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If You Got to Interview Sean Bean or Stephen Fry, What Questions Would you Ask?

Sort of a hypothetical here.  If you were able to interview Sean Bean, Stephen Fry, or any other famous or mildly famous snuff-taker...what questions would you ask.

Assume you're doing the interview for a YouTube channel, or an interview website.  Doesn't matter really.  But, in the hypothetical, you are asking them questions that would be published in some fashion. 

What would you ask?



  • cpmcdillcpmcdill Member
    edited October 2015 PM
    I recall Stephen Fry introduced a variety of Toque snuffs on one of his quiz shows, and the other comedians he shared them with turned the whole thing into a farce. I don't know if it was a plus or minus for Toque, but it certainly did make it clear that Fry was a snuffer.

    I did not know that Sean Bean (Winter is Coming, better hoard tobacco while you can!) was a snuff user, so I have no idea about his frequency of use or what brands he favors. I guess my questions would concern those aspects. Did he use snuff as a way to reduce smoking, or was it taken as a pleasure in its own right? What brands and flavors does he prefer?

  • It sounds a bit like a pipe-dream.  But, if someone famous did use snuff, and was willing to be open about it, I bet they've never even been asked to do an interview about their love of snuff.  I mean, snuff is such a fringe topic, that most reporters wouldn't even think to ask about it.  Even if they did, they wouldn't know what to ask...except for maybe some anti-tobacco influenced questions.

    There are no on-going snuff periodicals or snuff interests that would even think to interview them about it.  I guess what I'm saying is that it would be a huge long-shot, but trying to get an interview with someone famous that uses snuff would likely be the first time they've been asked to do such a thing.


    1.  How did you come to be a snuff-taker?  Was their a purpose to it (like cutting back on cigarettes) or something else?

    2.  What brands do you favor?  What types of snuff are you drawn to?  Do you have a daily snuff that you just love?

    3.  How often do you use snuff?  

    4.  Do you pinch, back of hand, or boxcar?  

    What other questions would one hypothetically ask?

  • From what I have seen hinted around the web, Brad Pitt took a genuine and personal interest in snuff after playing a character in Inglorious Basterds,who used snuff. I guess he researches everything about his roles to the deepest level. I have to wonder how many of the BBC costume drama actors may have looked into snuff after playing characters who use it. A classic series called Lark Rise to Candleford had signficant scenes involving snuff.

  • Looking through what is available on YouTube, and the number of pages dedicated to snuff on Facebook (and the number of people following those pages), suggested to me that snuff tobacco is even more of a fringe topic that I already thought it was!  LOL.

  • RogueRogue Member, Administrator
    "Hi, Sean, welcome. Sit down. Now, lets talk about yourself to a pinch, by all means. Whats your favorite snuff? Howd you get into snuff?".
    It would be an interview of snuff ONLY

  • volungevolunge Member
    edited October 2019 PM
    I don't know those men, but would be interested to hear their answers to questions #1, 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8 and 10 from this questionnaire:
  • I would ask them what their username is on this forum. Bet there are a couple of our esteemed comrades on here that are mildly famous. 
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