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Sir Walter Scott back in stock

Snuff Urban Legend?

Jari_TJari_T Member
edited August 2015 in Snuff House Library
Speculation about an old news story:

"A Wolverhampton contemporary records what seems to be a new trick upon
railway travellers. The other day, a passenger from Wolverhampton to
Bilston, after having been drawn into conversation by couple of
respectable looking fellow-travellers, was offered by one of them pinch
of snuff. Though not a snuffer the Bilstonian accepted out of
politeness, and almost immediately felt a peculiar sensation in the
head. Fortunately Bilston was soon reached, and he got out of the train,
but became so dizzy that he had to repair to the house of the nearest
acquaintance, where he remained in a semi insensible state for a
considerable time. Rightly or wrongly, he concluded that the polite
owner of the snuffbox had administered to him some narcotic drug, with
the object easily guessed; and it certainly does seem fortunate that the
intended victim, if he was one, had no further to go under such
suspicious circumstances. His experience will at all events serve to put
other travellers


  • With out a doubt you could probably roofie someone with a mixture of some snuff. It could have been intentionally or maybe someone was mixing a little medicine with their snuff... Either way if some creepy person, or in fact anyone offers you a pinch of strange powder late at night on the train... It may be wise to kindly decline the offer and pinch out of your own box.
  • Jari_TJari_T Member
    edited August 2015 PM
    Yeah, all those are good possibilities.

    Also, it's not like the media then was above  just making shit up. That blogger has other old news items he dissects -- with some help from his readers. I posted this because it was snuff-related.
  • It was those damn tobacco nazi. Trying to scare people from sharing snuff. I guess it worked with some readers. Although the decline of snuff use was the convenient cancer stick. Now it has come full circle the stigma put on cigarette use has increased interest in snuff use.
    Must had been Rodericks rustica since the traveler was not a snuff user.Mapacho used in the Amazon is up to twenty six times stronger than the tobacco we buy commercially in the west .Vietnam known as thuoc lao  tobacco. 

    Possible the snuffer just wanted the traveler to try his strong snuff. I know as a connoisseur of snuff I had search out the finest and strongest snuffs for my collection. Although being able to use the finest snuff; I certainly wouldn't offer Dholakia white to a non snuffer. Or rustica fine. It would probably create the same effect as this traveler who should had said no thank you. If I am on the train and someone offers me a drink. I am not going to be polite and take it. That is just plain dope. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • 786  It looks like a variation on the old "Jesuit snuff" legend.
  • There's a guy at work ( a non-tobacco user ) who's recently took an interest in my snuff. It's gotten so that when we cross paths as I finish my night shift and he starts his day stint, he asks for a toot of that 'nice mild one' ( Ozona President ). Such is his unfamiliarity with nicotine, he insists he gets quite a head rush from it.

    Today I tempted him to a change and to try my new one. He only got as far as doing one nostril, lots of theatrics immediately ensued and when he'd calmed down a little he said all the hairs on his head stood up at once and he had a feeling of electrocution. The snuff? Toque Rustica. Irresponsible? Moi??
  • The powdered form of scopolamine, which can be refined from plant sources, could have been used as far back as then, and is certainly still in use to this day as a date rape drug, and for other criminal purposes.

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