan products.

    Put me down for a few of the 10gr tins of Wild Oak Butterscotch.

    Best of luck.

  • Thanks Dan! I appreciate it! It means a lot to me coming from another curator such as yourself. I PMd you with information.

  • Love the website, must get an order in soon!!
  • Thanks Ben, I look forward to the order!
  • Tuscan SP is ready to ship.
    $7 donation for 10 gram tin

  • Got mine yesterday. One tin sp, one tin Holmes, two tins butterscotch. All very good. So far I have to say my favorite is the butterscotch. Kinda thought that would be the case hence the double tins ;) . Shipped pretty quick to, no complaints here.
  • Just an update, we're working on building two new mills on the farm. one for tobacco and another for corn,beans and wheat for feeding the livestock. It's taken up a lot of our time, as well as cutting lumber for this winter, working on barns (insurance and mortgage bull crap) and busy raising the family.

    Autumn is definitely a busy season!

    We are no longer offering the bagged form mentioned above (effective 10/1), too many issues with packaging, moisture retention and labeling, sorry folks.

  • I have no idea where the last month went! I apologize for my delays in getting back to you folks!

    I plan to be running batches instead of on demand formulations. Right now I still have Tuscan SP, Holmes and Wild Oak Butterscotch left over if wanted.
  • I'm planning on bringing back the 5 gram snuff size in convenient tube instead of the previous pouch design, as is with any snuff I wouldn't suggest carrying it in your pocket because the lid can come off. Haven't scored a lead on self dispensing smash packs yet.

    I am working on some all natural non scented varieties as well as a vintage line if there is any interest
  • I. Am. So. There! (fellow Michigander here)
  • I always carry in my pocket!

    So this is where you've been, nice to see ya man.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Lmk If I can order some of you wild oak Butterscotch.
  • @slobandtom nice to see another Michiganian! (Sorry had to!)

    @snuffsahoy how's it going?

    @Hawaiian_Ryan I'll make another batch soon and post here when ready, are you in fact located in Hawaii?
  • New tube containers came in today, look like they'll work fantastically. Call me odd, but lipbalm tubes work perfectly and hold just the right amount.

    I'm working on a introductory scent labeled: Bowditch's Lament
    Context: Scents commonly used in all kinds of products specifically geared to sailors. In my youth I read (many times over) the classical novel "Carry on, Mr.Bowditch", though snuff wasn't mentioned, I'm gearing this snuff towards the cold weather months when your body needs a nice relaxing supplement.
    Scents: Eucalyptus with a cool menthol over tone, anise seed extract and a warming nutty scent.
    Feel: fine grind, medium moisture. Best when chilled, and freshly warmed on the hand prior to sniffing. 
  • Any plans to start mailing to the UK?
  • As of now, not yet, quite a lot of red tape for being on a donation basis.
  • Shipping Update: Due to increase in rates, $5.49 cents for quantity (3) or less tins, or quantity (10) tubes. Price still stand for the tins/pouches (now tubes)
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    edited December 2015 PM
    Yup I'm from Hawaii(Oahu)Alohas :-c
  • I left back in the 90's, heard things have started getting kinda bad with drugs, I really miss the food though.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    @snuffsahoy what island where u at when u was "here"(what island)?
    Yes drugs mostly is pretty fuct here and It depends where u stay.the only good food I would miss would be a Hawaiian plate lunch,good ass from a AsIan chicks
  • Laulau, manapua, plate lunch. Hell, all of it, I'd even take a luau from a tourist trap these days. I was on Oahu too, lived in Hawaii Kai for most of the time then kaneohe before I left.

    Yeah, girls were something else, came with a expiration date though, then came the muumuu :)

    I just miss the food and beach these days.. And the hiking.. And... Haha yeah I grew up there so I guess there might be a few things I miss
  • @hawaiian_ryan where you stay? I'm in kailua.
  • Hawaiian_RyanHawaiian_Ryan Member, Moderator
    Yo @Sandwichlsles I'm located in Pearl City.
    I have family in Kailua by Enchanted Lake.I usually spend the holidays over there.How long have u been here?I've been born and raised here my whole life.
  • I've lived here just about 10 years.
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