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Classic Tin-Same Great Taste

Tabac de Paris a la Robeillard and more news

As I promised I would keep you informed on the progres of "new" historical snuffs.

Today I sauced a batch of  Tabac de Paris


  • You've peaked my interest @snuffmiller !! Can you give your fans a description of this snuff?
  • Hopefully not escargot or ratatouille ...  :D
  • Perhaps the legendary essence with which Jean Nicot won the nose of Catherine de' Medici and made snuff popular throughout Europe!
  • @MisterPaul and others: Something went wrong yesterday. Only half the message got posted. Tabac de Paris

  • @snuffmiller if you cut/copy and paste it won't show ,unless you click on after And  before you post comment. I had it happen many times.very frustrating. 
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • @basement_shaman: I see it happend again. But I did not copy and paste I did type all the information like  I always used to do. Maybe it doesn't like long messages.

    Jaap Bes.

  • Just give it another try: Virginia Tobacco is sauced with water, salt, natron (mixture of sodium carbonate and baking soda) tamarind; red wine; sugar syrup and cognac. After a few weeks of fermentation more salt is added and the snuff is tightly packed in a container and left to ferment for about 6 month!!!

    Producing historical snuffs is time consuming>

    We also sauced a third batch of Fijne Rotterdammer a.k.a. Doppelmops. When this is o.k. we have enough to let the windmill do its work.

    Also a question was posed Can we make lemon flavoured Latakia Ao 1860 and can we make coffee flavoured Latakia Ao 1860.

    If there is enough interes we will give it a try. Let me know if you are.

    Jaap Bes.

  • JustinJustin Moderator
    If I remember correctly, natron is one of the things that the Ancient Egyptians used in their mummification process. Snuff, Tutankhamun style, perhaps?
    "Reality," sa molesworth 2, "is so unspeakably sordid it make me shudder."
  • Jaap...definitely interested in the coffee Latakia AO 1860 so both hands raised!
  • Jaap......... Interested in Latakia AO 1860 Coffee,  and Lemon
  • @Justin: You remembered correct. But my snuff is not old enough for such a compliment.

    @Trackerdex and perique: Your interest is noted. But I need some more interesting parties.

    Jaap Bes.

  • So sometime in the middle of Feb.2016.It will be for sale.
     I had in the past used 1806 to mix with dholakia swiss chocolate yummy. I may try mixing some 1806 with abraxas cafe 11 or some original SG black coffee. Also 1806 with wilson lemon grove or lemon toast. To see if I like the combination.
    The mad scientist in me had gone wandering. I normally enjoy snuff  as the maker intended. But a little rustica and some d white sure adds the vitamin  N.
    My knowledge is worthless if not shared and applied . "Joseph McKenna"  
  • n.n. Member
    edited August 2015 PM
    "Latakia AO 1860 Coffee" sounds very promising!
  • HitsuzenHitsuzen Administrator, Moderator
    @snuffmiller I would be interested in lemon latakia. Coffee latakia would be delicious for sure, but lemon and smoke would be such a unique thing that I would HAVE to get it in my collection!
  • jmahesjmahes Member
    edited August 2015 PM
    @snuffmiller , Coffee and Lemon Latakia both sound awesome!
  • @snufmiller - How isTabac de Paris a la Robeillard progressing these days?
  • @Trackerdex: A fortnignt ago we sieved and packed firmly together in a new container. At the moment it is fermenting further in the mill (without heating!) at environmental temperatures. Next week or so I'll have a look how it is progressing.

    Jaap Bes.

    P. S. The new experiment on Latakia Coffee and Latakia Lemon will start the comming week.

  • @snuffmiller: and the Doppelmops?
    Relax, nothing is under control.
  • @Mynheer: The first batch of the Karotten is now fermenting about 3/4 year. the second batch about  3 month. The third batch will be "gefisseleerd"within a couple of weeks.

    So the planning is halfway 2016.

    Jaap Bes.

  • @snuffmiller, Thanks. Well let's be patient then. As you said earlier: 'Producing historical snuffs is time consuming'
    Relax, nothing is under control.
  • History is time consuming ;-)
  • Still fermenting at environmental temperatures, which is 10 degrees centigrade at the moment. One of these days I'll check how things are going.
  • 10 degrees, how lucky! We're still in the 30s during the day...
  • I got a large tub of this recently. All I can say is that it is very, very good. Go to Jaap's website and order yourself a big 100 gram tub. You'll love it. Rich, complex tobacco scents married together with red wine and other scents. Coarse and moist, the scent develops in the nose, leaving you with a richly rewarding snuffing experience.
  • @mrmanos do you get a backdrip from it ? Saturday I will go and see the mills in person so if there is no backdrip I will buy this one.
  • TobeTobe Member
    Add me to the interested parties. I'd love to try the lemon Latakia 1860.
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